Nick Fleming: RV/GCR Intel Update “The Quantum Quotient” 4-4-22


Nicks Intel Update

Updates concerning the RV/GCR

03/05/2022 The Quantum Quotient

Those who are reading this message likely have “exotic currencies” and/or Government Bonds and are waiting for the Great Shift to launch. This “Shift” is analyzed to the nth degree, by notables and wise people, who have for years been sharing insight and comments in Telegram, online, in phone calls and through every possible medium. Quite a well-documented mythology has been created along the way.

All agree that there is a cultural “Great Shift” taking place – from poverty to abundance. This cultural Shift is a 180° shift of a body’s individual Right to Sovereignty and Abundance of all good things. What an incredible about face! Here is how Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov describes the situation: ‘”A new reality is taking shape: the unipolar world is irretrievably receding into the past and a multipolar world is being born. This is an objective process that cannot be stopped, there won’t be one single ruler in this new reality….Nobody on Earth will be considered a second-rate player. All nations are equal and sovereign.”

All nations equal and sovereign, under what authority? The word, “Sovereign” defines the authority, meaning to stand on One’s good name, on the path established by One’s forefathers and their good name, taking full responsibility/accountability for decisions, and subsequent actions for everything and every party involved in these actions. No government has authority over a Sovereign. A Sovereign must obey the Law of the Land. Sergey Lavrov here is speaking about the right of every nation to define the Law of the Land, as long as that law does not subvert or usurp an individual’s Sovereignty. Additionally, he’s speaking about the parity (of value) of each nation, as defined by their personal wealth, as adjudicated by a world governing authority. Will this authority remain the International Monetary Fund? Or will the Bank for International Settlements be involved? We have to wait and see. With the Great Shift underway every entity that existed previously may suddenly disappear including these two.

It has been discussed that the Quantum Financial System analyzes and tracks the movement of money up to 50 moves. From start to extended delivery. It may be more than 50. This hasn’t been mentioned lately. With the Quantum Intelligence managing software upgrades, the historic – forever tracking and movement of money may become exponentially viable. There’s a nice thought. Assets delivered to every Sovereign nation state derive from one Source, the Global Collateral Accounts. This is as golden as it gets. The very basis of the assets moving in the new QFS is golden. Delivered into each qualified nation state to build up that nation’s verified assets. This is being done to manage this very important “parity,” and is now underway, putting an end to the 15 Trillion dollar a day markets trading currency. This will also equalize the cost of goods. No country will have an advantage over another. “Slave Labor” will end. It’s unlawful under a Sovereign Nation State’s Constitution.

This is the Great Shift, leading into a new Quantum Financial System, which can only hold true asset-backed currency. Asset backed digital currency qualifies as a “currency”. Preparing for this Great Shift with “exotic currencies” from inflated nation’s, is the front-end benefit of this Great Shift. The back end is XRP. XRP is the bridge that links every nation’s asset-backed-digital-currencies, to the world. XRP will be the defacto standard in use in the US and North America. It will be monetized based on the assets it represents, like every nation state, representing the wealthiest nations in the world – Canada, United States, and Mexico. The full wealth of these countries defined by the in-ground assets (as verified by satellite Doppler scans and advanced testing), assets held in surplus, assets in the vaults/banks, and GDP. This will be verified by a globally recognized third party authority, which is irrefutable in the highest court in the world. With this verification and certification, XRP will become very valuable. This value will be publicly verified as unquestionable. XRP is Sovereign and incorruptible. The implementation of BASEL 3, immediately followed by BASEL 4, will clear the path for lawful banking in only a few remaining institutions, all providing “XRP bank account – for trading purposes.” Just like US dollar, or any other trade-able currency accounts, making the need for “soft banks” and “hard wallets” obsolete.

This “incorruptibility” of XRP and the tracking of the movement of money, is the death of the Cabal. Seizure and confiscation of all assets for any entity found to be involved in or supporting the trafficking of drugs, of sex, of influence, of treasonous actions that harm the people will be facilitated under Executive Order 13818. There will be no escape. The wise White Hats have also made it possible to alert the “Authorities” on every (pending) illicit act. This very incorruptibility of XRP will bring down every sitting government in the world involved in corrupt acts, influenced by treasonous individuals to harm the population. This is what will be shown as occurring in the coming months, arrests and new governments formed all around the world. What an amazing feat!

Corruption on every level, on the Internet, on the street, in retail establishments, wherever money is used, will be ending. The proof of value for every asset, including digital (as in bitcoin) is being established now. The proof of an assets value, as adjudicated and verified by the same authorities required for all currencies, digital or otherwise, will clean up a very messy system. This discussion is underway right now and expected to culminate shortly in a spotlessly clean house.

Thank you to the many White Hats that are working behind the scenes, making this incredible time in history possible. Your reward will be the joy of billions of surviving innocents, ready to thrive in a safe, prosperous world, where everything good is now possible to achieve.


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