“The Redemption Process is a Bl(e)issing Not a Right” by Jai Guru Dev – 4.24.22


Entry Submitted by Jai Guru Dev at 6:20 PM ET on April 24, 2022

Unfortunately, we are once again in the “hype” phase when funds/appointments/liquidity are happening NOW!!! It was meant to happen over the Easter Weekend and did not. Monday – Did not, Tuesday – Did not, Last Night – Did Not; but don’t worry it’s happening tomorrow.

To all the Guru’s posting this information please use discernment. The constant disappointment the Redeemers experience when dates are postulated and not met is huge. Almost soul destroying to many. Disbelief in the process becomes an outcome of their belief system. If your source(s) have been wrong in the timing over the last numbers of years, tone down your emphatic insistence that “Tomorrow is the day!” Use common sense and know that tomorrow might not be the day. For the last few years, I occasionally partake in an ale at the local pub as they have a sign “Free Beer Tomorrow”. I find I am always a day early and must pay for my drinks.

In my mind there are 3 main categories of Gurus.

  1. Those with sincere intent and posting the info from their ‘higher sources’. I applaud you for trying to uplift those who have been waiting for years but I suggest you post with a cautious tone as opposed to an emphatical “This is it!!” approach.  There is a big difference in posting “I have been reliable informed that they are working towards the funds being released tomorrow”; versus; “Tier 4B will receive their 0800 numbers tomorrow”. I know you take flack when your predictions don’t come true! Minimise that flak by choosing your words wisely.
  2. Those with ego-based motives. – I need to build a database of people so that I can generate income. – Everyone needs to know that I am important and closely connected to the Powers That Be. – And a multitude of other insincere motives. To you I say change your direction and seek truth. ‘Seek and ye shall find’. Seek only the truth and post with good intent, and a whole new enriching world will be opened up to you. Intent is everything, it is the key to unlocking your greatness.
  3. Trolls – Black Hats – employed to insidiously infiltrate and dishearten/ confuse True Seekers. My heart goes out to you as the pain you cause amongst the many, will come back upon you. It is the natural balancing system of the universe. The biblical transcript that says “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” I believe has been misconstrued. It should read, “What you do unto others will be done unto you!” This is the law of Karma. You cannot escape it. Those of you that have been employed to ‘Troll’, it is not too late to make amends. The choice is yours.

And now to the Bond/Currency holders. Stop Whining!!!! If you still believe the Guru who has been consistently wrong for many years that Tomorrow is the day, then you have no discernment! Don’t attack the Guru!! Listen to them or leave them. The sincere ones stand out like a beacon of light. Measure them by their syntax, their sincerity.

To the sincere Gurus – If you get attacked by someone from your network. Block them! Don’t send them the 0800 number (if indeed that system is still in play). Let them take ownership of their negativity and find another way to redeem. They are not worthy of your considerable effort. Spend your time-consuming energy on those who know the inevitable. Their bonds will be redeemed sooner or later.

The whole redemption process is a gift to individuals in a way that no individual has ever been gifted before.

20 years ago I spent 7 years in an African country acquiring prospecting/mining rights. Blood sweat and tears. Unbearable heat, unbearable cold, mosquitos. Tsetse flies, snakes, no infrastructure to take equipment in to do sampling, corrupt officials who try and drain every financial benefit they can bully, … the list goes on. I raised USD 460 000 000 from a Personal Placement Program.  I thought this was it! I am now a player! The blood sweat and tears was worth it. Needless to say, there was no intention to ever pay me but their was a paper trail. I found where the money was placed and in the pursuit of trying to free it, I became aware of the Redemption Process. Being from Zimbabwe, and being told that the many 100Ts I had in my possession are worth huge sums of money, took many years to sink in.

After all, how can a few bonds (100Ts are printed on bond paper and not currency paper and therefore deemed a bond), that could only be used to buy a few loaves of bread be worth so much. I worked my butt off (and at great financial expense) to raise millions but, by virtue of the fact that I had numerous bonds in my possession, by default I could be a billionaire and more likely a trillionaire?

It just did not seem right. Fortunately, spirituality is the essence of everything I do.

It very soon became clear that this is not a physical process, it is a spiritual process. Everyone who has bonds/currencies has earned the spiritual right to be a custodian of the financial rewards the redemption process offers. Maybe not in this life, but definitely somewhere in your journey through the manifestation. How many of you holding bonds could ever hope to work your entire life to even be rewarded with a small percentage of what will be gifted to you, simply by having possession of a bond/bonds? Who are you to complain? You are being bl(e)issed! You have no right to complain about anything, never mind the timing!

The question is are you aware enough of your custodial duties! If you are groaning and moaning, I would say not! You may have been drawn to this magnificent opportunity, but your negativity might preclude you from the wonderful opportunity presented to you.

I have reached the point in my thinking processes whereby any negativity towards receiving this incredible opportunity should be met in the same spirit it was sent. I will now reinforce my earlier point. To the sincere Gurus,  don’t entertain the negative Redeemers, don’t enable their negativity. Cast them into the sea to find their own way to redeem. Let the Universe take that responsibility off your shoulders.

I know I am definitely going against the grain according to the current info, (and going against the grain about my own position about giving dates), but I believe it will reframe unrealistic expectations. From my understanding/intel, no historical assets will move before June/July. Not far to go. Hang in there.

From my human side, I hope I am wrong and it goes sooner.

Jai Guru Dev


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