Restored Republic via a GCR: Special Report as of April 26, 2022


Special Restored Republic via a GCR Report as of Tues. 26 April 2022

Compiled by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author: “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities.”

We are in the Last Battle – the Apocalypse!!!.
Fighting for the Salvation of Humanity.
We Knew This was Coming.
…Truth Social,

We are Nearing the Eye of the STORM
Biden Administration, CNN, Blackrock and Vanguard Collapses Imminent

“Look for the Light”

Apr 05, 2020 – #4725 Music & the Spoken Word (

The world thrives on Light. Just about every living thing seems to do a little better when the Sun is shining. The natural world comes alive at dawn as the Light of a new day chases away darkness and Earth awakens with hope.

When Spring brings longer stretches of Light, it seems as if all creation surges with new Life and rejoices in the victory over Winter’s darkness.

When the darkness around us seems overwhelming, when we can’t seem to find any Light, the Sun is still shining. It may be hidden by the shadowy clouds of daily living, but it is always there.

Perhaps night has made Light seem like a distant memory, but darkness is ever the herald of dawn. No matter the darkness in our lives, the Light of God’s love still shines and can fill our hearts if we let it. It gives us hope in our suffering, joy in our sorrow, and Light in our darkness.

Judy Note: What are we waiting for? Answer: A Near Death Civilization Event.

  • Chatter among the Military was that the Event we were waiting for would be the implosion of the B Administration, according to MarkZ.

Hints on Timing:

  • On Fri. 22 April at 6:00 am EST the global launch of funds took place in all parts of the world according to Head of the Redemption Committee Dr. Charlie Ward.
  • On Sun. 24 April: “I’ve waited 17 years for these last 65 hours.” …JFK Jr.
  • On Sun. 24 April: “I have a very strong feeling next week is going to be wild.”…Whiplash347
  • Fleming: “The holdup is obviously the ISO 20022 assimilation of each nation’s currency, Venezuela and Iraq were the two countries not yet ISO 20022 compliant, though having been held in the hands of deeply entrenched cartels, were expected to be by Sun. 24 April. Come what may, the QFS will have a verified, qualified valuation on their new (digital), currency value to manage international trade on the world stage by the end of the month. May 1 sees the new System launch around the world.”
  • Prepare for Zero Day: Massive Cyber Attacks. C19 Narrative Kill Fate: (France) Election Day +1 [25th April]? The Only Way is the Military…Q
  • It’s Time. They underestimated us all. They thought their demonic plan would have worked in the details and everyone would have kneeled to their deranged will. They were terribly wrong. They will never change what we really are…..God’s creation! Tick Tock. Today will be a new day. …@RealDonaldTrump_Potus
  • Code Red BIG Announcement 5.5 2022. This Is It. The Hour Is Upon Us. The Storm Is Coming. They Are Not Prepared. I Am Back. …JFK Jr.
  • BQQM BQQM BQQM. The time has come. Everyone will be amazed. Dark to Light [5.5]. …John F. Kennedy Jr.
  • This morning this was received from a good friend about the Global Currency Reset: Iy sounds like God has us precisely where we need to be spiritually and intellectually, humbled and hanging on! Every great man or woman must go through an emotional transition, if only for the sake of the suffering children, if only for the hurting and helpless innocent ones. Remember the admonishing of Q: “The end won’t be for everyone. When will the military manifestation happen? When will fiscal deliverance come? When will the children finally be freed from this wretched horror? The answer lies in due time – in God’s timing – we will all prevail, for Where We Go One, We Go All.”

Global Food, Fuel and Goods Shortages:

Global Financial Crisis/Global Currency Reset GESARA/NESARA:

Full Report (Doc):

Source: Operation Disclosure Official


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