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I think anyone still following “this” can agree that unless the ptb pull “a fast one”, we are into May. The news on this thing reminds me of the cartoon in “Mad Magazine”. It was “Spy/Counter Spy”. For every move there is a counter move. It is easy to see now that Iraq could not have anything to do with any final move to start the gcr. It just is not in them.  Until proven otherwise, all Iraq is now, is a western outpost of Iran.

Week after week same BS NO action!

The hard thing, for us, is that Iraq has to get themselves out of this mess. We have to hope that they find a path soon. After all these years, watching this has made me a bit crazy. It is a bit like arm chair quarterbacking a team that fouls up almost every play. You want to throw your popcorn at the TV set. Maybe they will see the light sometime soon.  Suffice it to say, they will have to figure out the path that leads to the greatest benefit for the most people.

Seems to me that we are looking at two events, Yes Sadr gave the Third party 40 days and then he will pull a rabbit out of his hat and remove ministers. The second event is Parliament passing the Food Law which will activate and release the rate. The same rate the CBI put in the budget, And that vote is not waiting 40 days but any day now. We are just that close

Have to laugh because they pull this off, the release of the rate, the Third party has no leverage to withhold cooperation. They will be singled out while the people will support the new President and the efforts to arrest them. Especially after they got their money.

Yada: you are making it way too complicated. One day those controlling the gcr will turn the switch to “on”. And a miracle will happen. Iraqi politicians will fall into line. The process you are talking about has run out of believable juice.  I am hoping that even the Iraqi crooks who are holding this up see that they are out of time. The time for the “process” is over. It’s time to get off the dime.

GCR? Ok,,you can wait for that. Not a reality for many countries. A pecking order for those who can change their currencies but many many years before all can be affected. IRAQ is prime for a RI,,,not a RV.


Think about it. All countries changing their currencies at the same time? A financial nightmare. Many countries aren’t able to change because they don’t have the same asset structure. Iraq is only reissuing their currency, not revaluing it. We are only revaluing it to dollars. Once Iraq reissues those countries with dinar in their reserves will start to see an increase in their values via FOREX and that takes time.

Yada, what is your guesstimate as to how long the RV would happen after the RI?

Kaseyko, once they reissue (re-instate?) , we will be able to RV to dollars instantly.

Baghdad is on a date with the “The People is the Solution” demonstration

Next Friday, Baghdad and the rest of the provinces are on a date with an upcoming demonstration entitled The People is the Solution

Under the title the people It is the solution that the Iraqi street is preparing for Baghdad And the rest of the provinces to stage a peaceful demonstration in protest against the state of political blockage that has cast a shadow over the overall conditions of the country, such as the economy and services at Basra

The street is mobilizing for a peaceful popular demonstration next Friday in discontent with the bad conditions and in protest against the aggravation of unemployment and the scarcity of job opportunities


Citizens: popular pressure in light of the current crises is the best solution to make our voices heard.

From Basra to Baghdad The mobilization is no different for a rally entitled the people It is the solution, in response to the political forces that are unable to find a way out of the blockage, which has negatively affected the life of the citizen in terms of services and economics.

After the street entered the crisis line with an upcoming demonstration titled the people It is the solution. Observers believe that popular pressure will put the political forces in embarrassment, with its repercussions reaching fateful decisions  link

Democrat: The Political Blockage Will End After Eid

On Thursday, Kurdistan Democratic Party representative, Majid Shankali, suggested that the crisis in forming the next government would end after the Eid holiday, indicating that the option of dissolving the parliament is still on the table.

Shankali said, in an interview followed by / the information / that “the political crisis and the state of obstruction will end after the Eid holiday because most of the political forces are waiting for the end of the deadline for the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr.”

He added, “The political and economic conditions in the country must be corrected, and it is not possible to continue in a caretaker government for a longer period, in addition to the turmoil of the international and regional situation.”

Shankali continued, “The continuation of the blockage means going to the option of dissolving the parliament and holding early elections, which is not an official matter proposed by the leaders of the tripartite alliance so far, despite it having the numerical ability to pass the resolution.   link

Al-Kazemi talks about his goals if he wins a new mandate as Prime Minister of Iraq

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi revealed, during his interview with the American newspaper “Washington Post”, that he wants a diversified and democratic Iraq, and the newspaper described this as a “noble vision”, but it is “fraught with dangers”, as Iraq now and always stands on the fault line between Iran and the .world.


Arabi Al-Kazemi said during an interview that took place in his office in Baghdad with the “.American newspaper: “Our region cannot fight more wars Al-Kadhimi hopes that the United States and Iran can agree on a new nuclear deal as a first step toward easing tensions.

 “We need an agreement that brings some calm .to the region,” he added Al-Kadhimi made it clear that he wanted continued US support, including a small non-combat military presence, to help stabilize the country. He continued, “We really believe in our relationship with the United States, as a country that helped us get rid “.of dictatorship and also develop our democratic system The report noted that “Iraq, which lies at the focal point between Iran and the Arabs, remains the most impressive but also the most frustrating challenge in the region.”

She reinforced the reason for this “being a large and fertile land, blessed with energy and other resources, with a dynamic but fluctuating population mix of Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds. For the country, there is Al-Kazemi, the leader strongly supported by moderate Arab states such as Egypt, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates, but he ” also speaks with Iran

She pointed out that “the problem of Al-Kazemi and his American friends is that Iraq, for the time being, remains weak due to corruption, political fighting and Iranian interference. Iraqis want a strong, well-managed country.

On paper, there is now a parliamentary majority for a coalition of Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds to form a new government, Perhaps with Al-Kazemi remaining as prime minister. But forming a government has been impossible so far with all the difficulties faced by the political .process in Iraq since the October elections until now

The report stated that “Iraqi corruption and Iranian manipulation reinforce each other.” He recalled that “when he became prime minister in 2020, Al-Kazemi tried to clean up corruption by appointing the most powerful Iraqi policeman, LieutenantGeneral Ahmed Abu Ragheef, to run a crime commission to follow up on murder and corruption. But under Iranian pressure, an Iraqi court last month ordered the arrest of Abu Ragheef.

Al-Kazemi refused. Execution of the order, but the scene was “depressing And the Washington Post continued, “The situation could worsen if the nuclear talks between the United States and Iran collapse, leaving Al-Kazemi in an uneasy position “,in the middle “.and a US official warned that if the talks collapse, “Iraq is likely to be a victim When I asked the American sage, Al-Kadhimi, what his schedule would be if he were to get a new mandate as prime minister, he immediately answered, “Strengthening Iraq’s sovereignty.” So that he can resist external attempts to manipulate the .country 

His second goal is to “impose the state’s monopoly on arms.” He continued to .discuss economic reform and privatization The newspaper concluded, “Al-Kadhimi’s goals are the right ones. But he will need help. This brings us back to the United States, which was at once Iraq’s best and “.worst friend in recent decades  link

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