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We are just waiting…keep it together folks…

VinterV. I’m confident we are seeing the end game. Those who have been blocking the release different ways have run out of options and parliament with the current president and PM will release the rate,,,,now.

yada: I think we are close too. Will this be the year Ramadan is not an issue? I pray so.

CharlieOK,,,I never believed Ramadam was an issue, just politics playing out. Ive encountered Muslims who recognized Ramadam and they stated, it is business as usual except when they brake their fast at the end of the day. They eat early morning, fast all day, eat again at night. They attend prayer but business as usual…Interestingly, like Christianity, many people do various things in the name of being a Christian and may not be accurate. Muslims and Jews do the same. Ramadam is their holy month. Seeing this completed in the coming hours.

Ramadan is expected to be over between May 1-3, depending on a Muslim’s location in the lunar cycle.

The real story here, is they could have voted on the budget any time since it was drafted last year. But, they lied to everyone, saying it wasn’t possible, waiting until today to reveal the truth. What do you call a million dead politicians at the bottom of the ocean? A good start.

Adviser to Al-Kazemi: Iraq is in an excellent financial situation, and it is time to quickly approve the budget

A financial advisor to the Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, described the financial situation in Iraq, which is derived from crude oil revenues, as “excellent.”

Mazhar Muhammad Salih told {Euphrates News}, “Iraq is in an excellent financial position at the present time, as during the past month, oil revenues increased to 11 billion dollars, and this is a very large number that has not been recorded for five decades.”

He stressed that “this is a positive aspect, regardless of the profitability of the economy.”

Saleh added, “We imagine that it is time to present the financial budget law as soon as possible, especially since its draft for 2022 has been prepared for a long time and can be submitted and some amendments made to it.”

The Ministry of Oil, on the first of this April, announced that it had exported more than 100 million barrels during the month of March, achieving revenues that exceeded 11 billion dollars, which is the highest financial revenue achieved since 1972, according to the ministry.  link

The financial advisor talks about ‘leaps’ that have been achieved in protecting and recovering public money

The financial advisor to the Prime Minister, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, on Friday identified two main national bodies working to protect public money and address financial crimes, while declaring that “great leaps” have been made in protecting and recovering public money.  

Saleh said in a statement to the official agency, followed by “Nass” (April 8, 2022), that “there are two main national bodies working to protect public money and address financial crimes: the first is the Money Recovery Fund and it has a higher council headed by the head of the National Integrity Commission, which is the important council that resumed His work is under Law No. 7 of 2019, which represents the first amendment to the Funds Recovery Fund Law No. 9 of 2012.

He added that “the new law obligated the government, when concluding investment and economic agreements with any country that has Iraqi funds covered by the provisions of this law, to conclude agreements with those countries to recover those funds, in addition to the international cooperation drawn by the map of the United Nations Convention against Corruption and approved nationally,” noting that “The council has made great strides in the past in its work in protecting and recovering public money.”  

He continued: “The second main body is the Office for Combating Money Laundering and Crime and Terrorism Funds, which operates according to Law No. 39 of 2015, and it is a specialized entity that represents the National Financial Intelligence Unit and has agencies spread in the Iraqi banking and financial activity and a Supreme Council that draws up its policies, regulations, and regulatory and supervisory instructions headed by Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq.  

He explained that “the office enjoys international links through its important membership in the International Financial Action Organization, and it addresses suspicious transactions and prosecutes financial crimes at the regional and international levels, without neglecting effective cooperation with economic crime-fighting agencies.”  link

Between the current and the framework initiative, what is the fate of the new government? – Urgent

Despite the Sadrist movement’s insistence on its decision not to ally with the coordination framework, the framework is still trying to convince the Sadrist movement that no government is .formed without them Today, Thursday, the coordination framework revealed the parties that will be discussed and negotiated by the quinquennial committee formed by the framework and its allies in the coming .days

The leader in the framework, Aid Al-Hilali, said in a statement to (Baghdad Today), that “the fiveyear committee includes the coordination framework and its allies, who formed the guarantor third during the last period, and this committee will hold dialogues and negotiations with all “.political parties He stressed that “without excluding any political party, even the Sadrist movement, we will have “.dialogue and negotiation during this committee

Al-Hilali indicated that “the main tasks of the Five-Year Committee are to find real solutions to end the political blockage, and to move towards accelerating the formation of the new Iraqi government, through the agreement and consensus of all political parties without marginalizing “.or excluding any party The leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, announced that the “Coordination Framework” coalition, which includes political forces described as allies of Iran, has given him an opportunity for about 40 days to negotiate with all political blocs to form a national majority .government, stressing that his bloc, the Sadrist bloc, will not be part of it

Al-Sadr said, in a tweet to him, that he “thanks God for enabling him and those with him to be the largest winning bloc in the parliamentary elections, with an unprecedented victory, as I was the first to succeed in forming the largest national bloc (save a homeland) and nominating a prime minister acceptable to all.” He stressed that “these alliances have bothered many, and they 

He stressed that “in order that Iraq does not remain without a government, and the security, economic, service and other conditions deteriorate, I give the blocking third (the coordination framework) an opportunity to negotiate with all the blocs without exception, to form a national majority government without the Sadrist bloc,” noting that “the opportunity will be from the first day Ramadan until the ninth of the next Shawwal,” calling on his bloc to “not interfere with this, ”.either positively or negatively

 The leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, gave the coordination framework a .deadline of 40 days to form a government Al-Sadr’s move comes one day after the Iraqi parliament failed, for the second time in a row in less than a week, to proceed with the session to elect a new president for the country, due to the lack of the legal quorum required to hold it, with 220 out of 329 deputies.

As the “Coordination Framework” coalition succeeded In disrupting the two sessions, this prevented the project of the “Save a Homeland” coalition, which includes the “Sadr Movement,” the “Kurdistan Democratic Party” and the “Sovereignty” coalition, from passing the post of President of the Republic, which .would entail the task of assigning the candidate of the major bloc to form The new government

 The Coordination Framework has not yet responded to al-Sadr’s call, at a time when the Framework was hoping for a return to dialogue with the Sadrist movement, especially after the .latter’s failure to secure a quorum for the presidential election session The “coordinating framework” seeks to launch an initiative to get out of the political impasse, without revealing its details, but political sources in Baghdad confirmed that the initiative comes .within a new Iranian movement to resolve the crisis between the political parties

However, there are those who believe that the Sadrist movement will not go to the opposition, .and that its position is nothing but a political card that it uses to maneuver Today, Thursday, political analyst Ali Al-Baydar confirmed that the Sadrist movement will not go .to the opposition’s option, and what it is doing is political maneuvering Al-Baydar said in a statement to (Baghdad Today), “What the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, is doing in giving a deadline for the coordination framework is a political maneuver to return with force and new stimuli after the political parties fail to form the “.government

He added, “The Sadrist movement may attract certain parties, whether independents or some members of the coordination framework, so that it can constitute two-thirds of parliament “.members in partnership with its strategic allies Al-Baydar added, “After exceeding the constitutional period for choosing the president of the republic, the Federal Court will have a position that is not acceptable to many political parties.

All parties may be obligated either to reformulate the stage with a different scenario by holding new elections or even by forcing everyone to be in Parliament and complete the constitutional “.timings For his part, political analyst Ahmed Al-Hajj confirmed that the framework and its allies do not .accept the formation of a majority government

He told (Baghdad Today), “What Al-Sadr proposed and they say that the framework did not and will not form a government without the formation of the largest Shiite blocs, because the goal is for the component to remain united, and the goal is not to gain spoils. This is how I understand “.the framework and the way it deals with the current policy file However, there is a fear that the constitutional terms will expire and the process will return to the .square of dissolving parliament and re-electing 

This fear was dispelled by expert advisor Salem Hawass, who confirmed that the talk about the constitutional vacuum and its breach, and the end of the constitutional deadlines on 4/6, has no judicial value in the face of the Federal Supreme Court’s decision, which included the president’s continuation of his duties until the election of the new president in accordance with the .provisions of Article 72, second paragraph

He added, to (Baghdad Today) agency, that “as long as the president of the country has not been elected so far, there is no constitutional vacuum and there is no validity in the media, political or analytical timings of the judiciary, because the constitutional talk about the date of the first meeting of the parliament has exceeded thirty days to elect the president

” wondering ?Where did the timing of 4/6 come from, as is common in media circles and news agencies Hawass stated, “The date of the first meeting of the Council took place on Sunday, January 9, 2022, in its fifth legislative session, and thus the constitutional period ended on February 9, and the thirty days were repeated on 3/9, and it was determined in the media and politically on 4/9 “.2022, and therefore the bypassing It has been more than eighty days

He explained, “The decisions of the Federal Supreme Court, including Resolution No. (17/Federal/2022) issued on 3/13/2022 are binding on all authorities, but they are not binding on .” .the court itself    link

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