Dinarland Highlights for April 5, 2022


Dinarland Highlights – 4.5.22


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[Articles calling this a scam from DOJ/Forbes 2005]

Yes…They did not want us investing in this…. They never expected us to find out about it…. The number of hit pieces run on these currencies is unreal…and these are the same people that ran the articles about the Kuwait dinar RV not being real…and we know that was 100% real…originally it was only supposed to be for the elite and their friends…but then the public found out…so they do their best to try to make us give up….  So, do you believe the political operatives trying to protect the banking elite…or do You believe people like Dr. Shabibi and the people at the other end making the RV happen for the Iraqi people?

out of Iraq they are anticipating things to happen between the 4th and the 6th…  But it’s been very quiet the last 24 hours from Iraq. We are late in the day of the 5th-iraqi time…so to hit that timeline something really needs to break asap.

It has been exceptionally quiet on the RV front today.  But I am being told it is all coming together as we speak…I know they are expected to get a government squared away tomorrow. Or they reinstate the government that was there before…either way I hear that will figured out tomorrow. Hopefully that will be a positive sign we will see movement tomorrow. 


Sandy Ingram

The less we hear from the Central Bank of Iraq and news on the currency revaluation the better it is.  We know these changes take place in silence and then there are sudden announcements to the public



The Federal Court rejects the Lawsuit filed regarding raising the price of the dollar

What kind of power does the court have to do anything?

they don’t…the central bank is the one that will determine the exchange rate…So this [court decision] shouldn’t be any surprise whatsoever…I’m not sure what the courts could do when…it comes to the Iraqi dinar exchange rate.  That’s not their place. But every day it allows me to be more and more curious…in the role the courts are going to play in this election.  Obviously we don’t have to worry about the currency no more, they just dismissed it…

If you’re expecting Iraq to have an RI or an RV within the next week, two weeks, two months you are sadly mistaken.  The first thing that has to happen is a government has to be formed…


Nader From The Mid East

I’m gonna tell you why the Supreme Court rejected the exchange rate – for two things.  First thing is they don’t want to be involved.  They was the CBI to make the decision…I talk to my friend a journalist and a banker and that’s what it says. Second thing they’re not sure about the exchange rate.  One day they say yes.  One day they say no…I’m glad they they did reject it because they will ask for 1250 or 1200 or something like that.  That’s not good for us so I’m glad they did that.  Now it’s up to the CBI to make a decision…I think it’s gonna change.  I don’t know how long it’s gonna take but it’s gonna change…


Mountain Goat

So why is the rate being artificially suppressed?

…since the IQD is not yet trading internationally on FOREX.   Once on FOREX it is governed by the market demand and other restrictions. The CBI can not manipulate it then. This is the real reason why they hesitate to reinstate it. They are corrupt and manipulating the rate. So, please don’t tell me they need to work on the economy or create more stability. This is all hogwash and subject to excuses.


Godlover (KTFA)

Lawyers and observers propose an extension of the Al-Kazemi government for a year to pass the budget, complete the dues, and overcome the political blockage

If that article is accurate, it only validates the next budget will not be what we all hope for. It speaks of K forming a new government within a year. Certainly no one could possibly think that the monetary reforms is going to happen prior to a new seated government. Many still talk about CBI being independent, which is fine…but there will still be the need for a new seated government prior. It truly is only common sense. I am actually hoping they elect to POR & maybe the PM on the 6th. This new scenario could drag on the whole temp term.

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