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A Deputy Calls For The Accountability Of Those Who Caused The Rise In The Price Of The Dollar

On Sunday, Member of Parliament, Muhammad Nouri, called on Parliament to seek seriously to hold accountable the parties that caused the rise in the exchange rate of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar.

Nuri said in a statement to “Al-Maalouma”, “The decision to raise the exchange rate of the dollar harmed the Iraqi citizen as a result of this ill-considered decision, which led to a crazy rise in consumer prices.”

He added that “the pace of rising food prices and daily consumption is accelerating with unprecedented steps,” noting that “there are parties who benefit from the continued rise in the exchange rate for other years.”

Nuri pointed out that “the decision caused clear damage to important segments of the Iraqi people, especially the middle and poor classes.”

And the representative of Basra Governorate, Ahmed Al-Rubaie, had earlier held the central government responsible for the continued rise in food prices due to its closure of the southern border crossings to the entry of foodstuffs.  link

The Iraqi Prime Minister directs the political forces to complete the constitutional entitlements

Today, Saturday, the Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, called on the national political forces to complete the constitutional entitlements, and to move from the language of impediment and obstruction, to the language of agreement, trust and cooperation .

Al-Kazemi said – in a statement reported by (Alsumaria News) news channel – “We learn from the martyrs of Iraq to adhere to the truth and the position, and we learn from them to be the national discourse away from sensitivities and fanaticism .”

He pointed out that building the state and its institutions is the most important requirement, as it means reconstruction and reform, and strengthening the presence and role of institutions. Building the state means armed forces capable of protecting the homeland, its land and its borders against all challenges, and it means a strong economy, cooperation and partnership with the ocean and the world, calling on our national political forces to complete Constitutional entitlements and work in a spirit of solidarity .

Al-Kazemi continued, “We must pay attention to the fact that the current international crises affect all countries of the world and Iraq is not far from these crises, and it is our duty to protect our people from any repercussions of these crises,” calling on all political forces in the House of Representatives to pass the Emergency Food Security Support Law, without emptying it of its content .

The Iraqi Prime Minister also called for political decisions to be up to the aspirations of our people, because they await the establishment of a long-awaited reform Iraqi government.

On the ground, the police of the Iraqi Sulaymaniyah Governorate announced that 14 people were injured in the explosion of an iron factory that took place in the Tangro area near the Sulaymaniyah Governorate.

The Iraqi News Agency quoted the spokesman for the Salmaniya police, Sarkot Ahmed, as saying: “An explosion occurred at a steel factory in the Tangro area near the Sulaymaniyah province, causing 14 injuries,” adding that the causes of the explosion were not yet known, while all the injured were transferred to the hospital.   link

Barham Salih calls for a “new political contract” in Iraq

Iraqi President Barham Salih warned against the continuation of the current political crisis that the country is going through, about 6 months after the elections, considering that it could lead to dangerous results.

In a statement marking the 19th anniversary of the US occupation of Iraq and the overthrow of former President Saddam Hussein’s regime, Saleh called for a new political contract.

Saleh said in a statement distributed by the Presidency of the Republic that “on the day the idol of tyranny fell, There is an urgent need to meet the Iraqis’ demand for rational governance, and to address the structural defect in the system of governance.”

He added: “On April 9, we remember the fall of the tyrannical regime that committed the most heinous crimes against Iraqis, and squandered the country’s wealth and the energies of its sons in wars and absurd conflicts that our people paid for.” And he added, “April 9 is also an occasion to review the overall political performance in the country after the experience of two decades.”

While Saleh called not to “underestimate the major transformations achieved after the change in 2003”, he considered that “failures that occurred must be acknowledged and cannot be justified only by the legacy of the previous regime.”

He explained that «the need is urgent today to meet the demand of all Iraqis for a rational rule that transcends the mistakes and loopholes of experience, and to address the structural defect in the system of governance that requires real and radical reform that cannot be postponed, and this will not be achieved without restoring the confidence of the people as the source of authority and its legitimacy through exceptional and courageous measures that place The interests of the citizens are above all else.”

The Iraqi president said: “After two decades of change, our country is going through a sensitive circumstance amid a political blockage and the delay in constitutional benefits beyond their specified dates, which is totally unacceptable after more than five months have passed since early elections were held in response to a popular movement and national consensus as a means for reform and ensuring political stability. and social, and to correct the wrong paths, improve the conditions of citizens and respond to their demands.”

He believed that “the continuation of the political crisis may lead the country – God forbid – towards dangerous labyrinths in which everyone will lose, and therefore all political forces today have a historical, national and moral responsibility to unite the national ranks through a serious and effective dialogue to get out of the current crisis, and to start forming a national government.”

She is capable, effective, protects the interests of the country, enhances its sovereignty and independence, works to meet the aspirations of Iraqis, and confronts the huge challenges before us, especially the internal economic conditions and in light of regional conditions and international changes.

Saleh stressed that “the months that followed the October elections confirm what we said about the need for constitutional amendments that must be initiated during the coming period, through national accord and understanding, for items that experience proved responsible for intractable crises.

The dangerous scourge of corruption that threatens the state’s entity requires a decisive stand to combat it, and work to ensure equal opportunities for all Iraqis in building the country and its renaissance, and this requires revisions and reform decisions based on openness and a unified will. He renewed the call for a “political and social contract that guarantees civil peace, based on an objective review of past mistakes.”

In addition, the reactions of the political forces varied in the way they dealt with the ninth of April 2003, which coincided yesterday with its nineteenth anniversary. At a time when many citizens in the street ignored this memory, especially after the catastrophic failure and mistakes committed by the Iraqi political forces that took power after the fall of the previous regime, political blocs and personalities issued statements condemning the American occupation.

As for the Kurds, they view the ninth of April as an important day, as it brought down Saddam Hussein’s regime and led to the “liberation of Iraq,” according to a statement by the Kurdistan Democratic Party bloc.

The anniversary of the fall of the previous regime this year coincides with the most serious case of political obstruction suffered by the current regime in Baghdad.

Although more than five months have passed since the early elections in October 2021, the political forces were unable to elect a president of the republic or form a new government in light of the division over whether it would be a national majority government or a consensus government.

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New IRS rule for 2022 on gifting and the estate tax exemption…….https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=feJO6_rAGCU

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here is another source affirming the caretaker government is the same as emergency government and hence can submit the budget until they do have a new president. Expecting they will entertain the release

I think the budget is going to parliament this week. As parliament already promised to give the people the RV as a first priority, I expect the budget with the RV to pass.

Agreed rvalready

A high-ranking government delegation from the region will visit Baghdad tomorrow..and these are its most prominent file

A representative of the Kurdistan Democratic Party revealed that a delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government intends to visit the capital, Baghdad.

Najwa Kakai said in a press statement: “A delegation from the region is scheduled to visit Baghdad, tomorrow, Monday, to meet with officials in the Iraqi federal government to discuss a number of files, the most important of which are oil and energy.”

She added, “The Kurdistan Regional Government conducted a reading of the situation and the two parties (Erbil and Baghdad) considered it important that they meet to discuss a number of files, including agriculture, oil, energy and border crossings.”

According to sources, the delegation of the Kurdistan Regional Government to Baghdad consists of the Minister of the Region for Dialogue with Baghdad, Khaled Shwani, the Chief of the Cabinet of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers of the Kurdistan Region, Omid Sabah, the Secretary of the Council of Ministers, Amanj Rahim, the Head of the Coordination and Follow-up Department in the Council of Ministers, Abdul Hakim Khusraw, and the Committee Technology from the Ministry of Natural Resources. 

And the Kurdistan Regional Council of Ministers decided, in its weekly meeting held on April 6, to send a higher committee to Baghdad to discuss with the relevant authorities in the federal government for the purpose of developing coordination in the field of oil and energy on the basis of the constitution and taking into account the constitutional powers of the Kurdistan region in this sector.

It is noteworthy that the Federal Supreme Court of Iraq issued a ruling on February 15, deciding the unconstitutionality of the Oil and Gas Law of the Kurdistan Regional Government, issued in 2007, and its abolition for violating the provisions of constitutional articles, as well as obligating the region to hand over oil production to the federal government.

The oil file is one of the most prominent outstanding issues between Baghdad and Erbil.  link

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