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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday 4-7-22

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it’s Thursday April 7th and you’re listening to the Big Call – Thank you everybody for tuning in from all over the globe whether live or on the replay – glad to have you and we’re looking forward to having a really fun call tonight

What we’ve got to talk about tonight – we don’t need a lot of time for – because I’ll tell you where we tend to gauge this based on our proximity and how the bond holders are going – are they paying out ?  Are they receiving anything to indicate that their bonds are being handled/traded/exchanged and do they have access to funds yet?

Well – the answer on the first question is we know we are getting feed back from the Far East where some of the bonds are being purchased that they are happening –  even two days ago people that we know have had their bonds handled – the emails that they are waiting for is the only thing left to wait for any mail from – in this case – Wells Fargo that will tell them they have liquidity in their accounts – that the transfer has been made and they have access to those funds –

So I would say that is definitely in process and all that they are waiting for in this case is the emails – it’s not too different  than us waiting for our emails to occur from Wells Fargo about having our 800 numbers and notification information that we can receive and set our appointments 

The other thing is when it comes to prosperity packages we know that the prosperity package donor that has a list of 200 people under him or her is in the process – they have been calling some of the recipients – not necessarily all of the recipients but a lot of them have received phone calls already – it doesn’t mean that they have received their funds – they have not received their so called prosperity package yet

Now I believe that the donors are doing that to get the recipients ready to receive that packet but the packet themselves – delivery for them is going to take a green light from the Treasury – I believe that green light from the treasury is going to be turned on when our green light to receive our notifications is turned on –

For example – we talked about Tuesday night – the paymasters for the groups – 220 paymasters for the groups that are based out West have all been funded into their master accounts and now are waiting on the green light for those paymasters to downstream those funds to the group recipients as individuals – they are waiting for that to occur – Again another command will come from the Treasury

Now it also has to come in conjunction with the Military which is usually the Dept of Defense – those two entities have to coordinate and make sure that everything is from a security point of view – everything is good and ready to go – before that green light can be turned on

Alright – so let’s take a look at what else is happening out there – We know that we’ve had crypto currencies talked about the past several days and there are many kinds – I think there are 800-900 different kinds – and that’s all fine but there is a platform that is called XRP that  is designed to exchange any type of crypto – ok and make that exchange into something nice – could be into a new currency –  something that is a different type of coin – but the point is that – for this to occur with XRP it has to be integrated  into the QFS –

I found out today XRP platform has been integrated into the QFS two weeks ago – so that is already handled from that perspective – so that part is not an issue – there’s been some discussion about additional countries needing for coins to be minted quote unquote virtually all the same – we are not hearing that is anything holding this up – ok – that is really not the information that we’re getting right now

Now I remember Jeanie had a request earlier about seeing if we could have this 800 number released prior to Easter – Easter is on the 17th – I hope she is exactly right and that it happens prior to that – I really do

I have heard that we are supposed to have this complete – the end of it all – by the end of April – that is what our sources have received – is that we get started – we do our exchanges and we’re done by or before the end of April – here it is tonight the 7th – we have quite a way to go – before the end of the month – there’s plenty of time for them to bring us out and do that –

Now – we’re also hearing – so going back to the crypto thing – it appears that there’s no way that they are going to allow crypto currencies to continue without monitoring it – without knowing what transition is happening and where and when – and guess what?  The QFS can do all of that – it can monitor everything – and if you think about it – it needs to monitor anything that’s happening in the crypto world to make sure that those transactions are going to the right people and not to a Deep State or Cabal type entity –

You all can see how that is important – ok – because remember the USD is no longer useable internationally – we use to hear that only until our new currency comes out  our USTN – so already entities around the country are drying up – you can imagine – I won’t go into depth –  but you can imagine how difficult it would be to do business quote unquote without internationally tradeable currency

So we have USN that has been internationally tradeable for at least a week – ok – internationally tradeable and of course in a digital format I’m referring to as an on screen currency – USN – alright so that has happened and as far as we can tell – all 206/209 countries are fully integrated into the QFS – everybody is ready to go as far as that goes –

I think I had one more point I wanted to bring out – obviously we got the monitoring of the cryptos – we’ve got the bond holders pretty much handled and when are we going to get our notifications – Well – we have somebody – most of you have heard of – because Charlie Ward spoke with one of our intel sources and said that on two different occasions- the first he said: the bonds and tier 4B were to occur and take place this week – I thought – ok – good – I thought that would be great – good news –

Then we heard yesterday – Charlie was asked again – because remember – Charlie is the lead guy in charge of GESARA projects and getting the funds that are coming from GESARA out to the international banks and to the countries – for those projects – to get them started –

So – it’s a position that he didn’t take willingly but he finally said ok I’ll do it – and so they have him in that position as a result I think he’s really – he’s kinda on the “inside” on a lot of these issues and to be quite frank he is under a NDA – and can only say so much –

But he did say yesterday – to one of our sources that we are in the final days of this – so that was contributed to Charlie (Ward)

You know – we’ve all been in this for a long time -a lot of us quite a few years –  18 for me – 11 years on the Big Call – a lot has happened we’ve seen a lot come and go – but this is the kind of thing – what are we getting out of Iraq? Iraq still has not put out an international rate yet but I think they are being handcuffed – I don’t think they can feel confident putting that out until we are ready to go here – 

Yes they are sovereign – yes they are out of Chapter 7 with the United Nations – yes they have the ability to just go for it – but I think out of respect for President Trump and everything that he’s been doing with them (Iraq) I think they are waiting until this weekend – that’s what I’m hearing – This weekend could do that but I don’t know what day – it could be Fri/Sat/Sunday –

But what we’re getting from one of our Iraqi sources -he’s hearing that something is supposed to happen over night or tomorrow – well – it Could – I don’t want to say that its definite – tomorrow is the the 8th of April – a favorite number for China – I think China would love for it to be released tomorrow – so we’ll see – we will see if something is going to happen

What I’m saying is I think they have the crypto side of it under control – I think that is handled through the XRP Platform – integrated already into the QFS -That is a part of a whole blockchain protocol – there are certain nodes that need to be connected and there may be some things that need to be tested or connected to the QFS – but I believe everything is far enough along where this could go – so I am going to say keep an eye out –

Are we in the final hours of this as Charlie suggested? Maybe – we could very well be – is something that could pop over night? – Concerning bondholders – yes – I think tonight and tomorrow and maybe they will stat getting some emails giving them access to funds

But could there be release of the emails from Wells Fargo servers to us in 4B? and would 4A be given the green light for the paymasters downstream those funds into the accounts of those recipients and participants in those groups ? You know – it is hard to say – intel has been very difficult from the banks – they are all NDA – it’s very difficult to know really exactly where we are – but I think sometimes  the quiet that we’ve been in speaks volumes

Just maybe – just maybe we are closer than we know and this is going to happen for us so let’s just stay focused on it -stay in prayer for it – and lets get prepared

Bruce’s Bog Call REPLAY LINK Intel Begins: 1:20:20

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