“Understanding Priority Transfer Funds, Historical Assets, NESARA/GESARA and Info from Gurus” by Jai Guru Dev – 4.11.22


Entry Submitted by Jai Guru Dev at 8:51 PM ET on April 11, 2022

The RV and GESARA/NESARA have been seemingly intertwined into having the same semantic value. They are vastly different but interconnected.

RV – Revaluation,  of currencies onto a 1 to 1 (or close to) basis. Asset backed (true value) and not Fiat Currency (manufactured/false value).

Priority Transfers – This is a vast subject. Phase 1 – moving money globally to fund countries to be able to fund NESARA/GESARA – moving and paying money globally to reimburse entities who are owed money from the Personal Placement Programs that have never been paid. (This is a large sum of monies to a large number of entities).  Paying monies to historically disadvantaged entities like the American Natives and the Zimbabwe farmers who had their land unjustly taken away from them – Fines and Penalties – CMKX packages – Any legal court order against a government which has never been paid – I could go on, but you get the picture, righting the injustices of the past.

Historical Assets – Bonds. Under the old/current system Bond issued have never been honoured. The Authorities issued the bonds (took money in) with a promise to pay by a certain date and never honoured that promise. (Never paid money out). Zim Bonds, Dragon Bonds, German Bonds, Treasury Bonds, Railroad Bonds, Treasury Bonds, et al.

NESARA – National Security and Reformation Act – When a single country chooses to go onto NESARA – there is much info that can be gleaned on how NESARA unfolds. I don’t need to elaborate on this point. Information is readily available.

GESARA – Global Security and Reformation Act.

How does NESARA play out compared to GESARA? There is a misconception that the world will move in one humungous event from the current system into GESARA. Practically and logistically speaking this cannot happen. Individual countries will announce NESARA. As time goes by more and more countries will announce NESARA. When critical mass is achieved, GESARA will be announced. The whole world, (with minor exceptions), will move into a unified whole. Unified under Common Law Principles, but retaining their Sovereign rights to govern themselves, under Common Law as opposed to Maritime Law principles.

At this point we will see the RV, when the world announces GESARA, this will then reset the current financial system onto an equal 1 to 1 basis. (QFS activated).

Until the main event of GESARA lets look what is happening in real time. Right now.

  1. A tremendous amount of work is going on behind the scenes to implement NESARA/GESARA. There has already been soft disclosure of NESARA/GESARA being implemented. Russia has official announced a move to a gold backed ruble and a new blockchain banking system. There are many reports of student loans/taxes owed/ housing bonds been nullified.
  2. Priority Transfer funds have already been moved to countries and been paid out to certain groups. It is currently ongoing. Priority Transfer Funds must be paid out before Historical Assets can go. It is a huge undertaking and will take time. Historical Assets will only be paid after PT Funds have been paid.
  3. Historical Assets will not go until at least June. Until the QFS is activated moving large sums of money globally is a huge risk. To this end a new (interim) banking system is currently being set up to move all historical assets worldwide. My understanding this will be only active in June. Therefore, no historical assets will move until then.

To the Gurus. – Understand when it comes to timing of the payment of bonds, this is a highly classified process controlled by the Department Of Defence who are being instructed by Higher chain of command. The targeted timing of the payments is known to a very select few. Any mention of the timing of payments is speculative, based on you receiving info from a source who is also speculating.

Kudos to Mark Z who always tries to verify his intel and to Holly who knows more than she shares but focuses on uplifting and reassuring one to the inevitability of the redemption process.

Jai Guru Dev


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