The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 4-5-22


Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday 4-5-22

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it’s Tuesday April 5th and you’re listening to the Big Call – Thank you everybody for tuning in from all over the globe – We’re looking forward to having a really good call tonight – I said before the recording started that when Bob played a song – The Final Countdown – I said I believed that is what we are in – “The Final Countdown” right now – so let’s count this thing down –

Ok let’s tell you where we’ve been all the way up to last Thursday – and you know – we kinda got a little bit of information over the weekend – it got a little quiet Sunday and actually yesterday as well but we did get a little bit of information last night that was helpful –

It appears that where we are right now is in a great place for all of this to happen and the reason I say that is we’ve got the 206 or 209 countries all came with as by last Thurs or Friday – they said they would be all ready with their asset backed currency

They are not all 100% gold backed  but partially gold backed and 100% asset backed – and that’s how they are generally referred to – all the countries had until April 1st  to be compliant with this – with their currency as part of GESARA

They all made it as far as we know – and now we’ve moved from – ok what does that do to us now?  We have  a USN digital currency – we have a USTN – our new folding money – paper money – that has been printed for quite a while now – and is located in tier 1 & 2 banks – also redemption centers – it is ready to be put in teller drawers and it’s all set – and that was done a couple/three weeks ago – sorted – divided by denominations like I mentioned 100”s – 50’s – 20’s – 10’s – 5’s and 1’s – and my understanding was the money was actually moved from some of the major banks into the redemption centers – and that just happened

So they are moving that in – got that covered for us and that is a very positive thing for us

Now as far as where we are in the hierarchy of this – we know that a number – a huge number of paymasters – somewhere in the 3300 range is what I remember to be true – those should be the groups that have been based out west that we’ve talked about a little bit – and those have been given the instructions on how to proceed with moving forward with their groups – with their individual recipients – so that is what they are in a position to essentially fund the accounts of those that are group members

 When it comes to the bond holders they were told they would receive for the most part would be receiving emails today or tonight that would indicate that they have liquidity and access to that liquidity sometime tomorrow – Wednesday -That is BIG – really BIG –  Good News –  some of this we know from firsthand accounts

The other thing is we were told today that the adjudicated settlements – Fines & penalties – CMKX – and the prosperity packages were to have initiated today – and we know in the case of the prosperity packages that the donor who has 200 individuals under him or her and the assistance to the donors that are helping doing the calling to verify that person is aware of prosperity – they are aware of it  – they’ve got fixed location / address / and phone number – and that is all as of yesterday for sure and probably continuing through today – so prosperity packages are in process and I think that once that has occurred – I believe they should go out starting tomorrow –

I believe they should and it’s strange because we don’t really think in terms of the prosperity  packages as part of the shotgun start along with tier 4A & 4B and the bond holders but you know what – I think that’s what we’re looking at – I think that’s what we can anticipate

Alright so you’ve got those groups – and remember CMKX / fines & penalties / prosperity packages / farm claims  – all of that was considered immediacy  between the three – bond holders – and the tier 4A – Admiral’s group and the tier 4B which is us – the internet group – the largest group of all of them –

So – I believe from what I’ve heard yesterday – last night – and today with no change in that – that’s very important – because if the intel changes or we get a modification or something else then of course that throws off our timing – but what I’ve not heard today is anything that would take us off of what looks like we’re to be notified tomorrow and set appointments tomorrow and start exchanges tomorrow – (Wednesday)

Now for all three of those to happen – to get notified by Wells Fargo emails – to have the 800 number – and to set our appointments direct – I mean these are direct appointments with the redemption centers ok – and to set those – and to go in for those appointments possibly tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon / evening –  ok –  that would be our shotgun start – especially to get all three on the same day –

Banks told us we would be getting notified this afternoon (Tuesday) – that info changed last night – when we found that “no” we were not going to be notified today –  but – and I am going to use the “S” word – we should be notified sometime tomorrow (Wednesday)

Alright now – remember I have been in this for 18 years – on the Big Call for 11 years – I am looking forward to this going just like you are – and I believe we’re in a really good place and we are – in my opinion – in the final countdown –

So let’s all believe that is the case for us and that we’re finally at the end of the ride – we’ll have to see what tomorrow brings – but everything I’ve heard so far and not heard today is painting a picture of all 3 things happening tomorrow (Wednesday)

Don’t worry about rates – that is the least of your worries – rates are all good – very high – you’ll be offered extremely good rates – if you have a presentation that is typed up in outline form – it is very effective to use for a 5-8 minute presentation –

I think this is going to be it – I hope it is – ad I know we’ve been close before – we thought we were right there – but in terms of what has to happen for everything to come together in this process – I think that we have finally reached that – where we have completed everything that needed to be done –

It appears ….  And we’re not trying to call it –  because we know if we call it – we could get in trouble – this is as close as I have ever seen it – no question –  I don’t know – I don’t want to jinx it –  you know what I mean – I am really looking forward to what we believe will be notifications / appointments / and start of exchanges – tomorrow – I mean – that’s just as plain as it is –

The bond holders are supposed to be getting their emails tonight and over night – and I believe the bond money has either moved or is moving to those accounts – the Admiral’s paymasters 3300 of them have been notified – been given the green light to begin the process of funding the accounts of those individual group participants –

We know the intermediate are getting ready to go out and so I think we should be within a day or so – maybe we get notified – don’t start tomorrow but Thursday – we’ll see – you know – I believe – everything I’ve heard is working for tomorrow so we’ll see how it goes – don’t shoot me if we come back and we have a call on Thursday – but I am not expecting one – I am not expecting one – I will be here if we don’t have the 800 numbers – if we have the numbers I will not be here – none of us will be here Thursday night – Just to let you know –

Bruce’s Bog Call REPLAY LINK Intel Begins: 1:07:17

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