Nick Fleming: RV/GCR Intel Update “The World is Now Compliant” 5-2-22


Nicks Intel Update

Updates concerning the RV/GCR

05/02/2022 The World is Now Compliant

The whole world is now ISO 20022 compliant. Every country except US, that is. Because of this absolutely nothing can happen, because the US is in control.

The US is controlled by the Biden Administration which translates to the CABAL is now in charge. Now the millions of people working in US Agencies are following orders carrying the US quickly to a Communist State “by Lawful edict.” New Nazi laws are enacted daily. Yesterday it was the formation of a “Ministry of Truth.” Such malarkey. Obvious crushing and Machievellian acts against We the People. Benjamin Fulford said quite a lot about this:

Nothing will happen until the military takes the steps necessary to implement NESARA here in US.

Every one of the 888 items in the Agreement has been completed. The whole world is compliant while the US is spiraling into further crisis, and 3rd world status. This death spiral of a criminal Gestapo-controlled government will escalate the second the US’s bonds go unpaid. It will take about thirty days and this bankruptcy will be finally done. We the People must prepare for this to take place. We’ve been warned about this ultimate Fall. It’s coming, and fast.

Russia continues to posture, and now has taken the lead in the rest of the world with a Gold-backed ruble. Trade with Russia requires ISO 20022. This requires the QFS and puts tracers on every transaction. This eliminates US Treasury/CABAL interference. The US is separate and distinct in its obvious corrupt leadership – its obvious Marxist/Communist takeover. The watching world can only wonder, where did Reagan’s America disappear to? This descent to poverty and fear only took 3 short years. Starting with Trump and the CV19 pandemic.

Today we are told in whispers, that the US Military is actually responsible for destroying the food supply chain. These actions, along with the destruction of our health, our strength to resist, our ability to survive, are perpetrated by a few on the many. Not to sink to name calling, but these few are criminals, deviants, and perverse-intentioned, callous bastards. To those perpetrators who survive this attack on the millions of innocents here in the US, tomorrow you will look back and see the error of your ways. Coercion, destruction, death, pain and suffering of millions, is never right in God’s Eyes.

The US Military, acting on orders from the Khazarian-controlled military industrial complex, are behind many crimes committed against the People. Not just here, but also in other parts of the world. How can innocent kids, 18, to 20 years old discern what is right when it’s delivered as, “an order?” Yes, the innocents are always paying for the crimes of a few. To all those taking “orders” wreaking destruction on innocents, God is always the ultimate judge, you will get yours too. Best to stand aside while the evil do their deeds, or stand for what’s Right. There’s always a choice.

The “72 hours” wait for the Islamic Eid el Fitr holiday to end, is today, May 2nd. Tomorrow is the next window for Release, for Redemption to begin in earnest. Will the true Military that serve the original, restored, 1776 Constitution, finally take the necessary steps to restore this Great Nation to sanity? Will the Quantum System that has ultimate discretion here, finally issue the Go? Many are doubtful. After one loss after another, it’s difficult to believe this is going to end until the evidence is given. Praying for Clear Direction from a wise God is the best course. We join together with all others of faith in prayers for Peace. All while being focused and prepared for more challenge. Challenge has obviously been planned for a very long time. It’s not over yet.

The bottom line is, we don’t know what will come next. Will it be 1,000 Years of Grace and Ease? Or will it be more poverty and struggle? Only time will tell.


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