The Survival Economist: This is How the Inflation Crisis is Getting Worse


The Survival Economist
Premiered May 1, 2022

It looks like the taxpayers are on a proxy spending spree again. The repo market is in total chaos. Is the repo market the canary in the coal mine, signaling the next financial collapse?

The new repo market timeline that proves this crisis is NOT going away is revealed, right here, right now! Don’t be caught off guard like so many before Lehman Brothers went bust.

Watch this video to the end , to make sure you have all the most recent intel on the repo market bailout (QE4). It is crystal clear that the corrupt Fed needs to be audited again. The last time the Fed was audited, they’ve found 16 Trillion damage not reported to the public that the Fed gave away to the big banks and corporations for the bank bailout of 2008.

Do not underestimate the Fed and Treasury. These corrupt people are capable of printing unlimited amounts of paper.So they will continue to print re and more.

 It all started in mid-September when overnight, the rates in the repo market skyrocketed by an unheard of 400%! The Fed stepped in and injected liquidity like they always do, which is a fancy way of saying they printed more money, which will cause future inflation and widen the wealth gap, and gave it to the banks and financial institutions.

Of course, Jerome Powell came out and said the repo market crash was nothing more than a “glitch” and was only temporary. In other words, nothing to see here, move along. But you know from watching my videos, once they started QE, they can never stop, and this was the latest round (QE4).

But Jerome Powell was adamant that what the Fed was doing in the repo market was NOT QE. Even though that was the exact textbook definition. Why will the Fed never admit the continued repo market bailout is QE? Because by admitting they have to start QE again, they’re admitting QE 1,2, and 3 failed. The market would then lose confidence, and we all know the entire economy is built on debt, asset prices, and trust.

So the temporary “glitch” in the repo market has now turned into something far more permanent. So let’s look at the timeline of the Fed’s continued bailout of the repo market. Is this the next financial crisis canary in the coal mine? Does it have anything to do with the housing bubble 2.0? Is the repo market chaos trying to tell us the underlying system is failing?

The federal reserve stopped intervening in the repo market in 2008 (when Lehman went bust). Now, 10+ years again, they’ve started to intervene again. First, the Fed told us it was only a temporary glitch. Of course, now they’ve changed their tune. They’ve had to continue this repo market QE4 since the “glitch” in September.

In this video, I specifically discuss: How the repo market works. What the repo market problem was. And what were the excuses the mainstream media gave?

So is The repo Crisis Getting Worse? Yes, absolutely; it is. And here’s a timeline of the feds repo operations per their website.


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