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Samson » April 18th, 2022

Russia Reveals A Jump In Its Trade With India

18th April, 2022

The volume of trade exchange between Moscow and India increased in 2021 by 62.7 percent compared to 2020, and amounted to nearly $4.5 billion, according to the website of the mayor of the Russian capital.

Russia is one of India’s main partners, and priority is given to expanding bilateral trade and economic cooperation with it, Vladimir Yefimov, Moscow’s deputy mayor for economic policy, real estate relations and land, said in a statement today.

The Russian official added that the Russian capital’s trade volume with India rose last year by 62.7 percent and amounted to about $4.5 billion.

He pointed out that Moscow’s exports to India amounted to $2.3 billion last year, about double what they were in 2020, noting that nearly half of this amount is due to exports of industrial sector products.


In 2021, exports of products from the industrial sector to India increased by 46.1 percent to about $955 million, and this dynamic is linked to high growth rates of exports of various electrical and communications equipment from the Russian capital.  LINK

Popeye7 » April 18th, 2022

Imo, I recall articles back in late March of this year that indicated that Russian PM Putin would declare victory, or end the war in Ukraine on May 9th… Ironically, that is about the same day, give or take a day or two, that the 40 day pause that Sadr declared will end as well… Orchestration possibly?…

There is so much that goes on behind the scenes with world leaders, and their decisions that are based on key dates… May 9th is the same date that Russia holds victory celebrations every year in remembrance of their victory over Nazi Germany… After Germany had tried unsuccessfully to take over their country during WW2… I just found that curious… I’m probably not the only one who has thought about this, and correlated the 2 time frames… 

One thing to bear in mind is that the World Bank had predicted a 9 percent increase in Iraq’s economy this year within articles Samson brought to us last week… That is a substantial  uptick, and would seem to need something rather dramatic happen within Iraq concerning their economy to actually come to pass…

Considering we are in the 2nd quarter of this year already, it would seem whatever is going to occur will need to happen in the near future… We shall see, and just putting together pieces of information we have received via the news… Thanks again Samson…

Samson » April 18th, 2022


Kurdistan Suspends Official Working Hours For 10 Days On The Occasion Of Eid Al-Fitr And Workers

18th April, 2022

The Kurdistan government decided, on Monday, to suspend official working hours for 10 days.

And she said in a statement received by / the information / that “the citizens of the Kurdistan region will have a vacation that extends for 10 days, according to the official holidays calendar.”

And she added, “According to the official holidays calendar (calendar) approved by the regional government, it will disrupt the official working hours in all government institutions and departments from 28-4 2022 until 7-5 2022.”

She explained that “these holidays are on the occasion of the International Labor Day and the blessed Eid al-Fitr.”   LINK

Do we need Al-Kazemi? Yes, we still need Mustafa Al-Kazemi (relationships)

18th April, 2022

Is the Prime Minister just a senior official in the state, meaning is he a technical, administrative person, who works certain hours, signs government mail, sits behind a comfortable office, and then leaves after a few hours, to live with his family members as any employee lives else?.

Is it possible for anyone with administrative specifications or technical expertise to occupy this high government position, or are there advantages and characteristics that must be available to those who confront this difficult, difficult, arduous and tiring position?


Certainly, the prime minister is an employee of the state, but he is not like all of its employees. He is actually part of it, but he is also its heart, and the “dynamo” that manages all its activities is the most important site, and in the language of the programmers, the “admin” is the greatest in its operating technology, as the position is not managed. Simply put, it is not subject to a simple evaluation until it is paid by anyone with some subjective characteristics.

The prime minister is the most important and pivotal figure in the structure of any state with a parliamentary system, and he is the basis for managing all the joints of the state. Therefore, Iraq requires a prime minister, who possesses these qualities, and has dimensions of this style, and perhaps in choosing Mustafa Al-Kazemi we found the charisma of the person we need. 

In addition to the fact that the man has a cultural background of knowledge, a patriotic dimension, and a stock of cumulative security and information work, he possesses a very important international relations system, which he succeeded in a short period of time in employing for the benefit of Iraq, and succeeded in transforming it into an area of convergence of the antagonists, the convergence of the convergent, and the cooperation of the intersecting, And we have seen how Iraq, orbiting in the orbit of the neighborhood and the region, has become the source of dialogue and the starting point for different directions

And thanks to him, we have become a destination for those seeking mediation, solutions and rapprochement on the basis of the acceptability of Al-Kazemi’s person as a neutral mediator, and a person who respects her word, and puts herself and then her country in the right place.

Yes, Al-Kazemi has turned Iraq into a very active diplomatic point, intensified his presence in the international arena, and also succeeded in creating a rapprochement that will continue to shade the region, and we have reaped its fruits in Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, the Gulf and other countries.

Yes, here is Al-Kazemi turning Iraq into a stand-alone axis, after all parties wanted to turn it into a dependent sideline, and Iraq still enjoys a reputation and an excellent role in international diplomacy, we need its continuation and growth, especially with the situation surrounding us now, and we need Al-Kazemi to continue his pivotal role in meeting the days, and that the political forces do not sacrifice this experience on the altar of self-interest and factionalism.  LINK

The “crater of fire” in Iraq… an inexhaustible treasure facing neglect

03/31/2022 23:29:25

The land of Iraq is rich in many natural resources, including tar and other important resources, which can generate millions of dollars for the state if optimally invested.

“Heet” in Anbar Governorate, western Iraq, is one of the important districts that contain natural Qir springs. Rather, it is considered the most among the cities and other districts at the governorate and country level, where the quantities, sizes and diameters of these springs vary.


According to the testimonies of the people in the district of Hit, these eyes are natural without human or machine intervention, and they are sold by the landowner for many uses, including for painting the roofs of homes and residential and commercial buildings to prevent moisture from penetrating inside, in addition to washing them for people with skin diseases, and they indicated that the asphalt was used in the manufacture of the bucket in which water is drunk, as well as the batiyeh, which is a vessel used when kneading flour and preparing it for bread.

According to the oil engineer Ahmed Al-Faraji, “these springs were found 5 thousand years BC, when the founder of the Akkadian Empire, Sargon of Akkad, visited them when he settled in Anbar at the dawn of the dynastic era and called it the crater of fire.”

He said, “The civilizations that were built in Mesopotamia have withstood long periods and prevented their erosion until today because of their use of bitumen from the springs of Het and other northern and southern cities, and they preserved the strength of buildings such as the ruins of Babylon, the Ziggurat of Ur, the ancient Hit castle, and the stone supports of the waterwheels built on the Euphrates River in the western districts of the governorate. Anbar, which irrigates the agricultural shoulders of the Euphrates.

As for the areas of those springs, according to Al-Faraji, they do not exceed 15 meters in width and 10 meters in length, and their depth is not specified, as there is a famous incident that the people of Hit have been circulating so far, which is the fall of a bulldozer with its driver in one of the eyes of the dam, which caused the death of the driver and the loss of the bulldozer.

According to the Geological Survey of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, there are 8 Qir springs, 5 of which are in the district of Hit: Ain Al-Taif (525 tons annually), Ain Al-Marj (550 tons), Ain Al-Mamoura (2250 tons), Ain Al-Siyali (450 tons) and Ain Al-Aatat (2550 tons). ) and 3 others in the city of Ramadi, Anbar Governorate, in the west of the country: Ain al-Jabaha (500 tons), Ain Abu Jir (525 tons), and insulators (430 tons).

The expert on environment and water strategies, Ramadan Hamza, identifies the negative effects resulting from these green springs, and said that they begin to evaporate during the summer due to the high temperatures, which generates unpleasant and toxic emissions to the inhabitants and farmers near them. “The decrease in the waters of the Euphrates River contributes to an increase in pollution due to the seepages of tarry springs from oil residues and geological faults towards the main and secondary rivers,” he added.

In turn, Ahmed Abdel-Razzaq, 39, a resident of Heet district, suffers from gases that evaporate from the springs of al-Qir near his home, which corrode refrigeration, air conditioning and other electrical appliances, appealing to government agencies to find a quick solution to these problems.

In parallel, economic researcher Mustafa Saleh said, “Oyoun al-Qir is an investment landmark of the city of Hit, and it can be used medically and industrially, and it can be invested to generate money and provide job opportunities for the unemployed.” Saleh called on the relevant official authorities to take advantage of these natural tar springs by constructing asphalt plants and paints, and indicated that “there is another economic feasibility after investing the tar springs after achieving local sufficiency by exporting the surplus from them abroad because they are inexhaustible springs.”

For his part, the biological expert, Dr. Haider Moataz Mohie, reveals the medical benefits of tar, and says that it treats headache pain, relieves ringing in the ears, seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, skin peeling, dandruff, and skin scaling known as eczema, fungal diseases and joint pain.

The medicinal benefits of tar are due to the fact that it contains a group of organic liquids, and sulfur and copper are included in its composition, in addition to heavy elements such as lead and mercury.


The researcher concludes by saying, “Kitar is oily water derived from the underdevelopment of sedimentary rocks after the evaporation of light hydrocarbons from crude oil,” noting that the environmental factors (soil, climate, water) made the area agricultural par excellence, producing abundant crops and necessary to sustain the life of its inhabitants, in addition to the availability of materials used in various food industries such as molasses (date honey), rashi (tahini) and vinegar.


Source: Dinar Recaps


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