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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday 4-21-22

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it’s Thursday April 21st  and you’re listening to the Big Call – Thank you everybody for tuning in from all over the globe whether live or on the replay – thank you for tuning in at this time

Let’s go ahead and jump into some intel and we can figure out roughly where we are – I have to lead off tonight by saying “I get it” – I understand what it’s like when we’re expecting something that hasn’t quite arrived yet – remember it’s 18 years that I’ve been in this – waiting for this – been invested – ok –  and knew about it before – but 18 years been in pretty deep so the last 11 years doing the Big Call –

We’ve had a lot  of things that have come in – especially in the last couple of years – that we didn’t have before – and we still have the same thing today – We’ve got new intel – new things that are taking place – that makes people say – what makes it different? What is different now about where we were a year ago? Or what makes this different?

I understand the frustration – you have to realize that we are fortunate in that I have a number of intel sources in several areas that are at the top levels of banking institutes – redemption centers – government agencies – military and special operations – a lot of the stuff going on behind the scenes we are fortunate to get information about – and some of my stuff as some of you know if you listen for a while – you are not going to find anywhere else – does not mean I am always going to be right –

Unfortunately if I find that I get something and all of a sudden our intel does not pan out or we are not as far along as I thought – I get discouraged with it too – I’m with you on that – I understand – but I am in it for the long haul – obviously – I’ve been in it for the long haul – and I’m continuing to be in it till it gets done –

So if you are new – and new to me would mean anyone 5 y ears or less – if you are new in this situation – you have to have developed a lot of patience – you have to realize there’s a huge scenario going on that requires a lot of different elements have to come together – We know we do not have all of the answers – we don’t – nobody does –

This thing is sort of compartmentalized in some ways – we get this piece from this source – that piece from that source – this puzzle piece here and we do our best to glean the truth out of it all  – discern it – and put it together to make one picture so it is cohesive and makes sense –

Believe me – this is tough to make sense of – it is difficult – because No 1 –  they and even the good guys – they don’t want us to know when it’s going to go – and that’s why so many bankers – upper level bankers – that we use to talk to a little more frequently – have gone mute – quiet – that have a gag order or super NDA’s and they cannot disclose like they  use to – every once in a while we get one that comes through with something but most of the time it’s a little bit quieter – a lot quieter than it used to be – even 2 months ago –

And – with what we have we try to expand in our field a little bit to try to get other information and I’m here to tell you that I’m affected  – Sue’s affected – Bob’s affected  just like you are – if something does not go or if this doesn’t happen

But I do feel confident that things are happening pretty much behind the scenes – some of the things you may read are true – some of them I really don’t go for – but overall let’s build a picture as I see it as my intel sources are bringing it to me even as late this afternoon

The good news is what we are seeing is two separate scenarios – No # 1 yesterday – out of Reno there was a video conference call on zoom that was from 2-5 pm – 3 hours long on the East coast – so you would think oh man that’s good – did they get it all done – well we find bits and pieces out about the call – not enough for me to give you a run down on it – but just enough for me to suggest that of all the people that were there going through everything they needed to go through  I could see why it could take 3 hours

I understand that they have accomplished what it is they intended to do with 8 of the Chinese Elders families represented – with I think at least 40 different countries represented – with our Treasury Secretary – other people – it was a big deal – a really big deal – and was broadcasted I believe not only the Wells Fargo redemption centers and other redemption centers – but I think it might have gone all the tier 1 banks – I don’t absolutely know that – but I have a feeling it did

So – a lot of good information came out – but here’s what I think the synopsis is – some of you might have read about the ISO protocol which is 20022 and that is important and being handled and my understanding with that concept is there were 2 countries that had yet to sort of get that completely together – to get that final protocols knocked out –

Now my understanding those countries were Venezuela and Iraq – I heard Kuwait but I don’t think Kuwait is one – I don’t think so – by the way Kurdistan is northern Iraq – so 2 countries are trying to knock that out and get qualified under that ISO Protocol – I believe from what I’m getting from my sources that will complete over or by the weekend meaning this weekend

The other thing we’re hearing about is that certain banks believe it or not – there are I believe maybe just 1 bank – that has some – due to the merger – that took place – don’t want to name the bank – but die to a merger – there were some elements in the other bank that did some things to try to slow this down – Nefarious activity –

My understanding is that bank is approximately 48 hours from today away from being fully compliant on the QFS  – so we’ve heard that all countries banks are tied in to the QFS – we believe that’s true except that this may be  the only bank –

So on the one hand – we’ve got ISO protocols that are being implemented in Venezuela and Iraq – and then we have this other country that has a bank that is still trying to get QFS compliant / certified and that everything else that is going on in the way of arrests which are huge – you’ve got to believe that – are taking place –

What I’m hearing and this is coming through a Wells Fargo contact by a Treasury representative it’s indicating that we will have – that the RV and GCR – is scheduled to take place this weekend –

That’s as simple as I can put it – that’s the information we’re getting from our Treasury source through Wells Fargo and through our contact – that says a lot – That’s saying the ISO protocols have to be complete – it says that the country’s bank is taking their time getting the QFS together – those all should come together on or by this weekend – that’s Friday Saturday / Sunday –

Now when that happens and I believe it will do we have access to the toll free numbers that come in our notifications by email from Wells Fargo – do we get those over the weekend or possibly Monday – I’m hearing we’re supposed to get notified over this weekend and if we’re not started over the weekend that we would start exchanges Monday

Nothing has been said to me yet about anything beyond Monday – Nothing has been said about Tuesday so –  again – this Thursday let’s see what happens – lets continue to be patient – there are major things happening – major tranches of funds that are moving and there was something we still haven’t confirmed yet – that was supposed to have happened last night between 7:30pm  and 3am Eastern daylight time – was that a large tranche of funds moving – we thought it might have been – we don’t know – have not got it confirmed –

What about bond holders? Bond holders are being told to look toward the weekend and I don’t think they’re going to get a nickel until we all get notified and set our appointments – I think their day of liquidity they are looking to get by email –  a notification to the tier 3 bond holders – I don’t think they are going to get those until we in tier 4A and 4B get our notifications to set our appointments and start our exchanges –and redemption of zim – I just don’t see it –

I think they were all going as closely as you can imagine – bond holders tier 4A and 4B  as a shotgun start – but what about what I’m hearing about May 1st  – well what I’m hearing about it is that the public which we refer to as tier 5 is set to  start then – in the first week of May but we are supposed to start sooner than that and maybe this weekend will prove to be what it is we have all been waiting for – I certainly hope so –

I was encouraged when I got the report – the intel report – from my sources that indicated that this weekend was a real possibility and that is what Treasury was telling our source – so I’m going to go with that –

I know there is a lot of other stuff out there  – I hear about it – I don’t read it but I hear about it and I try to glean the truth out of whatever is out there – but it is complicated  – this is definitely a complicated scenario – way more than we thought –

When in fact are we going to see the gold standard here in the US? We heard about China – the Brix countries – all being gold backed and that is coming out – by the  way – Iraq is going t do their thing finally this weekend – they have been pushed – we have been pushed – it appears they are going to do it – my gut is they will do it Sunday – their first business day – maybe Saturday but probably Sunday – and that is good – really good

I think this whole thing is going to come together in a beautiful picture and we’ll be amazed when it does

Believe me – won’t we be amazed –  when it comes together like we anticipated – it’s going to be terrific – and amazing for us – and we will be walking into paradise – I think in some ways

Bruce’s Big Call Replay LINK Intel Begins: 1:21:51

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