“Critical Point” – RV Intel Update from Holly and Wolverine 4-25-22


Monday Thoughts From Holly:

Good morning roomies

There was no news over the weekend. I am not going do to a daily update for a few reasons.  

1. I really need to focus on my health and not put so much energy out all the time as my energy levels are not there.  

2. Even very credible sources said this was going over a week ago and nothing. It makes us all look foolish.  

3. Until F&P’s, adjudicated, PP’s and Dubai 1&2 go all the other stuff we hear does not matter. 

4. We hear about the bonds and the countries being ready and starlinks launched and on and on. It all does not matter.

5. The only thing for the RV side is F&P’s, adjudicated, PP’s and Dubai 1&2 and then ultimately the Admiral goes. Until these happen,  nothing else matters. We have been stuck at this spot for over a year or more.  

6. As soon as these happen I will know and will notify you all. Until then there is nothing to report on a daily basis.  

7. I will give an update once a week unless there is progress with what I posted in #5. 

8. I’m not going away, it’s just until those happen there is nothing to report  daily.   

“There is always a light, if we are brave enough to see it, brave enough to be it.”Amanda Gorman   

Let’s continue to pray and see this completed and see us on the other side. See your life and what you are doing. How you feel and all the joy and happiness inside. Keep the faith and be strong. This has to happen eventually.

To the Alliance, we are tired and weary. We have held the faith and kept going. This has gone on too long. The damage is hurting those of us who have believed and held the energy for this. It is past time to release this.

The world and humanity are at a critical point now and this needs to be released.  Please release this, there is no perfect time that will happen for this to happen. There will be ongoing cleanup, but we need this now!   -Holly

Wolverine Monday AM

I would have to agree with Holly as there is no use to keep posting intel or info every day if nothing is happening. 

I’ve been involved in this for over 2 years now and since then I’ve been hearing hearing that that the RV is close or it’s about to start on a certain day and since then nothing has happened.

They have said the White Hats are winning for a while now and that there are only minions left which we know that is a lie.

The elite keep rigging up elections in every country and people are still going to keep struggling and most will die.

I keep receiving good intel for the last few days but for me at this moment is just words and no confirmation to back it up.

All I know that this week we should receive a message from the UST and hoping that he brings in positive news.

I will also cut back on this and I will post once I received legitimate news and not rumours.

In terms of health like Holly put it I will now start concentrating on my health and my conventional business as well as that is the bread and butter for me to live in this planet.

I pray that this RV comes this week as we need it now and I don’t care an F about events as humanity needs this more than ever and if you are hearing this Alliance stop playing with us and show us compassion and release this or this is making you guys look more like the bad guys. 

God bless

Source: Dinar Recaps


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