Dinarland Highlights for April 16, 2022


Dinarland Highlights – 4.16.22

Mountain Goat

Foreign entities want to be able to FREELY move money in and out of Iraq. This is not now possible without a freely tradable and exchangeable currency which is really only obtained by global trading on FOREX and the other global exchanges. So, we have to sit tight and watch this election saga play out. 

WE are told by the CBI that the currency will finally see its final stages of the currency reform project after a “stable” government is in place...The pressure is enormous and we find out there are massive protests and rallies planned for the near future in Iraq.

Al-Maliki will do anything to see al-Kazemi not stay in office…Al-Sadr knows this can’t be the case for the survival of Iraq. So, this is where we stand as investors in the dinar. We must wait it out.



Rumors are they’re going to keep Salih president and Al-Kazemi as Prime Minister. I really do think this is a good move.  Although there are some people out there who are not happy with the idea.  I do believe that they were getting Iraq back on track.  A lot was accomplished under the short term that Al-Kazemi had

Renewal is underway for Saleh and Al-Kazemi in power in Iraq

I don’t live in Iraq obviously and as much as I know about it I’ve learned through articles.  But it appears to me that Al-Kazemi and Saleh have been a great team…they seem to have accomplished a lot in a short time that they’ve been in office together… to me this appears to be good news…things appear to be on the right track.


Godlover (KTFA)

[Doesn’t it make more sense for the CBI to reinstate/revalue the currency before the budget is released? …IMO it doesn’t seem like a good idea to show the budget before the CBI comes out with a rate.]

Before the budget is released or Opened rather…sure I agree with that. Rate exposed prior to sending the budget to parliament, not so much. Certainly whatever the budget opens at, that will be what it is for the remainder of this year. God willing it is a new rate, but it is just speculation until proven otherwise.



[via PDK]

[Most people think it’s this weekend because of Easter…do you agree?]

It is highly possible.

…Is it the most likely time for it to occur…yes. There is a tremendous amount of chatter. But I am always concerned when to many people are in agreement.


Clare (KTFA)

Renewal is underway for Saleh and Al-Kazemi in power in Iraq… Details of a resounding surprise published by (Baghdad Today)



[Follow up to Guru Kaperoi’s ‘Discovered new dinar research document” Post 4-15-2022]

I have stated numerous times any discussion from Iraq about deleting 3 zeros is a LOP. Which we do not want to see occur. Again, we do not want to see this happen.  It is also very important to understand in order for Iraq to issue a new currency, parliament must vote and approve. This has been discussed but due to the lack of a new government, nothing has been approved yet.

One thing that has occurred there have been several events/symposiums over the last 10 months or so held discussing and educating the citizens of Iraq this plan…we have always been hoping for Iraq to build a prosperous diverse economy away from oil. With the success of that economy would allow the current dinar to gradually appreciate without replacement overtime.  


Samson (KTFA)

An unexpected surprise.. Leaks indicate that the coordination framework may present Al-Kazemi as a compromise candidate and keep his government

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