Nick Fleming: RV/GCR Intel Update “The Absolute Proof” 4-9-22


Nicks Intel Update

Updates concerning the RV/GCR

04/09/2022 The Absolute Proof

The request for “proof” has been a challenge in the RV community. After a decade of daily “it’s happening now,” it’s impossible to blame anyone for skepticism about the tidbits shared from “intel gurus.” The “Absolute, Irrefutable Proof” has not yet been seen because this would be an invitation to come to exchange/redeem the assets many have held on to for more than a decade. It might also be a call from the bank, or a Special Delivery with notification of spendable assets presently held in your name in a private account and waiting for verification and signature to release. These are things that are provable and make sense to any normal person. Unfortunately “proof” can’t be given for esoteric statements such as, “Money is Moving.” There is little that is provable in the RV GCR world because most “documented proof” is kept closely guarded under non-disclosure language.

The RV GCR community is comprised of millions of people around the world, with most located in the United States. This “community” communicates through social media, email, published articles and websites, and through shared calls. This is a community comprised of over 50-year old’s, with most over 65 years of age. Many in this crowd hate computers. We pay attention to this “social media” because we must and because it’s the only resource available for information hidden by “mainstream media.” Over time we’ve built close-knit relationships with like-minded individuals. Each helping the other through crushing disappointment and loss, lies and deceit, corruption and lack. Where would we be without the RV community? We’d be no where.

The RV GCR community is a “culture of believers” not unlike the Crypto-digital community. There are lots of similarities tying these two.
• Both deal with assets
• Both deal with standards and are a means for trade
• Both are outside of the normal currency-pairs trading today
• Both are waiting for the “RV” and an end to “Fiat”, to see huge windfall profits

The RV GCR community and the Crypto community are about to merge and it’s going to be a win/win for those who take the time to understand and prepare. The Absolute Proof has been given, and discussed by Nick Fleming, when he flat-out stated that by the end of April the whole world will be ISO 20022 compliant, with every one of the 210 participating countries holding their own national digital coin (the “CBDC”).

The RV GCR community has known for years about the massive exchange of fiat for gold-backed currency. The RV GCR myth never discussed crypto, nor the possibility of digital “tokens, coins, soft banks or cold wallets, or hard wallets.” The RV GCR mythology only discussed solid gold, solid silver, and nothing at all like the terms being thrown about by this Crypto community. What the RV GCR community has discussed in great detail is, the “QFS.” The Quantum Financial System with the Ultimate Quantum Quotient that is now rolling out, will facilitate this Great Shift to Freedom. The unique features of this System is that it is a new type of “sentient” Artificial Intelligence, moving faster than anything we can possibly grasp, with access to every computer, every System in existence, anywhere in the world. As of today, the normal Joe’s and Jane’s in this world have not personally experienced this new QFS, only heard of its existence.

NESARA and GESARA, discuss Freedom and Sovereignty for all People from onerous overlords, like Rothschild/Rockefeller/Soros/Gates/Scwab/Clinton/Biden, and any oligarch seeking to control and manipulate by controlling money, food, water, any supply – and all of this evil has to be ended under NESARA. This is RV GCR 101. RV GCR 101 is a “New Money that is asset-backed” under the “Gold Standard.” ISO20022 delivers exactly that. But to remove the ultimate right and ability of arbitrary CABAL controls, you must have sovereignty – autonomous control. This digital System delivers exactly that.

NESARA and GESARA both promise freedom from taxation and unlawful actions by corrupt parties. The new digital, asset-backed currency provides this. The overlords that lorded it over us for centuries will have no access and no authority to access. This is also the beginning of the end of the banking system as we know it. There will be no need for banks or middlemen, when we can deal safely and directly with the QFS. We will have a direct link and a personal account on the Quantum Financial System. This has been discussed for years but always had each RVer going through the US Treasury, or their Private Bank. With this new digital currency for each country, this is another (potentially corrupt/corruptible) middleman cleared out of the way. That’s a HUGE HALLELUJAH! The new “controlling factor“ will ultimately be the laws that protect and serve humanity. Do no harm.

To the RV GCR community, you are fine if you do nothing now. Immediately after the RV takes place though, much will be learned, and will be taught by the right people. Today, there is a window of opportunity that merges these two communities together. The RV GCR and the Crypto community will both see a “settling of assets” taking place. This has to be the case. That includes with BITCOIN which is presently considered “fiat” – no difference. It will be given an exchange value and will be able to exchange for your country’s CBDC. There’s no way that this new financial System can harm millions holding Bitcoin. It’s not going to happen. The new System will establish a value for each Crypto and like currency, some Crypto will rise in value and some will go down. It’s the nature of this process though, that NO ONE that has pursued this with innocence will be harmed. That is the ultimate goal. Plenty of law-breakers though, will be and justly so. This new Quantum System has been running for 2 years and knows everything. Those who have broken the laws, harmed innocents for financial gain, will quickly be arrested and removed.

To those who might like to try to buy Crypto currency today, as another resource for the future benefit and legacy, tread cautiously. The first step to take is open an account on one of the exchanges: Coinbase, Lobstr, Kraken, Voyager, Coinmetro, are a few. With these exchanges you will receive a cryptocurrency virtual “wallet” to receive Stellar (XLM) and Ripple (XRP) tokens into. Here’s a good discussion to read: The point to grasp here is that once we have RV GCR, these Crypto coins will have a settlement process to go through as well. This is the opportunity for all here.

That we will have the ULTIMATE PROOF of RV – delivered with a “new currency” that is digital, sovereign, and free of corruption, before the end of this month is the joyful take-away. At the exchange, when RVers redeem their exotic-funny-money for huge sums that are held in a lawful new Quantum System, they will receive their personal “Crypto-wallet” and Quantum Computer, to manage their new assets. The Stellar System will be running it, and XRP will be the mode of transfer of funds. The Protocols 19 and 20 have been done. We are now only waiting for ISO20022 all around the world, which must be done by the end of this month. After the Protocol 20 is fully implemented, buying XRP will be facilitated in the bank and held like any currency account.
• May 1 is the start of a new monetary System
• May 1 is the start of massive arrests
• May 1 is the beginning of Fair Trade for the first time, for decades and possibly longer, over a century
• May 1 begins to provide the proof that we’re all waiting to see. Proof that we can live in an abundant world, free of oppression and corrupt governments
• May 1 is the day where PROOF will be Irrefutable


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