The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 4-28-22


Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday 4-28-22

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it’s Thursday April 28th and you’re listening to the Big Call – Thank you everybody for tuning in from all over the globe whether live or on the replay

We’ve got some intel for you – I told you it was going to be good – I think it is the mother lode – that’s what Sue called it –  I agree – We prayed really hard yesterday that we would get some revelation and would be new and would be conclusive for  us – and I believe I have that tonight

So this is what I want to bring:  I have several segments – I am going to try to remember all of them – and go through in some order – I want you – if you have a pen a piece of paper make a few notes – some of this stuff especially what I am going to start off with you don’t know – you’ve never heard it before and you’ll never hear it again – this is really important stuff –

Let’s get started on it – obviously if you are listening on a replay you can go back – anyone can listen on the replay and catch this again if they need –

The first thing is something that caught me off guard because we’ve never quite understood exactly how this was going to work – this is my understanding of what we’re looking at now – and there’s been some changes just recently – in this program and I will explain that –

Remember we are hooked up world wide to the Quantum Financial System and we have – we’re about to have our gold backed currency the USN utilized for all exchanges and all for tier 3 bond holders and for us in tier 4A 4B and also the intermediary   that are those programs like prosperity packages –  CMKX – adjudicated settlements – fines and penalties –  farm claims etc – whatever filled in that group we call intermediaries – between tier 3 and tier 4 – those are about to be paid as well – We believe those will be paid over this coming weekend – that’s the latest information that we have about those being paid out – over this coming weekend

Alright – now – now this is the piece that was so new – I had to go back and make sure I understood it – and this is my understanding of it :

We have accounts – or will have accounts in the QFS that we’re going to call our Quantum Bank Accounts – this is not even a bank account – it’s an account where we have money in our mother lode account that is in digital USN – and it’s held by the QFS

We’re going to use an example for purposes – and we’re just going to use this as an example that doesn’t reflect anybody or any particular exchange – or redemption – but we are going to use it for a reason

So let’s say that you have redeemed zim and you have redeemed and have a one hundred trillion dollar benefit – from y our zim – could be any number of 1 note – it could be several notes that accumulate to that total

Let’s start with one hundred trillion – I am not limiting anybody – there are no caps on this – I am giving you an “example” – write this number down -100 T – 100 trillion

They want us that are doing projects – “real” projects –  a humanitarian project – and it is scaled  – they were going to let bond holders get access to 1% of their money initially – and we were thrown in that mix – remember I told you we would get 1% of our zim? Well guess what – they changed their mind on the 1 deal – why?  Because so many people are aware and even the redemption centers are aware of the Med Beds that are going to be rolling out – not too long in the future – not very far –

So they know that we plan on living 300 – 500 more years – because we can do that – with technology – I know this is new – it shocked a lot of people – don’t be shocked – just get on board and learn about it

So – that means they changed from a 1% of a lot – like a hundred trillion – to 10% of 100 T – so that 10% would be 10 trillion dollars – 10% of 100 is 10 – 10 trillion dollars would be what they would allow you to put in what I’m calling now your primary bank account – that’s “my” term – “primary bank account” PBA

Now that primary bank account you can set up with any bank that you want – personally – I am doing with Wells Fargo – and there’s a reason for it – that’s just “me” – you don’t have to – you can go with another tier 1 bank – it has to be a tier 1 bank with the amount being that large –

So you’ve got your 10T account set up with Wells Fargo that you can get access to right away for your project/s – now let’s back off one other second – let’s say that you have a billion dollars’ worth of currency – meaning after your currency exchange it will net you 1 billion USN dollars – that money – that billion is not subject to the QFS – it is just another amount that you would put in your primary bank account

So now for our example we’ve got 1 billion in currency exchange proceeds plus 10T which is the 10% of our 100Trillion that is in our QFS account – so we actually start off with 10 Trillion 1 billion dollars

So we have that starter / primary account – and then what they’re going to do is they will pay interest on that amount – not on the 100 or 90T that we had in the QFS account – we always thought we would get paid on that total – Nope – that is residing in your Quantum account – but the money you get paid interest on – that you accrue interest on APY – Annual Percentage Yearly – is  depending upon the bank you have for your “primary” bank account – PBA

So we’ve got 10 trillion and a little change – 1 billion in that primary account = that is what we are going to earn interest on – I know it’s not the full Monty – ok – not the full mother lode at all – it’s a portion of it – 10% of it – BUT …. It’s still going to be a ton of money –

Now what interest rate are we looking at? I’m not going to do the banks job for you however – I have heard on good authority it is going to be in the range of 6 ½ % with one particular bank all the way up to 8 1/2%  and maybe one bank might offer 10%

Now that money is annual percentage yearly rate – but in my case I’m hoping I can get it quarterly – I think they will do that – and where am I going to take that money? Into the primary account – yep I will take it into that primary account and that primary account will be moved into various – obviously it is a trust account – but it will be moved into certain LLC’s and my case that is how I’m doing it – and I will be able to  funnel those monies based on the projects that we’re doing – I’ve got a complete strategy in terms of what I’m doing –  for various reasons –

Money ears – as far as I know – I don’t know the term of the interest – how long we can do that – I hope we can do that for a very long time and I think they are not going to use the structured pay out for us that have projects – they may use a “version” of a structured pay out for those that don’t have projects –

It’s too hard to know what that structured pay out might even be right now –  we can’t know that right now – but this is designed so that you can see in real numbers – based on the currency you have and the zim bonds which are bearer bonds – that you have – that will bring face value by the way – and I’ve told you that the Zimbabwe dollar was  on par with the US dollar – if anybody understands what that means – you know what the rate would be on the zim – if you have valuable projects –

So do we still need a spill over account? Not unless you want one – but where would the interest come from? The primary account – Right !! It comes from the primary account at whatever interest rate you agree to and if you want the spill  that interest into another account – a secondary account you can do that – that’s fine – I’m going to take a look at that option too – maybe you spill that into another bank entirely –

Maybe you are using that into your secondary bank – but initially I’m going with Wells and then maybe a secondary bank after that – but I love the fact that it took  us this long  – to get this information – to be perfectly candid with you – this is a fairly recent decision on their part – so  you can’t really blame me for it – I really just learned this yesterday –  and glad I could share it with you – So everybody  understand that concept – that’s new – no one knows it but you now –

The other thing is – if you remember back to Tuesday night’s call I gave you some intel that talked about a Code Red Event – May 5th –  It happens to be Cinco de mayo –  but it has nothing to do with Cinco de mayo – sorry – However –  what’s cool is that – remember – I told you or I should have told you at this point that we’re hearing that we will have our tier 4A & 4B group exchanges initialized a couple days prior to the 5th  – well that would be the 3rd of May –

Now – more recently I’ve heard we could be notified on the 3rd and go – start exchanges on the 4th OR – we could get the fall back position would be late morning on the 4th  to receive notification and start on the 4th or 5th

So that is our window and it looks like they are going to hit this either the 3rd or 4th of May – which is Tuesday and Wednesday – of next week – alright – so we got that –

Now – what else is going on? From the 3rd to the 8th of May we are entering the third phase of NESARA which is for the United States – GESARA – Global Economic Strategic and Reform Act will also enter into that same period

What is it going to mean for us and what does it mean for everybody else that is not a part of these exchanges? This is where it is good news for everybody – especially those that are older Americans – citizens of this country –  legal citizens –  from the birth year – the year you were born – if you were born from 1943 – 1962 you are in that group – first phase of NESARA retribution and repayment of  to you –

We’ve talked about birth certificate traded as a bond – marriage certificate traded as a bond – divorce decree certificate traded as a bond – death certificate traded as a bond – all 4 of those in what ever shape or size those paid for you are payable to you – if you are in that range of 1934 – 1962 ( this is date he stated on call also the 1943 above) as your birth year –

It is going to be in the range of a few – 5 or so million dollars – for that – see how somebody who is not involved in the currencies like we are who might be outside but in that age group would receive benefit from that –

There is another / second tranche of funds that would come in the end of the lot and I think they are trying to get NESARA funded out in that time frame – and that second tranche as I understand it would include interest paid on loans that were illegal by the way  – mortgages – car loans – boat loans – everything – and including your tax money you paid – Federal Income Tax – did not go to our US government by the way – and that second tranche may be significantly larger than the first go around –  the first might be 4-5 – the second one could be 10-12 or 15 million dollars –

So that is for everybody not involved in these currencies but us too – we will still get it – we won’t “need” it but we’ll get it – I believe it will be direct deposit – to your bank – if they know your bank account – if not they will ask – if you are not on Social Security – disability etc – that is NESARA for the United States

Now what else should go down for  us between the 2nd  and the 5th of May?  We should see the removal of the administration and the return of the rightly elected President – that is supposed to happen in that time frame slightly prior to the 5th  let’s see what that brings –

I can’t tell you specifics about 10 days of disclosure but that was intended to come out any day now and could as early as the 1st or 2nd of May – I don’t have that date as official start but it could start in that same time frame – I don’t have anything about 10 days of darkness except what Charlie Ward referred to with the Queen of England who has been gone for a couple of years – realistically –  and they will honor her as tradition for Queen or King of England –  a 10 day period of mourning and whatever else they do over there –

As far as anything that would interfere here 0 you understand that Elon Musk is working a deal where they have already made an offer to purchase and I believe accepted –  Twitter –  so that will no longer be restricted –

The buyers of CNN – an investor that had 58 % who was a Trump supporter I understand there’s a group and including Elon Musk is going to buy all of CNN –  we will see how that al l plays out

Once the truth comes out and is disclosed on that network – a news max – on others  as truth social – twitter etc I think the other news agencies will follow suit – – that is what I predict – we will see how that goes

But this is what I wanted to tell you about the timing that we’re in – it’s very very strong – the sources are as high as you can get – and I feel very confident about the timing that I have been led to believe – when we are going to start –  I think we should all take a deep breath and start thinking very seriously about where we stand

I think that is everything I wanted to say tonight – I feel good about what we said – I hope I did not go too long – but I really think this is very important – and by the way – why did all of the redemption centers across the United States and that’s over 7,000 – why did they have a conference call last night from 8:30 – 10:30 PM Eastern? Two hour conference call at night – I think that is telling us something –  a lot of stuff –  we don’t know what it was about – but I think we have enough information to just say – we know the redemption centers are on call starting tomorrow through the weekend

But we realistically do not expect them to have to go in for another conference call – over the weekend – but realistically ……  we’re looking golden for next week –  Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday –  3rd 4th 5th

This is going to be an incredible week for us and I’m looking forward to all of it

Bruce’s Big Call REPLAY LINK Intel Begins 1:14:25

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