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The constitutional vacuum or the dissolution of parliament”… What awaits Iraq if it fails to elect the president for the third time

In light of the continued obstruction of the Iraqi political horizon, and the absence of any positive developments between the coordination framework and the Triple Alliance, analyzes and speculations abounded about the political scene if Parliament failed for the third and last time to choose a new president for the country.

Will Iraq enter the stage of a constitutional vacuum, and how will the situation in the country go after the current April 6 session, and is it possible to dissolve parliament and hold new elections?

He continued: This explains why militias affiliated with the Coordination Framework targeted three members of parliament belonging to the Triple Alliance, which they called “a homeland,” pointing out that Al-Zamili, the deputy speaker of Parliament, controls the presidency and harasss Al -Halbousi with his powers, which has now been revealed after the appearance of official correspondence between them about the term Presidency of Parliament. Or the Speaker and his two deputies.

constitutional vacuum

Al-Nayel concluded by saying: According to all these data, the political process in Iraq has entered the constitutional vacuum from its widest doors, and there is no term that can help the current situation, whether from the Federal Court or the current constitution, but as usual they will deceive this issue and their constitutional violations will continue within framework of the current political process.

The Iraqi parliament had twice failed to choose a new president for the country during the past two weeks, after two-thirds of parliament members were unable to attend the voting session on the president, as stipulated by the Federal Supreme Court, due to the incompatibility between the Sadrist movement and the coordinating framework of Shiite forces to elect the president of the republic and proceed with forming the new government.t is noteworthy that the Federal Court has a general authority that allows it to extend the term of selecting the President of the Republic according to the circumstances, as Article 72 / second of the Iraqi Constitution states: The new President and its meeting, provided that a new President of the Republic is elected within thirty days from the date of the first session of the Council.

no surprises

For his part, a member of the Iraqi National Charter, Abdul Qader Al-Nayel, says that there will be no surprises in the last parliament session scheduled for April 6, as the political movement did not witness any development unlike what it was before the previous session, because Al-Sadr gave a deadline for the coordination framework to After Ramadan to form the government, he suspended all his activities and media statements during the month of Ramadan, and the Triple Alliance stuck to their alliance, which includes 200 members of parliament, which means that it is impossible for the coordination framework to mobilize 220 deputies as a condition for holding the presidential election session.

He added in his speech to “Sputnik”, on the other hand, that al-Sadr and the Triple Alliance have other papers to maneuver with, and I expect that they will present them as they did during the sharing of parliamentary committees, which are now witnessing objections of no legal or political value on the part of the coordination framework, after they were shared Between the Sadrist movement and the sovereignty of the Kurdistan Democratic Party without the involvement of the framework in it.

Triple Alliance plan

Al-Nayel indicated that if an understanding does not take place between the political forces after the end of the month of Ramadan, the tripartite alliance will overthrow the ministers, replace them and share the ministries among them, which is one of their powers, and they also need only a simple majority in Parliament to pass this project, and they have that while keeping Al-Kazemi and therefore They will take sensitive positions within ministries from undersecretaries to general managers to department heads, and thus the curtain will fall on extracting the deep state from al-Maliki and the general coordination framework

So that after implementing this step they will be completely outside the framework of the government, and thus the tripartite alliance led by al-Sadr will make them political beggars in front of the ministries .the outset, the Kurdish political analyst, Tariq Jawhar, says, all expectations indicate that the April 6 session, which is the last session set by the Federal Supreme Court in accordance with the Iraqi constitution, this session will be like the previous sessions to choose the President of the Republic and will not complete the quorum, with the continuation of the blockage and political disputes.

Between the blocs and the lack of consensus, or agreement regarding the main blocs, especially between the coordination framework and the Sadrist movement in the Shiite house.

Controversy remains

In his speech to “Sputnik”, he stressed that the continuation of this dispute will constitute a stumbling block to any progress in the political process, and this is the reality, although there was an initiative days ago from the coordination framework, but Muqtada al-Sadr’s tweet closed the door to any attempt to start a dialogue between the two parties and leave the space for 40 days in front of the coordination framework in order to enter into consultations with other parties except for the Sadrist movement, and this may mean the survival of the political process without real intentions for a solution between the main blocs.

Jawhar added, after tomorrow’s session, things will remain as they are now, meaning that the Al-Kazemi government will remain to conduct business and the current President of the Republic, Barham Salih, will remain, in the exercise of their duties, in addition to that we have an elected parliament that legislates and amends laws, so I think that the process will take place as it is. Now, there will be no glitch in this aspect.

Constitutional Timings

And the political analyst continued, and despite the constitutional timings being exceeded, I do not think that Iraq is on the verge of a constitutional vacuum, because all institutions work and perform their function in the conduct of business, and the President of the Republic continues to exercise his full powers until a new president is elected.

Regarding the extent to which this situation can continue, Jawhar says: This situation cannot continue indefinitely, but it may continue after this session for several weeks or months, after which there may be a demand to reorganize the elections and abolish the current parliament.

 Certainly this will be raised The matter is by many political forces and also from the street, because when the citizen participated in the elections to choose a parliament and a new political process, it was in order to provide services and change the difficult living situation, but the political blocs are the ones who bear responsibility because of their differences, ambitions and narrow self-interests, which were placed above the public interests

For the Iraqi people, I do not rule out that some forces will resort to the Federal Court to challenge the illegality of maintaining the current political situation and the need to search for an alternative, and the alternative will only come by abolishing the current parliament and holding new elections.  link

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