Steve Beckow: Darkness will Not Win the War

NESARA will re-form society

Darkness Will Not Win the War


By Steve Beckow
April 11, 2022

The World Economic Forum would have us own nothing and world conditions are pushing many people in that direction, as the WEF wishes.  (1)

Caring people have been suggesting a universal basic income for years now. The WEF has taken it up, as they did the idea of a “Great Reset” (vs. a Global Currrency Reset) with the catch that, in return, you’ll own nothing.

Hmmm… That leaves us in a precarious position.  No alternative source of support except from the government.  Better hope the government is honest. Hmmm….

Their colleagues in intelligence and journalism own the mainstream media so they can  reach a mass audience, whereas the proponents of a real universal basic income are sidelined.

It’s the same with NESARA itself. Wikipedia identifies it with the “National Economic Security and Recovery Act (NESARA) … a set of proposed economic reforms for the United States suggested during the 1990s by Harvey Francis Barnard.” (2) The Barnard scheme has nothing to do with the genuine NESARA. At best it’s a distraction.

At least now Wikipedia is acknowledging the true NESARA. (3) They give a short account of it. Earlier, Barnard’s scheme was all that was written up.

However now they depict the proponents of the real NESARA as members of a cult.


I’ve seen other instances of Wikipedia supporting the deep state’s narrative. (4)

The Deep State co-opts whatever good idea their opposition has and then spreads the idea as their own via their mass media and ridicules the real proponents as conspiracy theorists, wingnuts, cultists, etc.


We’re being warned against expecting a quick resolution. And that’s really why I’m writing.

So many intel gurus are saying the Reval will happen tomorrow. If it did, I wonder what its chances of success would be? What Mike Quinsey calls the “dark Ones” are still around, though fast being removed. Is the environment safe enough for lightworker philanthropy?

The dark Ones have voted for Satanism, pedophilia, adrenochrome, organ harvesting, election fraud, treason, etc.

Personally I’d rather wait until they’re no longer in control of organizations before starting in on humanitarian philanthropy.

Otherwise I can see all the fraudulent applications, the attempts to ensnare, divert, and defeat … and rob.


We’re opposing a force that has grown over centuries and occupies the top echelons not only of most government bureaucracies but most other elements of civilized society – the military, religion, education, and – in the last two years, we’ve seen – medicine. (5)


The troops are not going to be home by Christmas, I think.  This will take some time and I believe it’s to our benefit in the long run that it does.

No one is going to bomb the dark Ones out of existence. I hope no one plans to mass execute them.

Some sudden events – such as the Wave of Love/Ring of Fire – will see large numbers of them leave. Ascension will end the whole drama.

But, until then, we’ll be battling the dark Ones not only in deep underground military bunkers and tunnels and off-planet military bases, but also in courtrooms and even in hospitals.

Meanwhile, we don’t break laws. We don’t store bioweapons in hospitals. We don’t use people as human shields.

Given that we’re up against people who do … it may take longer than we expect.


Dictatorships can move quicker than democracies but don’t have the foundation in decency that allows them to last. It’s either a quick kill or nothing for them.

A game changer will occur when their wealth is sequestered under President Trump’s executive order. That will surely be an irrecoverable blow, if the fall of the fiat/petrodollar  + Federal Reserve + IRS has not already been.

If the Reval goes before too long, would any of us entrust a dark government to administer a universal basic income program? A universal anything? I wouldn’t trust mine.


I suggest we wait until we have ethical and trustworthy governments again.

Whatever we do, I encourage us to switch from a we-want-it-now mindset, if we see it in ourselves, to a more mature and balanced one of service. John Kennedy’s request of us has never been more germane: “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.” (I still can’t read that without tearing up.)  It’s time for us to do for our country if we want a country that serves and protects us.

I ask us to refuse to be stampeded. Let’s all slow down and relax, knowing that time is on our side and a vast Plan is in motion that will not fail. The world freedom convoys showed us the large extent of world support for an end to the cabal’s domination.

As far as I can see, the dark Ones want to stampede us. We’re more manageable afraid.

Darkness has won many battles but it will not win the war. (6) The final victory will be the Light’s, the Love’s. It’ll take in everyone willing and able to rise in consciousness and unite us all. (7)

If we relax in that belief and knowledge, that in itself would go far to defeating the dark’s plans by weighting the collective consciousness towards manifesting that Light and Love.


(1) See “This Is No Path to Happiness,” David Smith, Brownstone Institute, March 31, 2022, at

(2) See “NESARA” at The article compares true proponents of NESARA as a cult.

(3) On the real NESARA, see:


(4) The Paris Massacre is one instance of Wikipedia hosting the cabal’s narrative: See “Wikipedia has Full Coverage of Paris Massacre Less than Two Hours after the Event,” November 14, 2015, at

(5)  See “Henry Makow: Illuminati Defector [Svali] Describes the Conspiracy” and following sections, at

(6) In WWII, Great Britain lost many battles but it eventually, along with the other Allies, won the war.

(7) It’s called Ascension.

Source: Golden Age of Gaia


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