“To Logan B and Others” by Ron Giles – 4.12.22


Entry Submitted by Ron Giles at 2:43 AM ET on April 12, 2022

I am not a guru. I don’t have a committee, a DoD intel contact, a pretend QFS Team, a Con Call host, or anyone else who gives me intel to pass on. Anything I post is done by my intuition and then validated by the Alliance as TRUTH.

My history with Dinar Chronicles has been interesting. I have openly contended with the gNN crew on dates, rates, and procedures that the gNN insists are going to take place with the Alliance and the redemption of Zim Bonds. The difference with me is that I know what the Alliance intends with the RV and what it does not.

The Alliance wants us to have the redemption of Zim Bonds to do Humanitarian activities that will bring mankind out of the financial doldrums and into the fullness of the Golden Age of Mankind. The Alliance has produced the Quantum Financial System with the Divine Consciousness of God. This is what the Alliance intends for Mankind.

Question. Why does the Alliance consider the defunct Zim Bonds with such high face valued currency, the vehicle they have chosen for us Humanitarians to redeem as our source of  funding if they did not want us to have the large sums of money the Zim Bonds promise to pay? So, guru know-it-alls, tell us why are you offering to give us $11 million for just one Zim Bond note, when you don’t have any money to offer us, nothing but failing bankrupt banks? Don’t you know the Alliance is the entity that is funding the redemption of the Zim bonds. Wouldn’t they set up the parameters instead of you pretending to know it all? They did and I represent that way, the Alliance way to redeem Zim Bonds.

Because the gNN does not want us to have the funds at all, they have used all kinds of trickery and false statements to control the RV to where it will not give enough for a family to buy a Gallon of Milk. The gNN sees the Zim Bonds as a huge means of getting funds into the wrong hands, so they have to do everything that they can to stop us from getting it by giving us limiting intel so we will only ask for $11 to – $33 Million for a one Hundred Trillion Zim Bonds. And then when we start getting the 11 Million, we can only redeem a certain amount, like up to five or ten Zim bonds with lowering funds per Zim, and then we are finished. You say the higher face valued Zim Bonds will not be honored, only the 100T. Yet when you ask the Alliance if they will redeem the high valued face bonds, they say yes. Is there enough gold to back this? Yes, and more. gNN this is not the Alliance way of redeeming Zim Bonds. You gNN are frauds.

(Note: Just to clarify. Everyone is allowed to post their opinion on this website. Only disrespectful or bashful submissions that mention names will be filtered out. All posts on IDC does not reflect my personal opinion. I am only acting as a moderator. ~ Dinar Chronicles)

So, tell me why should I post on IDC when I am the only one that is telling it the way the Alliance wants it done? So, I asked for intervention in the process and the Alliance tells me to take my writings and documents and put them on a website so that anyone can access them instead of throwing them before the naysayers and the Cabal Shills that have infested the Dinar Chronicles Website with the full attack against the Alliance way of doing the RV.

This is what I have done and the change has been dramatic for me. I now have over 11,000 people training to be Zim Benefactors – the ones who will be getting funds into the Quintillions and delivering the funds to the people through the Revenue Sharing Solutions website when the funds are released. Our people are asking for a minimum redemption rate of $500,000 per Zim, and many are into the millions per Zim. The Alliance has said they will honor our heartfelt requests. So sorry Cabal Shills, your trick has come to an end. Now you can go off in the desert and look for more mirrages to give us fake dates and rates that are not real, just like you have always done in the past. You are a bunch of green room phonies pretending to be real. Yuck!

Why would I want to go back to the dog eat dog rate race on IDC and fight with the dogs there when I can have very high valued discussions with intelligent people who have no care in the world about the limiting garbage that is expressed at IDC.

We are not under the control of those who would limit our Humanitarian ventures and try to control us. We are free to elevate our efforts to what is truly expected of us by the Alliance Team, the GESARA/NESARA team and the Humanitarians Team, that will change the way the world conducts a new economy and a new way of living. Instead of dragging the old crap down the road and trying to make sense of the old, trying to be the new, we get the real thing from the beginning.

The Alliance, when given the freedom to call the shots, has come up with some cool ways for us to create the future. We have been promised Alliance Agents that are from the Angelic realms to do the redemption interview for us and will honor our rate request for what our hearts are asking for and will be given the funds that will last us for a hundred years or more. This Alliance Agent will be assigned to us to be our counselor and our friend. We are to be taught to be Humanitarians by our Angel. You see we are not just working for the homeless or the poor… they will be taken care of, but we are positioning ourselves to lift mankind out of poverty and into the newness of a life of abundance that would never fit in with the debt slavery system preached to us by the gNN.

The Alliance is supporting us to take what we are given and multiply our efforts for the entire 100 years of abundance that is ours to embrace.

So why do I not post on IDC anymore, Mr. Logan B, it’s because I got tired of casting my pearls before the Cabal swine and Shills, I have a clean, clear, voice that is calling the real Humanitarians home to a different more enticing way of life. We have only our own things to fear, but we love each other, and with that love, we are supporting the BOOMs that have been predicted and NO ONE can stop us from accomplishing what we intend to do.

When the real QFS is activated and not just the 3D QFS created by fake scientists, we will begin our quest and with the Divine help from the Alliance, we will go about every needful thing regardless of what it cost, that the Alliance has intended for us to accomplish and we will create the greatest Golden Age of Mankind. If you are not with us, that’s OK, but don’t get in the way, you don’t have what it takes to even slow us down.

We are God’s Army, we are the Love our Father created us to be, and we are Love Won Society. This Love has already Won.

Ron Giles


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