The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 4-26-22


Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday 4-26-22

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it’s Tuesday April 26th and you’re listening to the Big Call – Thank you everybody for tuning in from all over the globe whether live or on the replay – thank you for tuning in and listening to what we have to tell you tonight

Ok let’s get into the intel side of what we’re talking about tonight – this is one of those things where we got very strong information on the – basically Sunday and Monday – that was pointing toward us receiving our toll free numbers – and this is how it was put to us – and I think this scenario – even though it didn’t happen for us today or yesterday –

This scenario is probably the way they’ll do it – so I’m bringing you up something didn’t happen but the structure of the time line sounds right – and that is – we got this from a premier banker of Wells Fargo which is the lead bank in this whole thing as you know Wells Fargo is over all the exchanges and redemption of zim in the United States –

So – in Canada you’ve got HSBC is the lead bank in charge of Canada and the exchanges that take place there through Scotia bank and Toronto Dominion etc etc – but the lead bank  up there is what I just said – so –

The other part is – the information that we got – the redemption centers would receive their notifications first which makes sense – right – they have to be prepared to help us set our appointments if you are a zim holder – ok – you are going to be on that end of the call to set our physical appointments – so they were supposed to receive their notifications after lunch 1-2 PM – and then 2 hrs later those of us in tier 4B would receive our notification

Now that makes sense to me and that would put us at 3-4 PM theoretically  right – now some of these times could change – it could vary and remember we understood that when we were notified – we’re to be notified at the same time in each time zone – so that 3-4 Eastern would also be 3-4 Central / Mountain / Pacific  and so on – ok “IF” that holds true – and that was sort of proven to us – if you will – my theory about that came back as yes that is how it is going to be – so we’ll see

Now – it didn’t happen yesterday – didn’t happen today – and I/m not sure that we’re going to get started before the end of the month – and I hate saying that – you know I don’t like saying it’s everyday – it’s everyday – it’s everyday – I know it sounds like that – and sometimes it is – but sometimes it’s not – I’m just not convinced by what we have heard today that its necessarily ready to go quite “yet” –

So what has happened to where it almost was – we were hearing – and by the way that information I just gave you came off of a 3 hour zoom call that was done last Wednesday – so it was sort of dated information in the sense that it was a few days old – when we got it – ok – and we’re expecting something yesterday that didn’t manifest or it didn’t manifest today either – 

So where do I think we are – there’s been some information some of you may have seen that is very very convincing to me and it talks about  different aspects her –

One is that we could go even if a couple countries are  not quite ready to go – and I think this is a way to say – we’re going to go *** or high water on May 1st  with or without you –

Now maybe that’s true – maybe it’s a bluff but it should get a couple of these countries which I believe are Iraq and Venezuela to come to the party and get their thing done – it might also involve Iran – I’ve been told by one source it was Iran another source it was talking about Iraq – so Iraq / Iran -? I’m not sure which it is – but I believe that Iraq will do what they are supposed to do and get this thing done –

Now here’s the situation that further complicates it – remember the Muslim holiday that precedes Ramadan called EID – a short three day precursor holiday to Ramadan – the dates for that and they observe it throughout countries in the Middle East and other Muslim countries – May 2 – May 4 – does this occur prior to EID on the 1st of May or does this defer to something that may start on the 5th of May?  Which we’re also hearing about –

What we’re hearing about is we know the 5th of May is Cinco de Mayo – not really tied to which is observed in Mexico ok – sort of marketing holiday – celebration time BUT — what does apparently occur starting the 5th of May is a Code Red Event – and possible announcements – and it could be 1 – 2 or possibly all 3 things occurring – and I’ll just tell you what it might be –

It could be the start of what we’re doing with our exchanges and redemption – It could be – Let’s just say a change in scenery with the administration – it could be the start of NESARA / GESARA also or hopefully it is all three of them –

Now maybe we do get started before the 1st or on the 1st of May and maybe the others – the other things or one thing occurs on the 5th of May – but I believe it is a “Code Red Event” that we are going to keep an eye on – to see if we can figure what in the world that is – specifically – I like specifics –

Alright now – the other things that have sort of being floating around are – the idea of the ISO 222 protocols being adopted by everybody globally and we understand that all may be 2-3 countries have adopted those   protocols –

My understanding is these are to allow crypto currency to be exchanged into a gold backed currency using an exchange platform like XRP or Stellar

I have a very limited knowledge in those cryptos but if that is something that is connected – and it is connected already – XRP has been connected for a month now with the QFS – so there would be a way for the QFS to monitor and keep an eye on exchanges of cryptos – and everything like that globally – I think that is very important – and it may be important – the start of what we’re doing with the QFS

So are there a couple of countries that may not still be on the QFS – we don’t think so – but is possible – we had everybody supposedly coming to the party by last Sunday night – and that also included the ISO protocols – but I’m not sure that really was accomplished – we’ve got that now and maybe it’s almost done -0 maybe it’s done and we just don’t know – those are areas we have to keep an eye on

The other things that we must be aware of is there may be indictments that are coming out that may trigger a lot of things that we’re looking for and may trigger the May 5th event and the other thing is there may also be the release of the (Durham?) Report – which we have been looking for months and months – and it may be released – very soon

So there are a lot of things we can talk about that I just mentioned that are precursors possibly to this going – even though the information we’re getting from lead bank in many cases is showing that we are ready to go – we are getting the notifications – blah blah blah – redemption gets it first then tier 4B gets notified 2 hrs later –

It all looks great right – BUT — and this is hard to say – it’s possible that even the lead banks in this whole RV/GCR might be misinformed – on purpose – they may be led to where they’re being fed information that is not 100% accurate at the time – it is possible –

We know that – and I have to say this – we bring a lot of information and have for 11 years – and a lot of stuff comes from the lead bank – some of it comes from other sources that are very strong but at the same time even the information that I’ve been able to put out on the Big Call has in some ways – lot of the QFS information – the StarLink System  – a lot of those things happen and are real – ok – But obviously not what everybody wants to hear –

When are the toll free numbers coming out? That’s the bottom line for us – we get our toll free number – we call – we set appointments – we go the next day – or the next whatever day we want – we set it up – and we’re golden – that’s really what it is –

Where is the USN in this process? Where is the announcement of that gold backed currency? Where is NESARA and GESARA? Is that what we are looking for on May 5th? Is that the Code Red Event? The announcements? I would think it could very well be – it could be that – it could be our start – it could be the change of the administration – it could be anything – it could be all of those things

So – I am feeling like we are taking this ride one day at a time – the only really way to do it now –  we’ve seen so many things happen – yes every time we think we’re getting ready to go – oops- there’s one more thing –  I KNOW!!  Believe me I’ve been through it – tired of hearing it – just like you – very tired of hearing it –

I’m ready for a change – like Sue said earlier – I am ready to be fierce and pray things in that are not as though they were and take this thing forward and get to the completion of this ride so we can go about helping humanity making all the changes and the projects we wanted to do etc etc

I know we all want to be there – we all want that together – let’s band together in terms of our prayer life to pray these things in completely – believing for those things as though we have them – believing already for things that are not as though we have them

This is a day by day basis – we could get a surprise – I’m not sure we are going to see it before May 1st which is a Sunday  and that may or may not trigger our notifications – we’ll see – we just don’t know – this thing has a way it could turn around and sneak up on us and bite us – so be open to it – but be prayerful about it  and let’s see where God takes us on this journey – Remember – a lot of it is enjoying the journey –

Bruce’s Big Call REPLAY LINK   Intel Begins 1:06:30

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