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International Monetary Fund: Iraq’s Revenues Will Reach Nearly 150 Billion Dollars In 2022


The International Monetary Fund expected that Iraq will achieve a jump in its public revenues during 2022, after the rise in oil prices.

According to the fund’s estimates, “it is expected that the Arab oil-exporting countries will witness leaps in their revenues during the current year, in conjunction with the rise in oil prices globally,” noting that “it is expected that Iraq’s revenues during 2022 will reach 149 billion dollars, with an annual change rate of 73 percent.” for the year 2021.

The report added that “Saudi Arabia’s revenues are expected to rise by $327 billion with an annual change of 28 percent, while Libya’s annual revenues for the current year will reach 39 billion dollars with an annual change of 84 percent, while the UAE’s revenues will be 190 billion dollars with an annual change of 46 percent, and Kuwait’s revenues will be 102 billion.” dollars with an annual change rate of 46 percent.

He added that “Qatar’s revenues are expected to reach $84 billion with an annual change of 40 percent, Bahrain’s revenues will be 11 billion dollars with an annual change of 39 percent, Oman’s revenues will amount to 39 billion dollars with an annual change of 34 percent, while Algeria’s revenues will reach 58 billion dollars, with a percentage change of 28 percent.” percent”.

Oil prices rose during 2022 to above $100 per barrel after Russia, one of the world’s largest oil and gas exporters, launched a war against Ukraine, with concerns about a disruption and a scarcity of oil exports. 

The 2022 budget is trapped behind the walls of the current government… The question?

Locked up behind the walls of the current government and it is very difficult to pass it… The 2022 budget is in a cycle of disruption and delay, and the reason is the knot of forming the next government and its differences that directly affected the budget’s passage inside the parliament

The knot of government formation was not limited to the political file only, but extended to more than that to threaten the citizen’s food and food security due to the incompleteness of the draft federal budget for 2022. It is, according to the data, confined to the caretaker government

The question here? What prevents from sending the budget to the House of Representatives from a government that has expired and has restricted powers to

answer and with a legal interpretation, there is no objection to that, provided that Parliament grants Al-Kazemi’s government a special mandate as it is the legislative authority of the executive authorities amid assurances that the current government will not risk sending the law, in anticipation of the problems that the new government will face with a draft Formulated according to policies that differ from its policy

And since the formation of the government may be delayed beyond the deadline given by Al-Sadr to the framework forces, Parliament, specifically the Finance Committee, seeks to implement the alternative, which is the Emergency Food Security Support Law in order to pass it as soon as possible in anticipation of any emergency complicating the scene more than it is..   link

With a caretaker govt. the budget can be implemented (it was passed by a duly elected Parliament) by the caretaker govt. Only in Iraq would a so-called final court rule that a govt. in charge could not implement the budget.

Yes, this caretaker government can and will initate the vote for the Food service law which has the rate, because of the impasse in forming the government. Their constitution stated an emergency government can do that. And like you stated, the old government did put the budget together so parliament can vote it in with a majority vote. Either way, the rate get released.

Our door is open for partnership.. Coordinating Committee sends ”an invitation coinciding with the feast of “wise people

Today, Monday, the leader in the coordination framework, Aid Al-Hilali, expressed his hope that the blessed Eid Al-Fitr will be a gateway to true tolerance and open new .pages between the political parties for the purpose of ending the political blockage

Al-Hilali said in a statement to (Baghdad Today) that “the door of the coordination framework is open for dialogue and real partnership in managing Iraq towards a better future for its people,” noting that “we must invest these days to open the door for dialogue and meetings with everyone to choose the president of the republic as a .start, and then an agreement will be made on a president.” Ministers and his cabinet

Al-Hilali expected that “the next stage will witness a real development in the political “.scene for the better, because the blockage, even if it is prolonged, will not last

He stressed that “the wise people exist, and they are concerned with the nation’s interest, and we believe that no matter how different the views persist between the “.partners, the matter is the end of détente   link

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