“After the RV Occurs” – MarkZ Weekend Intel Stream Highlights 4-16-22


Weekend Update with MarkZ 04/16/2022

Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

Member: Happy Easter weekend everyone!

Member: Are you hearing anything good today Mark???

MZ:  I have heard that 7 of 9 of the necessary Chinese banking families are represented in Reno right now for this thing to move forward. To me that is good and very solid news.

MZ: I do not know if we need 2 more representatives or if this is enough to pull the trigger and move the event forward.

Member: What does it mean “represented”

MZ: It means they are there physically or they someone there that can legally act in their best interest and can legally sign anything or do any action that needs to be done. It may be an attorney invested with the power to do a transaction for them.

MZ: My redemption center folks are on call and think they will have to work on Monday.

MZ: No CMKX or PP deliveries yet……

MZ: I was told if you own a prosperity Package and have not been contacted to update your info….that there will be numbers released AFTER the Reset/RV occurs….. for you to call and schedule an appointment.

MZ:   other than that it has been quiet with RV news.

Member:  very quiet means a calm before the storm!!

Member: Mike Penny said last night that Paymasters are fully funded right now

MZ: I do not know if they are fully funded but, I can tell you they moved a tremendous amount of money and it is poised for release. This is based on contacts in different redemption areas.

Member: Most people think it’s this weekend because of Easter…do you agree?

MZ: It is highly possible. Is it easier to do at Easter because of the St. Germaine Trust…yes. Is it the most likely time for it to occur…yes. There is a tremendous amount of chatter. But I am always concerned when to many people are in agreement.

Member: I am so ready for the end of this movie. 

MZ: I am right there with you.

Member: So yesterday was passover and Good Friday.  Today is a full moon and Tomorrow is Easter….Lots going on this weekend.

Member:  All 3 major religions syncronize this”holiday” date every 33 years!!!!

Member:  Wolverine: UST is in Reno and also the Dragon family which is a good sign. I’m expecting to hear news from the UST either this Tuesday or Wednesday and hopefully receive the green light.

MZ: I have heard that 7 of the 9 banking families are represented in Reno. So that Part I have heard.

Member: I heard the Chinese elders won’t allow the release of Nesara/Gesara while Biden is in office?

MZ: It doesn’t matter who is in office . When Nesara and Gesara goes…..whoever is in the gov. steps down for new elections. Nesara is necessary for them to do the reset. They don’t need Biden gone before they do it…..He will go when they do it. That is how I understand it.

Member: How will we know what redemption center to go to???

MZ: You will set an appointment to a location close to you,,,,if that is agreeable….you are all set. I am told you will have to sign an NDA before you go however because they are worried about security if someone were to release the location of redemption centers.

Member: and we were told there should be a center within 50 miles of most of us.

Member:  Expert: There is no constitutional objection to the current government sending the budget law to Parliament (article today in search4dinar)

Member:  from what I can gather and what I’ve seen it looks like Iraq may have settled their president and staff situation and are ready to put forward what we’ve been looking for

Member: I read that Iraq may come out with a .50 cent rate.

MZ: Don’t worry about that …It doesn’t fix their financial issues. Now I have heard that they are floating a NEER rate (Nominal Effective Exchange Rate) of $1.60. That is if they are tired of waiting for the gold backed reset of all currencies. If they decide to go by themselves….the rate would be around $1.60.  That is a small possibility this could happen.

MZ: What that would mean is you could take your dinar and sell it back to the banks at $1.60 and then you could buy other currencies like dong and wait for the full global reset.

Member: I would be ok with that….and at 1.60 the people of Iraq will have more than ever.

Member:  Happy Easter everyone, hope you all have a blessed holiday

CBD Gurus Joins the stream toward the end….please listen to the replay for all their information.

Note from PDK: Please listen to the replay for all the details and entire stream….I do not transcribe political opinions, medical opinions or many guests on this stream……just RV/currency related topics.

The next stream is Monday at 10Am est…….unless.

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