The Office of POOFness Weekly Report: Update from POOF, Susan, and DJ 4-24-22


” The Office of Poofness “


Greetings and Salutations,

Here is what is going on right now. There is a move on right now to catch all the crooks, pulling them in tighter and tighter. The effort is to stop the drain on the monies that are being shipped away. The efforts to stop the trusts from being emptied out is a BIG, BIG deal. There has been a huge drain on the trusts by those who can pull the lever. Just be assured that those who have Been Draining the Trusts are convinced that they had the right to do so.

All of this is vague and “off the record” for those who try to keep tabs on where things are truly at. Just listen to the efforts of those who keep on reporting Truth.

There will be little effort put forth right now to empty out the trusts or to pay anyone.

Everything is in a frozen or standstill dynamic because the heat is getting hotter on those who have been pilfering the monies.

Please review the well put together video

The first hour is the history of the trusts, including Omega, World Trust, many bank trusts, the PP funds, and background on St. Germain and his incredible feats, witnessed by many. Well worth the time to review, and essential to understanding the intention for all of those.

The second hour is the authentic history of the USA and its struggles to become independent, pay its war debts and remain solvent. Much of that is not known to the public. The picture presented as a student was clean and makes it seem as if there were wise heads and honest leadership which is only partially true. They were caught in a vice however, so do not spend a lot of time with this issue. They did what they could not knowing they were being set up to be entrapped.

The third hour is fully informative for those who are part of Omega and they will find it helpful to review how long and how hard those wanting to get these funds distributed worked and have dedicated their energies and their lives to this effort. including yours truly.

Lastly, if there are others within your families or friends who will even slightly choose to get awakened, they need to make that effort.

It is essential. The sooner people wake up, the sooner you will be provided with different data.

This thing has been stuck and knotted up for a very long time. If one doesn’t know where to look for alternative news sites, ask someone !!! Any one who is in the know clearly knows the more attuned websites where truth is known.

Love and Kisses,



The Tortoise And The Geese

Once upon a time, a tortoise and two geese lived near a lake in a beautiful valley. For many years they lived harmoniously and became close friends. But the valley was struck by a bad drought, and the pond started to dry.

The animals and plant life near the lake started to die due to dehydration, and many animals began to look for a new place to live.
“ Soon, the lake will dry, and the valley will be unlivable. Therefore, we must seek a new home quickly”, said one of the geese.

The two geese flew around to find a new house. At last, they found another beautiful lake in a faraway forest. The environment around the lake was perfect for them to live in.

They came back to the Tortoise and told him about the beautiful lake. The Tortoise got excited that the two geese found a new home but was saddened that he may never be able to travel the distance to survive the drought.
“I cannot fly like you,” said an upset tortoise. “I don’t know what I will do?”

The geese understood the Tortoise’s concerns and said, “Don’t worry, my friend, we have thought of an idea to transport you to the new place. But, for that, you need to promise us that you would not open your mouth, even a single time during the entire journey. Otherwise, you will be in instant danger of losing your life.”

“Have no fear, my friends,” replied the Tortoise, “I will be silent until you tell me to speak again. I would rather never open my mouth again than be left to die alone here in the dried-up pond.”

The Geese brought a stout stick and asked the Tortoise to grasp it firmly by his mouth. Then they took hold of the two ends and flew off with him. They traveled several miles in safety, and the Tortoise could have a bird’s eye view of the forest, hills and grasslands. Their course laid over a village. As the villagers saw this incredible sight of a Tortoise being carried by two Geese, they began to laugh and cry out. The children ran and followed them and started shouting, “Oh, look at the funny sight of tortoise clinging to a stick.”

The Tortoise grew indignant and could not stand the jeering any longer. He opened his mouth to explain the situation to the children, but before he could say anything, he fell to the ground and was dashed to pieces. The two geese could not do anything to help their friend. They grieved their friend’s tragedy for a while and flew to their new home.

“Silence is the fence around wisdom” -German Quote.

PP UPDATE: The talkers need to understand “Silence is the fence around wisdom” -German Quote.




Looking at the realities of a GCR/ RV from a logistical perspective, disregarding the geopolitical components that obviously will be required is, in itself, massively complex. In other words all the countries and economies of the world agreeing to what conditions have to be in place to allow it to happen is one function but what would it actually take to create and distribute the funds the GCR/RV reputedly will generate?
First of all, we look at the definition of “ circulation “: “ an act or instance of circulating, moving in a circle or circuit, or flowing”. Currency in circulation can be thought of as currency in hand because it is the money used throughout a country’s economy to buy goods and services. A country’s monetary authority has the power to print its own currency to be placed into its economy. It is a countries’ monetary authority that determines how much currency is required to be placed in circulation, depending on its supply and demand. As an economy grows the money supply must increase to accommodate financial transactions. When the money supply (printing of currency) exceeds its demand ( goods and services) inflation is created. All currency values are determined by how much a particular currency can buy. Over printing devalues the currency because it takes more of the currency to buy the same goods or services. If the currency generated does not enter into circulation, ( saved or not enough goods and services to buy) then the money supply( printing) must increase because it’s not being circulated. That is called “velocity” .

Prior to the electronic age, it was not practical to move mass sums of physical currency so financial instruments were created that would represent the physical currency. I.E. Treasury notes, Bonds, letters of credit and so on. As the adaptation of computers grew secure electronic means of transferring funds has become increasingly used reducing the need for actual physical currency to be put into circulation.

That being said, it is a no-brainer that the GCR/RV, and the vast amount of sums generated from it, will have to be paid in a digital format. In order to accommodate the functionality of a digital format certain fundamentals need to be in place. How transactions occur must transition from physical to digital. I.T. systems must be upgraded, created or changed to monitor and oversee how much value is released into a digital circulation in a secure an incorruptible way (Quantum Encryption, block-chain).

For decades the financial legacy systems have slowly migrated to digital formats. But when you look at the world as a whole, not all countries and their economies have had the capacity to make the needed upgrades to facilitate the transition to a digital system. For a GCR/RV to fulfill its mission, all countries involved must have a digital capacity to integrate with a new global financial system. If they don’t have the capacity, they will have to piggyback onto another country’s system until they do have independent capacity or not participate at all.

The GCR is about collecting the old currencies and financial instruments and transferring their values into the new digital system. What and how those values are established is another arena.

If you have paid attention we have seen, over the past few decades, subtle and some time bold changes in the mechanisms that move financial transactions. So it is happening. How far along they are is still a question. But it is foolish to believe that the vast sums, from a GCR/RV/Historical Assets redemption, will just be dropped into the global economies without dire consequences from not having the proper mechanisms in place to accommodate it. We have to be mindful that short-term gains are not offset by long-term consequences. Only a fool tests the depth of the water with both feet.

If common sense is so rare, isn’t it common sense to start calling it “rare sense” ?


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