The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 4-19-22


Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday 4-19-22

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it’s Tuesday April 19th and you’re listening to the Big Call – Thank you everybody for tuning in from all over the globe whether live or on the replay – thank you for tuning in at this time

Ok the intel for tonight fortunately has gotten better and better as the day grew longer – I am happy about that –  we did get information over the weekend – it was significant in terms of what has been going on through the weekend – they actually ….. let me give you a little background …..

There was a get together of a number of people in Reno that represented at least 25/30 different countries – all 8 Chinese Elders Families were represented – I think with 8 Chinese elders if my math works out – and our side from the US we know we had our Treasury Secretary S Mnuchin – Judy Shelton – appointed by Trump to get this thing done – and also with Iraq – and probably several others –  a total of 82 people at 8 different tables – so picture 10 people to a table with a little over flow on 2 of them for the extra people there  – and they have been there since last Wed or Thurs – in Reno – getting this done!!

Getting final touches put on NESARA and GESARA and our currency the new USN and of course the USTN which is our physical money in your pocket / folding money – United States Treasury Notes

We know they’ve already minted – remember for a while you could not get change? Certain places – even certain restaurants did not have change to give you – so they rounded out to the closest dollar on your bill and there were several stores that just did not have change –  and so what happened there was – they were taking all of our old dimes and quarters primarily and half dollars – all of that change was taken and melted down and our coinage was minted in 2022 – / reminted with the proper amounts of silver in our dimes / quarters – no longer do you have or see the copper ring on the edges – and in our 50 cent / half dollars – 

The proper amount of silver has been minted into those 3 coins and they are brand spanking new – New 2022 – and we’ve seen some of them already out – in circulation – so be looking for that when you see your change –

None of that change really matters a lot – I know – but it’s just something that has been happening –

The other thing – what did they do – these 82 people in Reno – and did they finish as they anticipated last night at 6- PM Pacific time ? We think they have finished – about half of them have already gone back to their home country – but you’ve got to believe that every pacific rim country was represented – North Korea – South Korea – China – Japan – India – Iraq – Iran – basically a lot of major countries were represented – probably at least 30-40 countries – anyway it was a good meeting – they got a lot agreed upon – a lot done – wrapped up – what we’re looking for – which is the release of NESARA – obviously we want those tier 3 bond holders to be released

We’re hearing they will be released with their emails – to get them access to their funds in their accounts – I’ve heard 3 am in the morning Eastern time – let’s call it over-night or early morning tomorrow –“finally” – that’s going to be good  when that comes through – because when that comes through for the bond holders –tier 3 –  the tier 4A / / admiral’s group and other groups out West – and the tier 4B internet group – that we are a part of – we are right on the heels of the bond holders going –

It wouldn’t surprise me if we are notified when they are notified of their emails for liquidity – we could be getting virtually a shotgun start with them – with tier 3 / bondholders

So when does it look like we are going? The latest info I got is putting us getting notified tomorrow afternoon Eastern time mid to late afternoon – for us – we could set appointments and start on Thursday –

That’s where it is now – that’s what it looks like – we were looking to get notified today – that was the info that came out of that meeting but obviously that did not happen – probably more to do –

We do believe we are going to see our USN completed – so it can actually be put on line – on the banks – on line for trading with other countries sometime tomorrow (Wednesday)

To get these bond holders out of the way is a big deal – and they will get access – they will have their accounts and get access to 1% – they will be able to spend 1% of their accounts for the first 90 days I believe – and then might be 6 months – they’ll have access to the full accounts after that initial period –

If we – who have zim ONLY let’s say – which is a bearer bond – those of us that have zim – let’s say that is the only currency you have – you are going to be when you redeem that currency / that bond – you will have access to 1% just like the other bond holders did – for a first 90 days – or so period – after that you’ll have access to much more of it

I think I told you last Thursday that – that term we had which was structured pay-out – they’re not using that term – they are not creating structured pay outs in the sense that  you get a uniform pay-out or payment to you the same as a structured payment for months / years whatever –

What it amounts to you will have an account that you have access to – a mother lode account or master account that you will be able to access with a very special type titanium access card – it’s not designed as a “credit card”  even though it’s about 3 times thicker than a credit card and it’s designed for you to use to access your mother lode / master account – which is an account that’s held in the QFS – a system outside the bank – you do not need the “bank” to gain access  to this QFS account –

What Wells Fargo will do is set u p a secondary account for you – which I call a “spill over” account or any interest that I would earn on my mother lode/master account which would pay into this secondary or spillover account – that is the account that essentially I am going to be working through and will be set up with Wells Fargo  –

I may set – not on day one – the day of exchange and redemption – you are not going to be doing “normal” banking things – other than them setting you up with a secondary account if you wish with Wells Fargo – – which I call the spill over account – for the interest to spill over into – and then you also will get a credit/debit card to “that” spill over account

So you have the account access card which has 3 computer chips inside – the first one is used when they issue that to you with a thumb fingerprint – the other two chips are when you log into the account and then when you log out of the account – 3 computer chips in that card that is 3X’s as thicker as a normal credit card and made of Titanium

That is the card you DON”T carry with you – but put in a very very safe place and never ever lose it – Got it? You are the only one that can see unless you want someone else to see it – You’re the only one that can actually see and gain access to that mother lode / master account –you are the only one that can see it – even the bankers aren’t going to know what you’ve got – the only ones that will know initially are the people that exchange you – or redeem your zim and then “BOOM” – they are going to see so many people they are going to forget it – and they are under DNA’s any way – not to retain any info about this or you or your account – that’s a good thing – a really good thing –

I know that’s getting a little bit technical – but not too much – you have been with me long enough to know it is important sometimes that I bring this stuff up  

So what is the timing for this – we’ve got our new … by the way all the British countries Brazil – India – Russia – China – Singapore – maybe a couple more are ALL gold backed – now = they are all ready gold or asset backed – and China was to announce – and I use that term loosely – announce their gold reserves in effect saying they have a gold backed Chinese Yuan – that currency is asset backed – gold backed as well as the others mentioned

So – everything is basically I believe completed with the meetings that had a lot to do with NESARA and GESARA and we should be seeing some evidence of that this month – I don’t know how much we’ll get – how many announcements – whether we get announcement tomorrow on the USN or the USTN or the NESARA – that USN having a gold backed currency is a very intrical part of NESARA – so they may bring that out ok – sometime tomorrow

It is quite possible that we see 10 days of disclosure – NOT darkness – 10 days of disclosure starting – it could be tomorrow – it could very well start tomorrow – and that would be information about the election fraud – child trafficking – etc  so many aspects are to be brought out – I believe – I’ve been told over a 10 day period this would be programming that would probably precede other programming on TV and could be broadcast in other locations – and certain news channels have been brought information about Hunter Biden’s laptop etc – and they had certain amount of time to bring that out – as part of this 10 day disclosure thing

Well guess what – if they have been given a certain amount of time to issue that and put that out on the air  and they don’t do it for some reason – chances are their lic to broadcast will be taken –

So kinda be looking for things – even though tomorrow we could be busy with these numbers coming out but beware that that is conceivable – very conceivable

We know a lot more than most of these people know – a lot more – probably a lot of it would shock us – imagine what it’s going to do to people that have no clue whatsoever – They don’t know about the currencies – Global Currency Reset – the re-evaluation of all these currencies – don’t know anything about anything really – just in their white bread world and doing their thing –

But….. those of us who have been involved in this and monitoring other media – some other sites – and learning other things – we are much further along than the majority of the people – but we are going to be loving and helpful – not going to be a “I told you so” – but just be helpful and loving to the people we come in contact with

So …. I’m excited — again … this has been a moving target but what I believe makes this real is the fact they have achieved a lot in Reno over the past several days and I believe they are more or less done and anybody that is still there is just watching for the USN announcement to be revealed –looking for the USN to come out some time tomorrow – could be an overnight thing tonight – but I think we’ll find out about it tomorrow and of course we’re looking to get notified tomorrow afternoon and get this party started

So let’s see how that goes – everybody be in continuous prayer for this as I know you will and we will see how God brings this blessing to us – that is pretty much what I wanted to share tonight

Bruce’s Big Call REPLAY LINK Intel Begins: 1:11:45

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