I Love Prosperity: These Men are Killing the US Dollar


I Love Prosperity
Apr 4, 2022

Now it’s pretty clear. They’re destroying the us dollar. There’s a few major players involved in this. One of them is the current administration in America. One of them that’s involved in this is Vladimir Putin. And then you’ve got a couple wild cards. You’ve got China, you’ve got Saudi Arabia.

What does all of this mean all of this energy crisis, this war with Ukraine in Russia, how could this affect the global trade of energy and oil, the Petro dollar system, and how can it affect record levels of inflation that we’re seeing that seem to be just getting started with the way things are unfolded.

I’m gonna break all of this down for you so that you can make sense of all of the financial and global news that’s happening today. And so you can be prepared about what might be coming next.

Let’s dive right into this video and I’m gonna move right over to my presentation on my computer to break down some of these trending news event and how they affect your money.

So let’s start this off with our good friend, Vladimir Putin, who is now saying after sanctions were put against their us dollar reserves, Putin says that he is ordering Europe to pay rubles for Russian gas and all that needed Russian energy. So this is Putin versus the us dollar.

Now the G seven has rejected. Putin’s demands that Russian energy be paid for with rubs. So this energy war, which states and many of the top G seven countries are reliant on Russian energy is turning into a currency war because Russia was sanctioned with their us dollar reserves.

So why would they continue to trade their energy for us dollars? They want it in rubs. So the energy wars become a currency war. Russian lawmaker has said that the G seven refusal to pay in Russians for gas will definitely lead to a halt in supplies.


 Again, energy war is a currency war.

We’ve had many people saying that this will be a total apps. If Russian gas supplies cut off, especially for Germany, who is so reliant on that Russian energy. And we’ve had some breaking news yesterday as gas prom has stopped delivery of Russian gas through Germany, through their pipeline.

Is this a sign that it is coming now? George gamin had an interesting take on this. He said, us dollar’s role. As global reserve currency has already taken a hit. So he said is Putin’s target Ukraine or the dollar. And he quotes here that the us dollars role as global reserve currency has already taken a hit and that a move to pricing Russia’s biggest exports and rubs would be in their interest.

So this is a war on the dollar that is starting to shape itself out. If Russia can command their energy and rubs, you’re gonna have a lot of a decrease in demand for dollars. Now, if Saudi Arabia and other major oil companies, countries quit doing it as well, you’re gonna see a huge shift.

And we’ve started to see that as Saudi Arabia has declined calls with Biden, mids of oil price spike, Biden’s trying to get on the phone with them, telling them to pump more oil. Why would they wanna pump more oil? The price is going up. And now this us dollar that they’re supposed to trade in has been printed into oblivion.

And they’re seeing other countries starting to break away from this Petro dollar system. So what is is all showing us that the Petro dollar is dying now in response to all of this. And this is where it starts to become a massive all out war on the us dollar.

We see energy prices, which were already rising before the Ukraine debacle. We’re seeing them rising even more so we’ve had many, any calls for energy and gas stimulus checks to be sent.



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