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Samson » April 27th, 2022

Oil extends gains as geopolitical tensions intensify

27th April, 2022

Oil prices extended gains in early Asian trade on Wednesday, with Russia warning against cutting gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria, while hopes of Chinese economic stimulus boosted oil demand expectations

Brent crude futures rose $0.44, or 0.42 percent, to $105.43 a barrel by 04:38 GMT, and US West Texas Intermediate crude futures rose $0.21, or 0.20%, to $101.95 a barrel. Crude oil prices settled up about 3% on Tuesday in choppy trading as the market fluctuates between supply and demand concerns over Russian oil and gas disruptions and deteriorating global economic prospects

Russia’s Gazprom told Poland and Bulgaria it would halt gas supplies from Wednesday over non-payment of supplied gas in Russian rubles, in a major escalation of the wider dispute between Russia and the West over its invasion of Ukraine

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) warned Tuesday that Asia faces “stagflationary” expectations with the Ukraine war, higher commodity prices and a slowdown in China creating great uncertainty LINK

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Samson » April 27th, 2022

Russia Implements Its Threat And Cuts Off Gas To Two European Countries

27th April, 2022

The Russian energy giant Gazprom announced, on Wednesday, that it has cut off all gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria for not receiving payments in rubles from the two European Union countries.

Gazprom said in a statement, that it had informed the Bulgarian “Bolgar Gas” and the Polish Oil and Gas Mining Company “to stop gas supplies from April 27 until the completion of payments” in rubles, after Russian President Vladimir Putin said last month that his country would not accept that payment be made. The price of shipments only in their national currency.

Russia had demanded that “unfriendly” countries pay the Russian currency for gas, or risk supply disruptions. But Poland confirmed that it will not pay in rubles for Russian gas.

Warsaw was working on independence from Russian energy resources, and it was planned to end its dependence on Russian gas this year.   LINK

The Biggest Economic Crime In History

27th April, 2022 by Muhammad Sadiq Al-Husseini

Why do they make the dollar a reference currency in the global economy?

The Bretton Woods Agreement of 1944 made the dollar the international monetary standard for all world currencies. Where America pledged under that agreement and before the countries of the world that it possesses a cover of gold equivalent to the dollars it is offering.

The agreement stipulates that whoever hands over $35 to America, America will give him an ounce of gold. That is: if you go to the US Central Bank, you can exchange (35) dollars for an ounce of gold, and the United States of America guarantees that. At that time, the dollar became called a “hard currency” and gained international confidence, in order to reassure countries of the existence of its gold coverage.

So countries collected as many dollars in their coffers in the hope of converting their value into gold at any time. And the situation continued like this for a time until President Nixon came out in the seventies to the world to shock all the inhabitants of the globe as a whole that the United States would not hand the holders of the dollar the equivalent of gold, and to discover that the United States was printing dollars away from the presence of a cover of gold and that it possessed the wealth of the world with a handful of green leaves whose value is only worth the cost of making this leaf, and it has no gold cover for it.

Nixon announced at the time that the dollar would float, i.e. it would go down in the market under speculation, and its exchange rate would be determined by supply and demand, claiming that the dollar was strong in the reputation of America and its economy, as if this economic strength was not a force derived from that major trick that the world was fooled by.

No country has been able to object or declare its rejection of this new monetary system, because this objection will then mean that all that is in the treasury of these countries in billions of dollars and in their banks will become worthless paper, which is a more than disastrous result for them.

This great incident has been called “Nixon Shock” internationally, and it is enough for you to write “Nixon shock” on search engines to discover that it is an incident about which thousands of pages, analyzes and studies have been written, but it is hidden from the people.

At that time, US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger went to Saudi Arabia and asked it “Whoever wants to buy oil from you buys it with dollars, and this is what Saudi Arabia did. Nixon famously said, “We must play the game as we made it, and they must play it as we designed it.” And this system still exists today: America prints whatever paper it wants and buys the goods of all peoples with it.

That’s why Putin said: *”America is stealing the world!” * And he is absolutely right about that.. and the post-war Ukraine will not be the same as before it.*   LINK

Sir » April 27th, 2022

IMO-MOAB just dropped and I believe that the people of the world will agree and move away from the beast ( Federal Reserve )

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