Nick Fleming: RV/GCR Intel Update “The Central Bank of Iraq” 4-19-22


Nicks Intel Update

Updates concerning the RV/GCR

04/19/2022 The Central Bank of Iraq

The Central Bank of Iraq Shares Some Details

In a call with the Central Bank of Iraq this morning, happy news was shared with Nick. Iraq has had their “Interim Government” in place for the past 2 weeks. The have removed all Iranians (troublemakers), from government, and are going after Maliki with formal charges of Treasonous acts against the Iraqi people. The new (approximate) Golden Dinar rate is 1 IQD to $3 USD.

Further disclosure was that Mr. Fleming’s “Sleeper,” the VES (Quadrillion) Digitales is from $0.22, and the Venezuelan Bolivar will be will be from $0.22 to $7.

The US government has no influence on Iraq. The US government has no influence on any rate for any nation’s new, sovereign digital currency. Ultimately, the comparable value of every nation’s currency is to be established across the board 1 to $1. This comparable valuation around the world is only waiting on every country including the new US digital currency, all backed by gold. This is a good approximate valuation for the present US Dollar that today doesn’t buy squat.

There will be a settling period of a few weeks and possibly months. This leavening window time hasn’t been given yet. Hopefully we can benefit twice. First exchange with fiat valuation. Then exchanging for that dollar for the new, golden digital dollar.

The only compelling reason to wait to begin Tier 4 exchange, is for the ISO 20022, which goes into effect the end of the month for currency all over the world. It’s the final, and the verifiable triggering event.

Relax with a hopeful knowledge that this is the end of your long wait.

For all other traded instruments, for stocks and bonds and commodities, ISO 20022 is required by law to be in place all over the world, by the end of the year. Anything presently trading, other than currency, that is, will have more time to convert. All while the QFS tracks the movement of money and rights the wrongs, seeing perpetrators quickly arrested.

The Quantum Financial System will be bringing the Rule of Law to the world with this globally enforced Standard, and the ISO 20022. With the Quantum Financial System, running on Artificial intelligence, written to follow the Law of the Land, corrupt acts become easily corrected. On 1-1-23, “The Law of the Land” takes precedence and according to the Restored US Constitution, brings an end to usury, and to any of the Cartel’s criminal back door acts. Justice will be swiftly served.

The famous character played by Sylvester Stallone, “Judge Dredd” comes to mind. The Judges wore headsets with a direct link to AI, and the Law. When any crime anywhere was committed the Judges were informed and the criminals judged Guilty by the Law. Yes, the next half of this year will see the disappearance of many notables.

The skuttlebutt about some bankers in Brazil exchanging IQD and VND, by private bank invitation, was verified. This was for known account holders, with an active account in the bank for longer than 1 year. That any Brazilian bank could facilitate this private exchange using back screen rates, could only have been managed under a private agreement with China. The Brazilian Real is pegged to China. This is evidence of the end of the hegemony of the USD, and control of the US Treasury. BRICS trading nations are acting freely and according to their trade Agreements. The terms of this exchange have not been shared. Anyone with direct knowledge is encouraged to reach out to Nick.

Private exchange with flippers, those who string along desperate currency holders with promises they can’t keep. All to hold massive amounts of currency to leverage for their personal benefit, are being arrested. Beware the lure of a promised payout. No one is promising a rate lawfully. No rate is yet on front screen.

An end to all unlawful schemes and behaviors is here now with the QFS. A start to legitimacy and actions you can trust, with integrity, is finally starting. 5/1/22.


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