Nick Fleming: RV/GCR Intel Update 4-12-22


Nicks Intel Update

Updates concerning the RV/GCR

04/12/2022 Update

It’s been a long, hard trek through the muck to get to some facts. We can be grateful for progress. Yet even with the facts shared the Mainstream Media lies continue confusing everyone about the facts. The world is in dire straits.

If Protocols 18, 19 and 20, and ISO20022, are all real, and we can believe they are since this is redundant and widely, globally published, then this must be what we have waited for. That we have a lawful, legitimate, sovereign monetary System that is incorruptible, and can’t be stopped, controlled, or coerced, and even bribery is impossible, is discussed. Where privacy is guaranteed.

The wealthiest people will hold assets off ledger in The System, where no corrupt banker with nefarious ideas, has access. This brings safety and security. With blockchain, we’ve been told, stealing another’s assets becomes very difficult. Fear about becoming “suddenly wealthy” is greatly lessened for Tier 4. With this new QFS the threat of discovery is eliminated. Within this new System Tier 4 can be safe vs targets. We were all courageously ready to face the possibility of whatever may come post RV. Now that threat is greatly lessened.

One remaining concern is that our individual Sovereignty be restored. Because without this Sovereignty we’re still chattel. None of this money matters if the State owns our body from birth. They ultimately have Power Of Attorney on our life and our assets under the present System. Will this be allowed to continue?

The System is Rigged. Will this very rigging continue? Will this truth be shared?

Monetizing our future earnings will not be possible if the new System eliminates the ability to sell collateralized, bundled paper.

And if the markets that are trading fake, monetized assets (hypothecated future earnings), is ended. If all contrived, fake assets that have previously been leveraged become impossible under a Sovereign System, we’re all much safer.

Still, where’s the proof that we’re sovereign? Will there be disclosure about the theft of billions of dollars created as leverage against each One of our very lives? Will We the People all over this planet be set FREE?

The delivery of bountiful UBI is the ONLY WAY to see this accomplished and verifiable. This isn’t Marxist or Communism. This is recompense and appropriate and Only Fair.

The Native Indians truly own as much land as encompasses 35 US states. This is verified and awarded by World Court. This land has had fake paper and fake laws drawn up to steal the People’s Land. How can money repay what is their true Right of Inheritance? Once Sovereignty is restored the People’s Legacy will be one that is amazing. The natural born native Americans will inherit the future their parents dreamed about but deemed impossible.

This new System isn’t there yet. Restoring lawful justice is the first evidence we must see. There is no Justice with this Biden Administration, only a viscous Cartel seeking to corral and eliminate Sovereignty. Until this corrupt, lying government is removed, then Sovereignty, recompense, redemption, restoration; remain impossible.


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