“Too Many Secrets, Too Many Lies” by Michael Murdock – 4.8.22


Entry Submitted by Michael Murdock at 12:44 PM ET on April 8, 2022

Saw this today and had to respond to it:

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of April 8, 2022

Every now and then someone will forward me a link to one of these fantasyland pieces written on IDC and I have to shake my head so hard it hurts. PLEASE STOP!!! You’re literally lying to people who have been reading your diatribes for a long time and NOTHING you say in these things comes true or is true.

“The fiat US Dollar was no longer being traded internationally, while the gold/asset-backed USN in a digital format was being traded internationally. There were 106 of the 210 participating nations that were gold/asset-backed and using the Quantum Financial System right now. We were in the final days for Tier 4B to set exchange/redemption appointments.”

This entire paragraph is garbage. The US DOLLAR is the foundation of many money exchanges across the planet. If it was no longer being traded internationally, the world would come to a halt as we know it. Every radio and tv station as well as the entire internet would be on fire with stories about cities burning to the ground, people breaking into banks to steal as much US currency as they could, businesses boarding up, and anarchy breaking out across the planet. There is no such thing as the gold-backed-USN in a digital format. How do I know? Because there is no USN token or coin being traded. There IS a USDT aka US DOLLAR TOKEN in both a wrapped and unwrapped format, but there is NO USN. There never has been, there was talk of it over 7 years ago, but that never came to fruition.

and next there’s this one:

“An Australian Senator has confirmed that the Vax contains Nanotechnology that self-assembles inside the body and leads to suicide.”

Ok, so who is the Senator? NO MENTION OF THE NAME OF THE PERSON. So was this forgotten while trying to squeeze in the other propaganda or is there really no Senator because I can’t find the name of this person anywhere in either mainstream or underground news.

Next up is talk of the GCR and of BOND HOLDERS BEING CONFIRMED. I know personally of over 75,000 people who claim to be bond owners. NONE OF THEM have been contacted to be confirmed. Know why? Because there is no place for them to take their bonds to be confirmed. Also note that ALL CURRENCIES which would be exchanged are ALL printed on BOND PAPER. They are not marked as being “BONDS” as a US SAVINGS BOND is literally stamped with the word BOND on it.

What gets me is that many of these passages are written in past tense as well as future tense, none of them are specific as to when things have happened or will happen. They’re vague on purpose because they’re being fabricated to mislead you.

Now we go to:

“The XRP platform was integrated into the QFS two weeks ago

(not according to anyone who is involved with XRP and the court cases they are currently in the midst of which prevent XRP from being traded on ANY exchange in the crypto world).

The DEATH OF QUEEN ELIZABETH II – hasn’t happened as of yet. She is still alive and will be remembering the 1 year anniversary of the passing of Prince Philip. She’s been seen out and about being escorted by Prince Andrew. There was however a leak of the plans that are to be put into place when she does die, but sorry, you’re trying to bury her a bit too soon.

“Charlie Ward was the lead person in charge of getting GESARA funds out to the world banks. Today Thurs. 7 April Ward said that we were in the final days, with bonds and Tier 4B liquidity taking place this week.”

No Charlie wasn’t. He was however tagged as being a scammer and of bilking people out of much money which he then admitted to, Do you own internet research on that one. That’s all I will say about Charlie. Have heard him speak and steer away from it completely as it’s filled with deception and propaganda. 

Regarding the Nick Fleming notes… computers don’t obey laws, they operate according to instructions prepared by humans and inputted into them. Artificial Intelligence in this world is not to the point of operating computers and achieving the level of interpretation of human laws and would not do so for another 50 to 100 years into the future.

When a country “will have” something is yet to be determined. There is NO CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) in existence at this point in time.

Once again there are NO TIERS when it comes to the exchanges. There are NO ADMIRAL GROUPS or GROUPS at all. There will be exchanging done at every bank branch across the globe when the time time comes. Please don’t believe any of the things that those paid by the elites and cabal are bringing your way. NONE OF IT IS TRUE. It’s ALL deception to keep you in their control. They tell you that you MUST DO THIS, MUST DO THAT, MUST HAVE THIS FORM, MUST SIGN THIS NDA, MUST SIGN THIS AGREEMENT, MUST COMMIT TO GIVE THIS MUCH AWAY. It’s ALL LIES. How do I know? Because when you ask them to prove these things, show you the organizations that require these things, they can’t. If they do provide you something and you go to check it out, you get nothing but blank stares or you get “We had to throw those people out of here”.

Don’t fall for the lies. NO ONE is paying me to bring you this information. My contacts are giving it to me free of charge to provide to you freely so that there is no reward for doing so. I wish I was being paid to provide the truth. Maybe then I wouldn’t have to ask for donations to stay alive, to get a meal, to buy water to drink, or gas to keep the car running. Sadly the car needs major repairs and there is no one out there who will give me the $2,000 that I need to get it fixed. If there was, then I’d be happy. 

I share what I know because I am tired of all of you being lied to by those who are paid off to lie to you. Keep the faith, keep praying, God is watching and will deliver all of us from these lies soon. I believe.

God bless you all.  

Michael Murdock, US NAVY VETERAN

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