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Hard to believe the month of May begins at midnight. Wow. If you had told me back in early 2009 when we jumped on board this rollercoaster that we would still be awaiting this RV in the year 2022, I would have thought you were completely bonkers.  Alas, here we are. Tick tock goes the clock, and time marches on. Come ON, rv. Show yourself!

Come on everyone. If you have been in this for awhile, you know NOTHING is going to happen during Ramadan and all the other eid, etc. stuff related. Tony has given us a reasonable date to look forward to…. But some day it will happen….

Charlie – nothing happens during any of the many many holidays, nothing happens when it is hot and nothing happens on any day ending in “y”

The point being lost by some is that Nothing is going to happen during Ramadan, period. Lots of days end in y, but R is R.

Lot’s of positive things going on behind the scenes, gang. Try to stay on the positive side! We are close to the end!!

Sunday sundown marks the end of Ramadan. Monday marks the beginning of Eid al-fitr.

EID is a holiday which follows a specific sighting of the moon. So, based on when a country will see that moon determines the holiday dates. Iraq will end EID on May 7th

EID al-fitr dates can be longer than the ‘official’ 2 days in respective Nations: 2022 Official? IRAQ: Mon. May 2: EID al-fitr National holiday / May 3: EID al-Fitr National holiday / May 4: EID al-Fitr National holiday / May 5: EID al-Fitr National holiday

was just reading that article stated,,,”as for the date of the vote on the emergency support act in the house of representatives, mp muthanna amin stated that “public discussions have been completed on the law in the finance committee, and the vote will be on it after eid al-fitr”

If I remember correctly, Sadr’s 40 days isn’t over until May 7. He won’t do anything until after that. So, I think, no government or RV chance this week.

It’s amazing to me that all the times we were told by so many “there’s no way Iraq can go on like this for much longer” and “Iraq can not sustain for much longer like this”, they actually DID go on and sustain for over a decade. I can’t understand how they did it. They, obviously, have much they never divulge. Iraq has many, many cards up their sleeves that we were never privy to.

Unfortunately, the arrow of time, set the treaties in an order, with Iraq first in line of priority. Thus, we rely on a poorly organized country to mature to the point where this can be safely released. We all hope that the time is just around the corner. Bu we have no crystal ball. We wait for powers beyond ours to greenlight this great project. Hang in there folks, and pray for fruition. Blessings to all.

If we have to wait then at least we are waiting together

Missile bombing targets Ain Al-Assad base in Anbar

An official security source said, on Saturday, that the vicinity of Ain al-Assad Air Base in Anbar Governorate, western Iraq, was subjected to a missile attack.

The source did not give further details in his statement to Shafak News Agency.

In turn, the so-called Islamic Resistance in Iraq, the “International Resistance Faction”, adopted the attack on the Ain al-Assad base.

The resistance said in a statement that Shafaq News Agency could not confirm its authenticity that its international faction “managed to target the Ain Al-Assad base with two 122mm Grad missiles, and the target was hit with high accuracy.”

Military bases hosting the international coalition forces have been subjected to missile attacks, since the killing of the Iranian “Quds Force” commander Qassem Soleimani in a US raid, in early 2020.

The United States accuses Iraqi armed factions close to Iran of being behind repeated missile attacks targeting its embassy in the capital, Baghdad, and its military bases in the country.  link

We do not have a magic wand!”.. Al-Kazemi clarifies about” changing the dollar exchange rate

Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi confirmed the government’s success in achieving the highest economic growth rate in two years, while noting that the solution to the political blockage is not .in political speeches, but rather in an attempt to restore confidence

Al-Kazemi said in an extensive interview conducted with him by “Al-Sabah”, which was followed by (Baghdad Today), that he did not put in his economic work any promotional goals, warning .that economic reform will not be achieved without suffering

In his response to the decision to change the exchange rate of the dollar, Al-Kazemi explained that changing the exchange rate was not a qualitative decision for this government, but was preceded by studies that spanned years, and said: “We do not have the magic wand to change “.reality in one fell swoop, but we have laid the foundations of normal life

Regarding his failure to participate in the elections, Al-Kazemi affirmed his opposition and .rejection of all requests that she wanted him to participate in

Al-Kazemi expressed his satisfaction with what was accomplished during the two years of the government’s life, and said: “During two years of the government’s work, we succeeded in achieving the highest economic growth rate in the Arab countries, according to International Monetary Fund reports, which expected that the economic growth rate in Iraq would reach 95% within in 2022 and 2023, concluding: “I did what satisfied my conscience in the performance of “.my duties, but on the political level, it is still early to talk  link

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