Dinarland Highlights for May 3, 2022


Dinarland Highlights – 5.3.22

Mountain Goat

…Getting a government formed sooner than later hinges on two events. One is that they do take a vote on the new president on May 7th and second then move ahead to vote on the new prime minister. Any other actions will postpone the new government from being formed maybe for months…so let’s hope on May 7th they can settle this election.


Frank26 (KTFA)

IMO it was for me to say to you something major will happen in the month of April in Iraq concerning their monetary reform.  It was called the International Standardization Organization (ISO20022) and it was announced last Thursday officially.  You need to understand this is major.  This is huge…this was signed around the 22nd of April…why would this announcement be coming just now last Thursday?  The world is ‘timing’… 

This breaks the shackles.  This breaks the chains.  Article VIII was extremely important.  Chapter VII was extremely important.  But this is busting the door wide open…The ISO has been around since 2013/14 but it just now being given to Iraq/CBI.  What caused it to be given to them?  An Addendum…to slowly remove the Swift system…this is major.  This is huge…This is a request from the IMF for the dinar to be asset backed…it allows the IQD via the ISO compliance to be international…the ISO is simply a platform for the IQD to go international



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We have had a lot of news happen over the last couple of days. We have the Iraqi President screaming that they need to end all the political blockades and get this all done by May 7th. The IMF came out and said it is time for Iraq to adjust and strengthen their currency.  (ie: change the value on it)  Now let’s talk about the “Rumormill” from my contacts.   We are hearing that Tier 3 will start today…doing small transactions first on the tier 3 level to make sure everything is secure and then move forward…So, once again we appear to be sitting on the edges of our seats. We are in a fantastic position and have seen a lot of progress over the last 48 hours

we have had 2 very solid confirmations from Tier 3 and them having received small bank wires…compared to what they are owed. Test wires. And that tells us (imo) that real money has started moving in tier 3…This is exciting. I think this is fantastic news…I have some very large folks in tier 3 that have not seen any movement yet. So I think we are in the very beginning of this. Hopefully we will get more reports of payments by tomorrow.  Maybe we will have a phenomenal update tomorrow…



After reviewing the monetary policy of the Central Bank of Iraq has posted on the Central Bank of Iraq’s website for the period 2016 to 2020 it does confirm Iraq is in development of a financial system in accordance with ISO 20022…It also states that Iraq is planning to restructure the currency taking measures to delete the three zeros and issue a new dinar (which is a LOP). This confirms what is currently being taught to citizens during symposiums. 

For the central bank to be in agreement with the World Bank and IMF to continually improve and build their banking system, compliance, etc is a good thing! It will eventually provide them with the tools and skill to engage with the global financial system…But Iraq’s exchange rate will never be a random act, it’ll be based on sound economic policies and the growth of Iraq’s economy and private sector. 



Sadr gave the Coordination Framework 40 days to try to form the government.  If a new government is formed we know Sadr did not have a part in that.  It looks like Sadr’s 40 days are at the end or have ended so we’re about to find out what it is that Sadr had in mind.  Some type of announcement should come out.

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