“Does Waiting have to be Unbearable?” by Stefan – 4.13.22


Entry Submitted by Stefan at 2:22 AM ET on April 13, 2022

Greetings from Germany, dear patriots!

First of all some information:

A vote on compulsory vaccination in the “German Bundestag” was decided against. Unfortunately, the actors also decided against not introducing compulsory vaccination in general. For this there was an additional separate motion. Who wonders now from you: Yes, it is so, Germany seems to be the only country where there is still Corona. Or am I mistaken? What was that about “Israel last”? But more about that later.

The first “minister” has resigned. “Family Minister” Anne Spiegel resigns after a scandal. The scandal was that she went on vacation for a few weeks as “family minister” of Rheinlad-Pfalz during the flood disaster. If it were not an actress but a real minister, one could still say that it is good to draw consequences, but she is not. And then quite a few other “ministers” would have to resign, because there is no one in the German “government” troupe of actors who has no scandals behind him. That’s part of the show, which is getting boring for some, for others it doesn’t matter, they have other problems. First and foremost, they have to put up with everything that is expected of them. Without even beginning to deal with their actual power or to be aware of it. Be it ever so exaggeratedly stupid, be it ever so obviously grotesque, 80% accept everything. Hooray for decades of indoctrination.

I’ve been around for quite a long time now and enjoy being part of a community here on IDC and also in the German-speaking world by now. We all started at some point and have evolved. We have, more or less, worked on our attitude, checked ourselves. We have, when we have recognized “mistakes”, worked on them. As I said, more or less. And unfortunately, for some, not at all. But it is not our or my job to denounce this or try to eliminate this, everyone is responsible for themselves, in every respect. We or I can only point out what really matters or publish everything that goes in the right direction. Whether others accept this is left solely to them.

Not only I notice that a lot of things are accelerating in the last days, a German channel operator, Kate Bono, wrote: “The demoralization by some “Anons”, channels – whatever – is running at full speed. Don’t fall for it!”

And she’s right. It really is. The MSM are just war-mongering and stirring up panic about a world war, then there are channels calling Trump, Q, Putin, NESARA, GESARA, the Golden Age, the Great Awakening, once again, a lie, a trap, or a path to a new slavery. And they work with all tricks. In their “proofs” they leave out a lot, so they pick out only confirmations for their theories. In addition to cognitive dissonance, their own and that of others, they add manipulation, after all, for over 3000 subscribers. Basically, they confuse people, lure them into dead ends and deal ONLY with what they don’t want. Unimaginative about the future, they only deal with what they don’t want. No visualizations of a beautiful future, no use of their own creative power. In the same way I notice that here companies, “authorities”, the tax office, act very massively and unusually hard when it comes to getting money. There is nothing more with reminder steps, it is directly threatened or otherwise hard “slammed”. The system, also in Germany, is running out of money! And it is everywhere tried to change this. High gasoline prices, high electricity prices, high food prices. And unfortunately it is like the “sanctions” of the West against Russia, it always hits the wrong people.


That I decided last year to stop feeding the system has been my decision. Those who do not know: By applying for social welfare, unemployment benefits or Hartz4 (that’s what it’s called in Germany), I give the state construct the opportunity to grab large sums of money from my collateral account while I’m fobbed off with handouts. Yes, some may roll their eyes at this, but I say do your homework on what the illegal corporate constructs called states in commercial law are all about. That’s also part of the rabbit hole, it’s an important branch. And the deeper you get there too, the worse it gets. So it was a conscious and also a good decision, even though I have been dependent on donations from the community ever since. And I am really very, very grateful that so many people can already share and do so. And many people pray for me, send me good thoughts when they really can’t afford to donate money. I have written many times that I can perceive this, especially when I have had a slump. And please, don’t feel bad if you can “only” send good thoughts or prayers. Every gift counts, and you will get everything back a thousandfold. Just a quick side note: If everyone on the channel, or every reader would donate 0.50 cents, not only would the banks go into a tailspin, but I would also be able to cover two months of costs, and two months certainly won’t be. And after the event, I will “throw around” my exchange money and see many, many smiling faces afterwards. I’m looking forward to it and regret that I can’t do it now.

We all notice it in our accounts, in our wallets, it’s getting tight, every week, every month. And we all wonder how long this can go on until it hits hard those who actually already have one foot in the new world now. I know many people who are already doing good now, who are already supporting everyone and everything, who, like me, want to awaken their fellow human beings with a channel or articles, want to keep them in line and also want to focus on the coming good. In contrast, unfortunately, there are a lot of gatekeepers who seem to be doing better, for whatever reason. Understand me correctly, I do not condemn this, everyone should do what he thinks is right. I myself trust that the universe, the alliance, a creator, angels or other entities from the spiritual world will provide me with what I need to do what I am supposed to do. No matter what comes to me on the outside or from the outside, it is all necessary, has a meaning and purpose, and I am grateful for everything. So it is with people who come into my life. Partly they are to be seen as lessons, partly as a check for me and partly they are helpful.

I have not been waiting for a long time. Everything we need comes to us when the right time is reached. I take all the information that is coming at us in massive amounts as it comes. In much information I invest no thought or emotion, you can literally feel that it is given for specific purposes. Regular readers will know that I don’t put much stock in information from the gNN. In the last few days or weeks, I’ve had thoughts that things are going to turn out very differently at the GCR and RV than we’re being told. And I am not alone in this. In my environment, many now think so, of course not influenced by me. That also makes me think. What if in this relationship just strengthened energies come to us, which promote such thoughts. It should be clear to us by now that there will be no worldwide 800 numbers, that we will not exchange in banks and that we will not get fixed rates or that we even need a wealth advisor. It is illogical for us to know how a QFS works.

Quantum is the magic word. It is the new thing that did not exist in our world before. But it is understandable if people, because they are not familiar with the new, fall back on the “old tried and tested” and thus try to give people information. We, who consume this information, more or less daily, must learn to follow our intuition, not to believe everything and instead to observe everything with a proper distance. Yes, I repeat myself, but honestly, folks, what have hopes, waiting, anxiety, wanting to force, despair, disappointment brought us in recent years? The only thing I can think of is that we are losing courage, losing strength and energy, and getting closer and closer to giving up. Fodder for the dark forces that remain. Is that what we really want? Or do we take up the fight, each as we can, and no longer allow exploitation?

When I think of the children, and I think of it often, though I’d rather push it away because what I already know now is actually enough to make my stomach turn or give me a shit rage. “Q” wrote that the suffering of children will unite the world. One of the most important posts ever for me. Because that’s the way to wake up most people worldwide with shock. This will be the ice-cold washcloth we want. Compared to that, the show so far is a children’s birthday party. When it officially comes out what happened to children, when it comes out that there were underground breeding farms, that human beings were kept in cages who could never see the sun……. Sorry, but I’m not going to keep writing here, you know what I’m saying, right? If all this comes into the media, which are of course then officially taken over. Then the post goes off on the world, believe it me. After this shock experience, the poisonings (water, air, soil, food, etc.), the pandemic lie, vaccination lies and all other lies will be much more likely to be believed and also understood. And maybe then more people can go with us into the new world. I would wish it, we need every helping hand.

I am very grateful to witness these times. With all of you, whether you read what I write or not. We are all one big family going into exciting times. Nothing can stop what is coming! Never ever!

Only observe, don‘t absorb!


WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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