Dancing Dolphin: Timing of RV, Med-Beds, Timeline Split, Solar Flash/Ascension?


Timing of RV, Med-Beds, Timeline split, Solar Flash/Ascension?

Arch Angel Michael, Commander Ashtar & Mother Mary

*Also introducing Dr. Joy Love sharing her Solar Flash vision & guidance at end of messages*

Received Saturday, March 26, 2022


What’s happening with the RV, Med-Beds, Solar Flash/Ascension, Timeline split? I asked my contacts to provide a message for Lightworkers if they had something to share on this topic. I asked for clarification only because I realize that we cannot get timing on these events. This was a verbal message and I transcribed it later, over a few days. I also asked Metatron to be my Gate Keeper for protection and to allow only one Being in at a time.

METATRON: Arch Angel Michael is first.


Greetings, Lightworkers! This something that need not be talked about. It is not important to anyone’s spiritual growth to know the future. It is only relevant for those who have not done the work, who have not purged themselves of malignancies, of dark thoughts and deeds; those who are not focused on the light. These are the only ones who need this type of information…meaning that you and your Lightworker friends who are indeed already ‘high above’ the rest have no worries. Because no matter how it plays out, dear hearts, you will all be taken care of!

I realize that it has been very difficult for the Lightworkers. You have had a hard time your whole lives. You have used your shields and protected yourselves as much as possible, but many arrows still pierced your hearts. Those with closed hearts and minds felt threatened by your willingness to step outside the norm, your curiosity, and your bravery. They were jealous so they taunted and ridiculed you. I say to all of you—kudos for standing your ground!! Even if this cruel treatment made you go silent. You still stood your ground and continued your pursuit of the truth, of the light and of spiritual knowledge. You were true to your Soul. So, kudos to all of you! Congratulations! Bravo!

You are a special group! Lightworkers and Starseeds, you’re doing an outstanding job! If this so-called timeline splits at this very moment, you have no concern. Those of the lower vibration will go their way and you need not worry what happens to them. They have chosen their path. You have chosen to search out the light and to gain knowledge.

Those of you who have planned to become Humanitarians, you are prepared for that positive outcome. So, if the RV happens–you are prepared and ready for your Redemption Appointments. You will share your heart about what you wish to do, then let the chips fall where they may.

If the “solar flash” (Ascension) that you have heard about arrives first, you will be gently guided on a new path. Those of you who are ready for your next leap will be ushered on a path towards that outcome. Your Soul and Higher Self have absolute choice over what you want to do! This is not something that is done to you. I will not go into details about that, but just know that everything will be done for your highest good. So, I say this with the most love and respect to all of you: I wish you to be at peace and not to worry about what may happen.

If these so-called Med-Beds are coming or not is not important; because either you will have them when the RV occurs, or you will not need them because of the Flash/Ascension. So, you are fine! And even if some of your family members or closest friends chose the “other” path, you will be at ease with that because you know that they made the choice that is best for their Soul direction.

Be at ease, dear Ones. I love you all more than you can know, and I am very happy to speak with you tonight. This is your Arch Angel Michael. I will sign off now. (Thank you, AA Michael!)

METATRON: Next up is Ashtar, he would like to say something as well.

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