Dinarland Highlights for April 12, 2022


Dinarland Highlights – 4.12.22


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Head of the Supreme Judicial Council-The Iraqi Constitution authorizes the emergency government.

Major story on how the emergency government does indeed have the power to move forward with all of these provisions.  Also another article stated they have to start pumping currency into the market because of “liquidity Problems”...

We don’t even have news yet out of Iraq today as they were supposed to set their budget over the next day or two…I am told its most likely for Easter Weekend for this thing to go…We all know it’s coming guys…

Parliament will ask the government to send the 2022 budget.”

This is positive news out of Iraq. They say the old government is still the current government because they have failed to replace them. They want the budget now so they can approve it…Budget equals rate increase... So that is solid news from Iraq today. So all eyes will be watching Iraq do something…hopefully tomorrow on the budget…We do not the timing of the RV but it is getting closer.


Godlover (KTFA)

[Response to Guru Militiaman 4-11-2022]

The intel provided has talked about removing as many 3 zero notes as possible. Now we are to believe too many were taken in?   If the NSCN’s have indeed been printed & the budget is soon to be opened, I see no reason to release more 3 zero notes, when the same liquidity issue could be resolved by releasing the NSCN’s.  If they release more 3 zero notes, I consider that very bad for something that we all seek in the near future. Lining the poor’s pockets with 3 zero notes, although a good theory…. that in itself would go against the removal of the 3 zero notes to begin with imo.


MilitiaMan (KTFA)

[Response to Guru Godlover below]

It is a theory only as to the 3 zero note issuance. It could be exactly that, they didn’t print any new 3 zero notes just a fresh recirculation of what they have in stock to hold them over. They did say in so many words that there would potentially be arguments on the topic and for people to effectively be careful on the matter. Agreed if they printed more three zero notes and spent money to do so we would be able to see that.. I haven’t yet


Mountain Goat

my source in the CBI told me they planned the project to delete the zeros in December 2021 but held off since the election issues, they did not anticipate… we all know the history of the currency and the rates. We all know that the country was not nearly as wealthy as it is today…this tells me they are sincere about reinstating with a very high rate and watching it climb thus the need to be very careful. This was a good sign not a bad sign. It may even come out as high as $4 +


Deepwoodz (KTFA)

The 40 day period Sadr put out has me wondering why.  It’s almost as if Kadhimi, Sadr, and the CoM are waiting for something in particular. I just don’t know what.



Still got the issue of trying to establish a government.  Right now we’re still in that time period that Sadr gave the Coordination Framework.  There’s a lot of outside interest coming in and trying to influence and rush this process which is exactly what Sadr did not want to happen…I will be extremely curious as to Sadr’s move when he’s done with his 40 days of silence…the bad news…a president has not been selected.  The good news is that Saleh is still president and Al-Kazemi Prime Minister.  And both seem to be kicking butt.

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