“Access to your TDA” by Danlboon – 5.4.22


Entry Submitted by Danlboon at 9:04 AM ET on May 4, 2022

There should be certain ways that We The People all get access to our Treasury Direct Account if we all paid our income taxes and have our SSN and driver’s license with a legitimate name and address, and we don’t need approval from unknown government officials to see that we qualify, but just to verify that is our TDA. I think you will only receive a copy of your Birth Certificate or Certificate of Live Birth as the original will be kept by the city where you were born so you don’t lose it or it is stolen, so it could be a two step process to have that in hand. The access to your TDA will be the same for everyone and no particular bank or government official can tell you otherwise, unless per the White Hats’ rules basically for criminal activity, and there will be no racism controls on your TDA. If your bank wants to play that game then tell them; “There is a cell waiting for you at GITMO.” One connection is with your regular bank account that is hopefully still open per them being BASIL III compliant. Now for those banks that were not and then shut down the White Hats have that data for what you had at the time, including the mortgage on your home, for which now you cannot be foreclosed on because there is no where to make your payments to.

The large sums that those that were born from 1934-1962 are to receive is NOT going to be put into your regular bank account, for which then the local bankers could halt you from accessing it or seize it completely, as all that will be going into your TDA. However, the increase to your Social Security benefits will be seen as an increase in your regular bank acount and not all transferred to your TDA, and that is a sign things are working. There will NOT be any NDA’s for you to sign to keep you from accessing your TDA. If any bank manager comes up with that jargon then you should be able to call the local Sheriff or Police Chief for Federal Crimes by denying you access to your funds, and if you are arrested for claiming you have a TDA then the White Hats did not do their job, unless you are a known criminal. Boy, this is the best way to pick up all the bad guys. If you have had prior child support payments due then there will be no judge involved to seize any of these funds as it is all yours. A judge now coming up with $100.000 per month in child support is a joke.

For millions there might be that you just go to your local bank, when the notice is made the TDAs are available, and check into that TDA, for which only you have access and not any spouse, partner, family member or friend, and the bank can only know you have enough funds in that account to make any purchase, and that should be over $1,000,000 and no credit score is needed to have it, and they cannot close that account for any of the bank’s personal reasons or any local judges’ order, as we are presently in the transition for people to try and do this. If you want to then transfer your other account funds to your TDA you have that opportunity, and if you want to even transfer to having another bank for walk-in or ATM access that is your choice too. Presently your bank clerk can see what is in your account, and what funds are being transferred if any, when you go to the window or drive up, but with the TDA all they can see is a green light or red light as if you tried to take out $100,000 or want to purchase a home for $800,000 and they cannot call the manager over to then halt you receiving that. You will also be given a new debit/credit/ATM card for only that account, but I am assuming you would be able to transfer funds online as like a bank wire as you would also be given the bank routing number which may by only from the US Treasury.

Now for those that are involved in criminal activity or are regular street drug users, people might have to think twice as if everyone is to have access to their TDA then it is an open door to have the drugs now for a little bag of meth to be worth $100,000 and thus crime skyrockets. But at the same time the Dollar prices will be going back to the ’70’s prices which gold was worth $36 per troy ounce. So the White Hats should know who is and who is NOT to be receiving access to their TDA, and there is a question as to if the regular street thugs should be receiving theirs as that should hopefully stop them from their crimes, but if you do NOT give them access just because they had one minor theft, then they will go on the verge of committing major crimes. Which is better, providing what they want or keeping it from them when they surely deserve it?

Now for the big criminal thugs as of government officials, which the White Hats should be on top of this already as of 2016, is that one of the major cities is Chicago, of which we know one person is involved and he and his partner are being charged with Treason, but for what I see is that the present officials; Mayor Lightfoot and Superintendent of Police David Brown may have already been given notice by the US Military to comply with everything once the EBS begins. If they are so corrupt and want to run the world then I would see that the; mayor, city council, superintendent of police, police administration, police commission, city attorney, local DOJ officials, judges, sheriff, county board of supervisors, district court judges, corrupt cops and the general employees of the city and county may come to about 100,000 present officials that may be going down to GITMO if they try and halt anyone from receiving access to their TDA or arresting more people and charging them with $1,000,000 bonds and $100,000 fines per month for let’s say going over 5 MPH as well as a small drug possession. And then we would know why. If Chicago wants to continue with Qualified Immunity and Civil Asset Forfeiture then they surely will be going to GITMO. If the Police come to your door in Chicago and even mention anything about your TDA, like how to open it up just to be nice, then you know they want that money. I think that 95% of the cops and their officials used Qualified Immunity and Civil Asset Forfeiture at least once if not even every week during their career.

If there was a way to get out of this then there might just be some catastrophe of the police records building and/or court house records for the destruction of evidence just like building 7 on 911, to keep the corrupt names off the record, but the White Hats may already will prevent that from happening and I am just revealing of what may happen. I have a sneaking suspicion that the US Military will have their troops at the city capital, the police station and court building just to be prepared.

Certain individuals have already been contacted by Secret Service to provide information to their followers and the general public, so when the EBS hits they will be ready to start broadcasting the Truth, and what you We The People should be doing is that there needs to be your own Peoples’ Republic Commission for your city and/or county along with a De Jure Grand Jury to transfer over to the Republic, and the present government cannot stop you. And you do not need to go thru all the rigamarole of claiming your Sovereignty with approval from the US CORP and the USPS as We The People are Sovereign already. And this will not be a requirement to access you TDA.



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