Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of March 31, 2022


Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Thurs. 31 March 2022

Compiled Thurs. 31 March 2022 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author: “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities.”

The Greatest Transfer of Wealth in the World’s History About to Occur
Checkmate – Game Over
No Escape

Inside the War of the Century
Buckle up, Butter Cups
Nothing Can Stop What is Coming
…White Hats

Backup Everything Before the Global Cyber Attacks and Shutdown.

“Set Free”

Apr 12, 2020 – #4726 Music & the Spoken Word (

Judy Note: Thurs. 31 March was the last day for the Cabal’s corrupt Federal Reserve and IRS; any banks not Basel Three compliant (have their assets gold backed) would be closed; the Petro Dollar would be no more and all nations would go back to their own currencies vs trading in the fiat US Dollar.


Fri. 1 April was the first day of the Restored US Republic which would function on the principles of the original Constitution with a new flat tax system, plus was the beginning of the first quarter of the new Quantum Financial System (QFS) using the Quantum Computer and new digital currency of Blockchain. From now on trading of all nations would be done with gold/asset-backed currency, which included the new gold/asset-backed US Treasury Note.

GCR Update as of noon Wed. 30 March, Charlie Ward, Chase Carter, MarkZ:

Global Currency Reset:

  • Wed. 30 March MarkZ: Overnight the enormous movement of money on the Asian Market turned out to be a successful test of the new QFS system. On Wed. 30 March the Bond Inversion Event on the Market showed that an RV was likely happening. Bond contacts said bonds were expected to be paid out in full late Thurs. 31 March. There were rumors that CMKX deliveries would begin on Thurs. 31 March.
  • Fleming: Notifications for Fines and Penalties will be delivered by Special Courier. Although these deliveries started this weekend no money has been released – not until Tier 4 notifications start. It’s reasonable then, to believe that by Thursday, 3/31, everything has to be done.
  • Thurs. 31 March was the last day of the Federal Reserve, the last day for business of any banks not Basel Three compliant, gold-backed Ruble payments for gas had to be worked out by Thurs. 31 March, plus as of that 31 March the Petro Dollar would have run it’s course and all nations would go back to their own currencies vs trading in the fiat US Dollar.
  • Putin gave a Fri. 1 April deadline for dumping the US Dollar.
  • Fri. 1 April was the beginning of the first quarter of the new Quantum Financial System (QFS) using the Quantum Computer and new digital currency of Blockchain. From now on trading of all nations would be done with gold/asset-backed currency.
  • Notification for Tier4B (us, the Internet Group) would happen according to Events, not dates, though several Intel providers now claimed that notification to set exchange/ redemption appointments was set for Fri. 1 April, with appointments soon thereafter.
  • Last Year Juan O Savin said that Donald Trump would be recognized as the US President by April Fool’s Day Fri. 1 April.
  • At 12:01 am 1 April was reported by Bruce to be the start of GESARA/ NESARA, plus the USN, USTN and Restored Republic would be in effect.
  • The Emergency Broadcast System could begin Sat. evening or Sunday 2,3 April.
  • Tax refunds, loan interest, Mortgage interest, etc. might be paid back to us starting in April 4-6 and paid out over the next year.
  • The US National Emergency would end Sun. 10 April.
  • The fiat US dollar (US Inc. was bankrupted by the Chinese Communist Party and Saudi Arabia according to Charlie Ward) would be phased out by the end of the US Treasury fiscal year in Sept. 2022.

Global Currency Reset Recent History:

  • On Sat. 12 March banks worldwide were switched to the new SWIFT Global Financial System.
  • On Tues. 15 March Delta Force took over the Emergency Broadcast System from the corrupt CIA.
  • As of Fri. 18 March at 6pm EST the fiat US Dollar was no longer being used in International Trade.
  • By Sun. 20 March the fiat US dollar was officially dead according to Charlie Ward.
  • On Mon. 21 March a new gold/asset-backed Quantum Financial System officially began across the globe.
  • By Tues. 22 March seven countries began using their gold/asset-backed currencies including Russia, China, India and Saudi Arabia. More were likely in the system by now. The US would be the last country to go.
  • Our bank accounts converted from fiat US Dollars to asset-backed USTN on Sat, Sun and Mon. 26. 27, 28 March.
  • The Central Bank of Russia announced that the Russian Ruble currency was gold backed as of Mon. 28 March.


  • US’ Congress have been sent home giving the excuse of  “Covid Release” by Pelosi, the present Speaker of the House. Washington D. C. is more of a ghost town than previously.
  • The Federal Government entity in D. C., is bankrupt and in receivership. The “Trustee” responsible for the management of this “Receivership” has not been named publicly. Whoever this entity is, will be coming out April 1st when the fact of bankruptcy is publicly declared.
  • There is no more payroll for this Biden Administration. No more payroll for Congress. Now we must see the culmination of all that has been expected. Including the release of the US Treasury Note, which is being coordinated and rehearsed like a well-tuned orchestra with banks and assorted entities all over the world.
  • NESARA is expected. Delivering relief and restoration to the lawful population, redemption, security and sovereignty restored, along with the non-polluted Constitution of 1776, without all of the laws that followed supporting the robber barons and forcing debt on the People.
  • GESARA is expected around the world. Delivering relief and restoration to the lawful population in every participating nation, including Iraq, Vietnam, Iran, Indonesia, Zimbabwe, and every country harmed by these same robber barons. GESARA brings redemption, security and sovereignty, all restored along with the new Law of the Land, their own version of the non-polluted Constitution of 1776, without all of the laws that followed supporting the robber barons and forcing debt on the People.

Global Financial Crisis:

  • Wed. 29 March was deadline day in China for Evergrande and their subsidiaries. Think Executive Order 13959. If they fail they are removed forever from Stock market on Friday 1 April. Evergrande = A CIA/Mossad/Mi5 front. They have been funding Dominion systems and all of your rigged Elections Worldwide. When they collapse 80% to 90% of China’s Housing Economy is collapsing, leads to World War III.
  • India is set to launch a new financial system to allow it make direct rupee-ruble payments in trade with Russia – and bypass the US dollar in financial transactions:
  • Yesterday Alex Jones went into melt down mode over the collapse of the Central Banking System fiat currency. He created a wave of Fear among his viewers and followers warning that the U.S. dollar was gone, the U.S. could never recover and China was going to rule everything with the New World Order Agenda. What Alex Jones didn’t tell his followers was that the new Banking System rolled though China. connected to Russia, India, Saudi Arabia and dozens of other countries already trading on the new gold  backed/ precious Metal System known as the QFS.
  • Whiplash347: Weeks ago I ran a story that Alex Jones lost tens of Millions in Russian investments/ banks that have now collapsed and he was in disbelief over the loss. Word on the streets Alex Jones got tens of Millions to lose when the FIAT system he’s supporting goes down. The truth is that the US Dollar will collapse, but the US will survive by going to gold/asset-backed currency.
  • The whole world is going into NESARA/GESARA.
  • What is quantum financial system QFS? QFS literal meaning is Quantum Financial System, which is an advanced financial system launched to eradicate monopoly on monetary system and for that purpose, a system comprises of Artificial Intelligence and complex computer programs fully backed by banks is needed. Quantum Financial System would be a breakthrough in the world of banking which will lead to a new era of banking. QFS will not be influenced by Government policies, rather it will be entirely backed by tangible assets like Gold, Platinum, Oil and will not be based upon mere piece of papers which have no evidentiary value.

Global Food, Fuel and Goods Shortages:

  • Germany triggers the first stage of the gas emergency plan to secure supplies. Vice-Chancellor Habeck appeals to consumers: save energy.
  • Ukraine war will have global food impact “beyond anything we’ve seen since World War II,” says U.N. food chief. Judy Note: This appeared to be just another example of the Deep State blaming the global food shortage on Russia, when over the last 20 years it has done things to create such a crisis for their New World Order Depopulation Agenda.

Fleming: The “Great Reset” is the plan created and supported by “The Committee of 300” explained well here:

  • Oligarchs, intellectuals, scions of industry, bloodline families, believe that they carry the responsibility of directing the planet’s ascension and the management of the serfs residing thereon. These same people are leaders in city/state/federal governments. They are the “boss” in every room.
  • What most people don’t know is that these people have created a “System” that captures the “entity” of every living person in every nation-state with a Central Bank. This is the “strawman” that was epitomized in Wizard of Oz. Incredible to know that your very personhood is owned under a POA – Power of Attorney – granted at birth, without your parents knowledge (because they are chattel also).
  • This was discovered by Christopher Story. Prominent veteran financial journalist, Edward Harle (working under the pen name Christopher Story) wrote before his recent death that George Bush Senior, Barak Obama and other members of the criminal Washington D.C. establishment had ordered him killed.
  • Christopher Story was a genius in many ways, including International Law. He brought about a suit to take ownership of the assets held by the various CABAL entities, and adjudicated by the World Court. Principally, the collateralized assets of human populations around the world converted to bonds and monetized against future earnings, then traded again.
  • There are un-countable assets, in such huge numbers impossible to describe because there is no word for it. These assets are held in Sovereign Trust, legal entities passed down generation to generation, with legacy responsibility. The “Trustee” of these assets is often uninformed of the extensive assets they hold. Digits on a report represent Jane and Joe, and Carl and Mary… They are aware though of their responsibility to dictate what happens around the world. This includes who is elected for any leadership position. “We the People” only imagine we have control. Under the Power of Attorney assigned at birth, even our vote can be usurped. We are chattel until this theft is corrected.
  • Christopher Story tried to take ownership under lawsuits filed with the World Court, challenging an expired Agreement, and bankrupt entities, using arcane language and superior legalese, and he would have won his case if he hadn’t died. What would he have done for We the People? It’s only a guess because he was never given an opportunity. Judge Anna Von Rietz has continued in the same pursuit. What both parties share along with the Committee, is their belief that the People want to be “taken care of” vs Free and Independent. At least Judge Anna is providing classroom education, and all the forms necessary to establish your Sovereignty and Living State.
  • The Committee of 300, the World Economic Forum and World Bank, all participate in their Agenda to control the population and the planet at large.
  • Here’s the reality: While they have this Eugenicists Agenda, there are others who disagree. We’ll call them “White Hats.”  The White Hats are like the hero Zorro, working in disguise, anonymously, and behind the scenes, subtly – and some will say too subtly to suit. These Angels of Mercy are seeking and taking wise course corrections, righting the wrong-headed decisions these crazy perverts take.
  • The Committee must follow the Law, which is why the Law is being corrected.
  • Confessions of an Economic Hit Man is a semi-autobiographical book written by John Perkins, first published in 2004.
  • This is Perkins’ account of his career as an undercover CIA Deep State operative, working with engineering consulting firm Chas. T. Main in Boston. According to Perkins, his job at the firm was to convince leaders of underdeveloped countries to accept substantial development loans, corrupting “developing nations.” He shares insights about the CIA Playbook, followed 100% of the time, taking down Sovereign Nations, impoverishing the People/inflating their currency, establishing a Central Bank, and leaving the leader’s wealthy beyond imagination.
  • This is what North America is experiencing right now. Starting with a color war (ANTIFA) and now attempting to inflate/destroy the US Dollar, along with impoverishing the entire population.
  • These are a few of the historic, well documented facts behind the “Great Reset” as named by Klaus Schwab.
  • “The Currency Wars” is a book by James Rickards, and he tells a few more facts about the players in the 15 Trillion dollar/day currency trade. It’s long established that currency is the means by which an individuals’ and a Nation’s Wealth is defined and this has been corrupted and controlled to provide wealth to a few while harming millions. Russia was attacked during Regan’s term, and their currency was up ended, the nation financially destroyed. Russia also participated in mock Currency Wars. Putin and Russia work both separately, and in cooperation with the “Five Eyes” (FVEY), an alliance of intelligence agencies of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States.
  • Just like the DoD, the Military and government from all over the world, there are hidden Agendas, private cooperative alliances within “the Alliance,” working for the People, and to foil every plot to kill off millions and billions of innocents, ala CV19. So far they’ve managed well, and there’s still much to correct. To the White Hats working to correct the theft of personhood, and the release of stolen Wealth owned by the People, there is no way to express our deep gratitude and all honor due.
  • NESARA and GESARA are plans to deliver this “RV GCR” Revaluation of currencies, in a Global Currency Reset. This is the end of the King Dollar and the launch of new Asset-Backed-Currency – as in precious assets, such as gold, silver, gemstones, oil and gas. All of which can be tested, analyzed, verified, and monetized easily. This valuation can be sent digitally anywhere in the world and used as guarantees for trades. The valuation of a nation, simply stated is defined by its assets along with earnings, defined by annual gross domestic profit, vs its debt. Debt is often accrued through government bonds. It’s often “government bonds” which float and continue the cycle of onerous debt. NESARA/GESARA wipes out ALL DEBT, including debt accrued to government bonds.
  • What has transpired in recent years is a re-design of this plan to “wipe all debt.” The “Authors of the Plan” don’t always make clear why certain things are being done. This is one instance where the banks have not been left holding the debt (as in 2008), all debt is being paid. There won’t be any windfall rescue money paid to Too Big to Fail Banks, in 2022.
  • The RV GCR will still include currencies from countries that have experienced War (capital “W” needed here, because of their suffering). Iran, Iraq, Vietnam, to name the first that come to mind. Here’s a perfect example of corruption, Iran is still holding out against a “Central Bank.” This might be why the discussion about “Nuclear Bombs” continues to this day. The Revaluation – meaning the increase in value of a currency, is also including countries that have suffered financial inflation, not so much from War, as from internal strife and Corruption, (capital “C”) needed here. Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Sudan, so, so many wealthy nations have been harmed, South Korea, Namibia, and so forth. All of these countries are good examples of countries set upon first by intelligence operatives, then by greed and ultimately the corruption of their Monetary and Financial System. This is the evil agenda and constant routine violence against innocents which all must be ended.
  • The Great Reset has been stolen, like James T. Kirk in Star Trek, when he pulled a Kobiyashi Maru; the unexpected has occurred, delivering an unexpected Win. The Win for the People is delivering the Win for the Freedom of the World. Freedom from slavery, from debt, from the onerous drudgery of living paycheck-to-paycheck; is what this NESARA/GESARA is all about. It’s about the turning point for Humanity and ushering in 1,000 Years of Grace and Ease, the ABUNDANT YEARS. Everyone here will support this Great Shift to Abundance of All Good things. We are participating in a Great Shift in every System on the Planet – everything is going QUANTUM.
  • May we all Prosper for 1,000 Years! …Nick Fleming

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov said that the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), which make up almost half of the world’s population and a significant part of global GDP, will become the basis of a “Just World Order.” “We know that every country has its own nuances related to the problems facing us, but now we are united in defending international law, united in efforts to overcome arbitrary, illegal, unilateral sanctions, which have become the only instrument of foreign policy in the United States and other countries.”

Anonymous source from the USA:

  • “When will the Russian ruble be tied to gold? It’s a matter of time (maybe it’s already happened). The Central Bank of Russia announced a few days ago that it was buying gold at a fixed price. The tax on the purchase of gold by individuals has been abolished. You don’t have to be a top-level financial analyst to understand what all this is leading to.
  • When rubles are pegged to gold at a price of, for example, 5,000 rubles per gram, and one troy ounce has 32 grams, which means that one ounce of gold will cost 160,000 rubles, then conversion to US dollars means that gold will cost 1,600 dollars per ounce when using rubles, and not $1,928 per ounce in dollars.
  • With this one step, Russia will destroy about 30% of the value of the US dollar worldwide. The only thing that can be worse for the dollar is that Russia has decided to sell its oil and gas only in rubles, and rubles are now fixed at 5,000 rubles per gram. Anyone who wants to buy oil or gas will either have to pay in rubles or pay in gold, and they will not receive the value of gold in US dollars that they offer as payment.
  • People all over the world will literally convert their money into rubles and get rid of dollars and euros. What Russia has just done is the financial equivalent of detonating a nuclear bomb.
  • The last person on this planet who tried to provide his currency with gold was Muammar Kadaffi. What happened next? NATO entered Libya, bombed it, until brainwashed locals grabbed Kadaffi on the street and put a bullet in his head. This scheme will not work with Putin.
  • Do you know what is happening with the world bankers now? They’re panicking. The so-called EU leaders are also scared out of their wits. They understand that what Russia has done will completely destroy both the US dollar and the euro, and these bankers will tell the heads of state that the third World War must begin immediately, because this is the only way out for them.
  • Effect: Europe (which needs Russian gas and oil) will now have to buy rubles from Putin for gold or pay for oil and gas with gold itself.
  • Foreign countries holding our dollar-denominated debt obligations in reserve will see an immediate and much lesser benefit in them, and will want to start getting rid of them in favor of something more stable that retains its value.
  • In fact, any currency linked to gold will meet all the requirements. This means that countries like Japan will start dumping their dollar debts as fast as they can — they are NOT going to go down with the American ship. They will switch to more stable currencies such as… ruble.
  • This will have a deflationary effect on the ruble, which will eventually make it more valuable.
  • This also means that Putin can change the ruble’s peg at any time he wants, for example, to 500, 50 or 10. It’s becoming more and more valuable to him.
  • The immediate result is that all these foreign countries dumping their dollar reserves will cause all these extra dollars to start coming home, causing more powerful hyperinflation than we already have in the US right now.
  • Is it any wonder why Biden called for regime change in Russia last week? He is about to force the masses of angry and literally starving Americans to march through the streets here at home, demanding answers.
  • Don’t forget, the other day Putin openly said that now people will convert their savings in dollars and euros in favor of safer investments, such as land, food and raw materials.”

Full Report (Doc):

Full Report (PDF):

Source: Operation Disclosure Official


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