“I Know the Schedule of the Events Currently Unfolding” by Gregory – 4.7.22


Entry Submitted by Gregory at 11:53 PM ET on April 7, 2022

I Know the Schedule of the Events Currently Unfolding, Hear Me Out.

Don’t ask me how I know this, maybe it has to do with my name being Gregory and hearing that they were messing with the Gregorian Calendar piqued my interest, anyway, back to my prediction as when all this is going down. The question of “When?” is all I hear in every chat room as we anticipate coming events and I’ve yet to hear an acceptable solution to the problem of projecting the known events on the “NEW” Calendar so I will put my prediction out there in the hopes I am right. I feel sure that everyone will also hope I’m right as well so let’s get back to projecting the dates as I see the unfolding of events and follow my logic while I merge the accumulated information below onto this “New” calendar while staying within the boundaries of everyone’s acceptance. Will it pass the sniff test?

These are just some of the basic parameters we are aware of;

4/4/22 is similar or relates to 2/22/22 in numerology,
There will be Three Days of something,
Followed by Ten Days of something else,
Probably involves Easter,
We could be Switching from Gregorian Calendar dates to Julian Calendar dates.
13 days is the main difference between the calendars,
GESARA/ NESARA will occur,
RV, GCR will occur,
QFS and Gold Backed Currencies will occur,
We will get our notifications at the right time,
All appointments will be made within the ten day period and before liquidity,
All exchanges will be completed within 30 days,
Appointments and Exchanges will be protected by our NDAs
Our Exchanges will have no effect on other events unfolding around us.

Here is how I predict it will unfold;

The fake queen will “resurrect” on the fake easter which is the 17th of April this year so events will start three days earlier on the fake “good friday”. I presume this is in reference to the Biblical three days so the fake queen will die on Friday. The banks will start their 3-5 day switchover to the QFS. The banks may be closed all week as the sheep will be under stay at home orders from the Military for 10 days.

This brings us through the 20th . The EBS will probably ring early on Monday the 21st . starting our ten days of 24/7 movies so make sure you have you popcorn and your “I Told You So” shirts ready. Ten days brings us to the 30th of April and the Real Easter1. May 1st is the day after Easter this year.

May 1st has always been a positive day in my youth known as May Day. It is also a major Russian day of recognition. I’ve always seen it as a celebration of Spring and fertility. I refuse to accept any other interpretations of that memory. What the White Hats are doing will be to reclaim and forever remember this day, May 1st as the day of GEASRA, the GCR, the public RV and the restoration of the Republic of the United States of America, and the restitution of the entire Earth and Her Peoples.

While we here in America have been busy dealing with out own disclosures the other countries have also been busy with informing their people, and while we are all being busied the White Hats and the Military have been busy as well. All the world’s White Hat Governments will be working behind the scenes the whole time we are distracted with movies putting the pieces of GESARA in place. The US is probably not as welcome at this juncture in time due to our past abuses. The rest of the world wants to set this up to be fair and invite us to join their system or work alongside theirs in according with our new regional alliances. I believe Putin and Chi, Modi and probably the White Hats in Iran, Iraq and many other countries will be working behind the curtain to set up the gold backed currency system between themselves and the US will be joining last as an equal and as the dust settles.

Greg’s Guess

4/17/22 Fake Queen Dies/Start Three Days
4/20/22 Three Days Up/Start 10 Days
4/30/22 Ten Days Up

Various Pertinent Notes;

4/4/22 is one of those special numerology dates as 22 can represent 4, 22 reduces to 4 or even just 2.

13 days pops up a lot. 4/4 plus 13 days is 4/17. 4/17 plus 13 is 4/30.

I suspect the calendar shift is why we hear so much about 13 days this and 13 days that.

This could be a good time to identify and make the public aware of the new spheres of influence of the various global regions, but I don’t believe they will introduce this aspect yet. It will be done after the people adjust to everything else. Travel between countries and regions will be very different, as well as the ability to travel freely throughout the world without any of the impediments we currently suffer.

For all the dweebs out there crying every morning, “when? When? WHEN?” , you are embarrassing yourselves and making our community look immature. Stop Demanding your once in a lifetime Spiritual gift – It Is A Gift. It will be tarnished due to improper attitude and too little Gratitude before it is even received. A lot of people are working very hard for the whole of Mankind to rescue Humanity in a style and manner unequaled and I for one am, and will eternally be, Grateful for just the opportunity to be a bystander in this and maybe even be a participant. By demanding a gift you are not embracing the Spirit of the Gift. This Gift is a responsibility to shepherd these funds in a humanitarian manner to help those who have less than you, unless you are just in it for the money in which case I will see you again when it is soon gone. You must Give to Receive.


The way I understand the Gregorian Calendar to Julian Calendar conversion, you have to add 13 days onto the Gregorian date to get to the Julian Calendar date. In Biblical Times they stole 13 days from the people during the conversion to mess everything up for the Christians when celebrating religious dates. Don’t get me started on the Julian date keeping system as it is totally strange with numbers and math or something but somehow if you add thirteen days you get pretty close. There are conversion websites if you want find your own birthday. Like metric measurements, it was interesting but unconvincing. I keep hearing faint echos of “Adapt or  be Assimilated – Resistance Is Futile”.



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