Palisades Gold Radio: The Monetary Methadone is Running out (w/ Gerald Celente)


Palisades Gold Radio
Apr 15, 2022

Tom welcomes Gerald Celente Trends Forecaster and Founder of the Trends Reach Institute back to the show.

Gerald lays out how he truly feels about the pandemic and the resulting actions of governments around the world. One country after another is acting in lockstep attempting to ‘flatten the curve’ by locking you down and putting you out of business. Then the vaccines came but largely seemed to do worse than nothing. We adopted the Chinese way of taking away freedoms.

The repo markets showed just how rigged the markets are and we’ve seen the massive amounts pumped into the system. He says, “When all else fails they take you to war.”

The inflation calculations are all fake and currently very understated. They’ve rigged the game because the social security numbers are based on these figures. Keeping the ‘numbers’ low also helps keep rates low so the banks can continue their activity. Our freedoms are being robbed from us.

Gerald believes inflation will continue to get worse in part due to what has happened in Ukraine. Inflation has gone from temporary to transitory to something else. They are keeping the game going because they know if they stop the monetary methadone the system will crash. We have a crime syndicate running the West. He says, “Banksters, big tech, and drug dealers with big pharma are in control of a country near you.”

They are going to have to raise interest rates but he expects only a mild decline in housing prices. Housing will likely be held up by the high inflation. He describes the downtown commercial core of New York as almost dead at night. “Now you can park anywhere you want at any time of day.”

The mainstream media lies about everything and we’ve seen that numerous times during the conflict. They’re called presstitutes for a reason. These ‘journalists’ are being paid to spew their master’s narratives. NATO broke its promise to not move eastwards and now we see the results. He is totally opposed to the invasion but he understands why Russia did it.

There isn’t enough talk about peace instead we’re sending lethal weapons around the world.

Lastly, for Gerald wealth protection means gold, silver, and bitcoin in that order. He discusses the importance of being prepared and having a bug-out plan.


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