The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 4-12-22


Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday 4-12-22

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it’s Tuesday April 12th and you’re listening to the Big Call – Thank you everybody for tuning in from all over the globe whether live or on the replay – We’re thrilled that you are here – We’re not thrilled that we’re here but happy enough to be here to impart whatever we’re going to tell you tonight – I hope it is all something you will receive and can use for your edification and the good of the community

Intel wise – this was an amazing day today in terms of what we learned that was “supposed” to have happen today but didn’t – I was fully prepared to not do a call tonight because we had the impression from 2 of the main banks that we would get notified late this afternoon – and that to me is between 4 & 6 PM on a Tuesday – Okay we had heard Tuesday notifications – start exchanges Wednesday –

Well – we got word today more or less by lunch time that was NT going to be the case – NOT going to happen today – I am like – “okay”  what do we know?  This moving target is moving – now what is it moving to?? Ok – then we heard from the lead bank – one of the reps there said that we would have the redemption centers closed this afternoon because there was a conference call today – went for 2 ½ hours and ended before lunch – and I thought – well – great – we are going to get notified this afternoon – no!! Not yet –

So – What happened? Well – they constructed a new Treasury conference call that was scheduled – it was scheduled for 2-3 PM Friday afternoon – I am going to back up a minute – and say – the redemption centers were closed this afternoon –  tomorrow – and were to be closed on Thursday – I think they have rethought that – and I will tell you why –

The conference call with the Treasury was supposed to be the final call that was scheduled for 2-3 PM Friday afternoon was moved up to Thursday morning at 10AM – in other words – a day over 24 hours  about 28 hrs earlier –

Why in the world did they schedule a call for Friday afternoon and then come back and say – “NO”  we are going to have it Thursday morning at 10AM – we can only guess why that might have been – my opinion is – and only an opinion – that maybe they thought about it and said you know what?  We’re ready enough to go – ready enough to start – let’s have that final call Thursday morning and maybe –“maybe” release the emails and toll free numbers Thursday afternoon – “maybe” so that we can set up appointments and start our exchanges for Friday and Saturday – is that conceivable? Is that possible?  Does anybody else see that possibility?


It’s not an absolute at all – not definite – I hope that it happens that way – really I do – it would be great to get this and get our exchanges to start before Easter Sunday – this weekend –

Ok what does it mean??  We believe that particular phrase is referring to NESARA and GESARA – wait a minute – does that mean we’re going to get money over the weekend?  I don’t think so but I think this – if NESARA and GESARA – are to be brought out – over this Easter Weekend – don’t you think we need an announcement about that? Don’t you think we need to be informed that is going to happen?  I would think so  – because remember years and years ago – I mean back 12 yrs ago when I was on another call before I started the Big Call –

The word was we’re not going to be able to trade these currencies – and at that time zim was not in the picture – not even a reality to us – 12 yrs ago – but what was  – our currencies – we’re not going to be able to exchange those until we get NESARA and GESARA –

We know that they are working to bring all of this NESARA GESARA to fruition – so now we’re at the point – ok – are we talking about having GESARA / NESARA here by the weekend  with some information about it – to the people – and listen to this:  if they did announce some of that and they announced some of what to be included – let’s just stay with NESARA – National Economic Strategic And Reform Act – let’s stay with that – in the United States – cause that is what  NESARA refers to – for our country – that’s us –

If they bring that out think about that – what is included in that is the return of the funds that were traded on your birth certificate – death certificate – marriage license – devoice decree – those were all traded as bonds – you were bet on  – you were like a race horse – were  bet on – those funds for older folks my age and older –  could be significant –

That is just part of it – right –  that’s just a piece – the other piece is getting your tax money back – yep that’s right – all the tax money you’ve paid in your adult life – all the way back to 1948 – if you’re that old – ok

What else? What about all the interest you paid on your credit cards – yep – that is coming back to you – maybe some of the credit debt would be wiped out – but the interest you paid will have been calculated and accrued to your account


What else?   What about car loans and possibly a boat or RV loan – would that interest come back – yes – anything working through the banking system – what about a private loan?  What about a line of equity? All of that stuff is refundable to you in terms of the interest that you paid – and it could be significant –

So why bring NESARA and GESARA out at the time of our GCR and the time of our exchanges – and zim redemption – why? because while we who have these currencies and have had them for 18 yrs in my case – we and those of you in Big Call Universe that have currencies – you would go in to the exchange or to the redemption center – if you have zim – you have to go to the redemption center – and get those currencies exchanged and the zim redeemed – the zim is like a bearer bond – payable to the bearer is on the currency – 

You get that and then the rest of country and really the world get hydrated to an extent from all of the refunding that needs to come back to them – I have heard that it’s going to come out – some in lump sums  – some over the next year – so much a month over the next year but however they decide to do it will be direct deposit in most cases – to a bank account which they already have for you – especially if you are on Social Security – where you get direct deposit on that – They know that – they got your bank – your  account and it would be easy to do that way –

So you’ve got that happening and the world around us is also getting some money back – not the amount that we’re talking about – but “some” money – it could be significant for a lot of people – so if we look at that in terms of the big picture – that becomes cover for us – for going in under a NDA – getting exchanged – getting zim redeemed – and coming back out with a new account “boom” – there we go

So I think the timing is going to be very close on some of the NESARA kicking in for us – in addition to us going for our exchanges –

Now let’s talk a little bit about what I’ve learned that’s new from the redemption center experience:

No 1 the banks are saying now – even though we’ve been told this for the last 8-9 yrs – that there are no structured pay outs – so what does that mean?  That means there’s no amount that gets structured and paid to that we are limited by – we are not limited by a payment that comes from our account as a structured pay out –

What do we have?  We still have the mother lode account – yep – the master account if you like that term better – but guess what? That master account is an account that we have with the QFS and it is guarded by the US Treasury – So we have a US Treasury account that we access through the QFS – think of it that way – think of the big vault – ok as the US Treasury with gold backed currency – with the gold – silver – and other assets that are in the Treasury – which are huge now – that is in a sense protecting our deposits

How do we access that master account? We’re going to get a specialized – I’m going to call it – a mother lode account access card – that card is one that’s about 3X’s the thickness of a normal credit card – supposedly made of titanium – it is one that gives us access because of 3 computer chips that are embedded in the card – and we’ll have 2 passwords that will enable us to go on a laptop or computer and see our account – I am talking about the mother lode / master account – notice I have not said anything about the bank yet – this is something we do with NO ONE ELSE looking on – just “YOU” – it is open to somebody that maybe you want to see it – maybe an attorney – maybe you don’t – maybe you  do not want anyone but you to know what is in the account – the bank is not going to know –

Now at the redemption center staff that handles your exchange will know about the initial set up of that account – they are under NDA not to disclose anything about any of us – so I feel pretty good about that –


Where does the bank come in? What is the banks roll?  For doing these redemptions through Wells Fargo redemption centers and guess what – if it is a change redemption center – guess what – Wells Fargo representative is in charge of that – if it’s a Bank of America – same thing – Wells Fargo has a representative there in charge of the redemption center – the redemption centers are designed where we go and exchange and essentially redeem our zim – the rest of the currency we will do them there also

Now the bank comes in because Wells Fargo will set up an account for us which I’m going to call the Secondary account or the Spill-over account – and this is what Wells will calculate the 8% or whatever interest that we negotiate per year – I want to see it quarterly – we may not see it quarterly – maybe I can talk them into it – maybe not –

They are positioned to pay the interest every 6 months – or semi annually – that’s the new piece of information – so what about our account with Wells that we set up?  We will have a separate – normal account / debit / credit card – to that secondary account

Why do I call it a spill over account?  Because that is the account that the interest we earned from the mother lode account will spill into – that’s the account I am going to operate our projects from – my projects –

Basically – the principal I am not even touching – the QFS mother lode account that’s held in the protection of the US Treasury –  I am not really touching it – initially – after the full exchanges are made of currency and zim they are all put into one account and tracking how much was dinar – dong – etc – I track that and know that and so I take those totals – whatever they were – and put those into my secondary Wells Fargo account –  and operate from that initially – that is the plan

They want us  in and out in 30-42 minutes –  any banking thing you want done like proof of funds letters – other things – that will be done at the branch bank – maybe they will make a phone call for you – but basically you’ve got to go to the branch after the redemption appointment to get that done –

What are they doing at the redemption center?  Exchanging your currency – counting your currency – verifying it – and then what are they doing?  They are letting you do a 5-8 minute presentation on your project then they are going to create that new account for you – plus that huge master / mother lode account with the Treasury through the QFS and get you the titanium access card – You do no take that card to a restaurant – you keep it very safe –  in the safest place in the world – that you can think of –  you do not carry it around with you – it is only for accessing the account -You are going to have to talk to them about how to keep the card safe – you do not want to lose that card –

The regular card that you get I am sure will have very good limits – you will be able to charge on it – I am going to use the credit card side – I’m not going to use a debit card – but a “credit” card – all that does is allow charges to accumulate for a month and then I’m going to have a plan with the bank for them to pay that off 2 days before its due – getting it from my spill over account –

Ok there is one other segment – the Central banks around the globe – Rothschild designed – you know by now on their way out or gone – however – we’ve got 22 countries where they are in the process of getting rid of the Rothschild Central Banks and  there are 14 more countries in addition to that 22  which is 36 total – that are going to be in that process over the next 6 days – so the Central Banks globally will be wiped out – null and void – and out of here – and that is what we know is taking place

What about the 6 days? Is that something that will slow us down? We have heard that it is NOT something that will slow down what we’re going to do – so let’s see how that goes but here’s the thing – what is happening starting tomorrow – bond holders are finally being paid out and notified by email that their accounts have been hydrated – and can get access to their funds – will get that info in the email – that will go out – Wednesday – Thursday – Friday and probably continue well through the weekend


Soooo why did they move that meeting up with the Treasury – conference call 2-3 pm Friday – Good Friday  by the way – to Thursday morning at 10 am?  It’s hard to know exactly why – I gave you my opinion on it – my theory – hopefully that we will get notified Thursday afternoon and start exchanges on Friday and go Saturday –

Personally I think they won’t do exchanges on Easter Sunday – but start again on Monday – but we will see – if what I’m saying is true – maybe that happens

But why is NESARA and GESARA supposed to be released – the greatest financial windfall in the history of the world – why over Easter weekend?????  And does that include telling the world about GESARA – telling the US about NESARA and  what the plans are for refunding monies to bonafide American citizens – I don’t know –  just for me – maybe I am too optimistic – but I’m looking  to see what comes out of that meeting Thursday morning at 10 am – If we don’t get numbers before Thursday night guess what? We will have a call Thursday night

 Bruce’s Big Call REPLAY LINK Intel Begins: 1:05:30

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