Dinarland Highlights for May 5, 2022


Dinarland Highlights – 5.5.22

Bruce (The Big Call)

…the latest we had …is pointing toward us still going this week and I’m hearing 4th – 5th or 6th  that would be Wed – Thursday – Friday – of this week – for notifications to come out…It could very well happen this week…


Frank26 (KTFA)

May the 7th that’s interesting isn’t it.  They’re also talking about May the 12th…I’m not giving you these dates because that’s when it’s going to happen.  These dates are more belonging to the possibility of Iraq actually having a government.  The first one was May 7th.  Now they’re talking about May 12th too.

[Iraq boots-on-the-ground TV report]

FIREFLY: Television news is showing alliance groups has signatures to request a session on May 7th to vote for a president and also vote on the budget…

FRANK: …The 7th is going to be an interesting day unless they do the same nonsense, ‘We postpone it.’  I don’t think so though.  This is being laser focused…concentrated on what they are doing…we await to see the outcome.


Walkingstick (KTFA)

[via Frank26]

If we do have a government established by the 7th or the 12th that’s going to trigger a lot of events that are important to you and I and the citizens concerning the monetary reform…if there is a seated government by Saturday Walkingstick’s bank friends are going to call and tell him what the CBI is telling the banks what the next steps will be…



[via PDK]

There is some back and forth out of Iraq that it may take longer now to seat their politicians. Many conflicting articles out there right now. The same kind of back and forth we saw in Kuwait in the weeks leading up to their RV. So don’t panic everytime you see a piece of news…i am still hearing very positive news.  Iraqi contacts are still hearing to watch between the 7th and the 10th. Redemption folks were told they are on call this weekend. Military folks are very stoked for something to happen mid- month…which we are quickly approaching.



It’s still a hot mess over in Iraq politically but things will start to change once Sadr comes out of seclusion.  I’m curious to hear what his statement is going to be and if he mobilizes his people at all in order to make a statement.  He gave the Coordination Framework 40 days.  The 40 days has come to pass.  What does that mean?  What can he do?   What is he going to do All eyes are on Sadr…



[Response to Newshound Guru Pimpy 5-4-2022]

Guru Pimpy thinks because Iraq’s revenues are predicting to rise they should raise the exchange rate. It’s going to take more than a prediction for Iraq’s exchange rate to rise, they actually have to begin to accomplish building a private sector economy and increase GDP…And even then it will not rise overnight it’s going to take a long time for the dinar to gradually appreciate as a result of the success of the growth of Iraq’s economy…


Sandy Ingram

A few of you have mentioned…you have trouble believing Iraq will ever revalue their currency because they have overprinted the money.  This is a valid concern.  Some people believe Iraq will have the necessary income [Because of oil] to rebuild the country, create new jobs, along with enough cash flow to maintain the government…pay Iran for electricity, clean up the rivers, smother corruption and print new currency.

The policies surrounding the exchange of the old currency, the dinar we hold, and the newly printed currency, which no one is admitting to, will determine who can exchange the old currency to the new.  They could limit the exchange to Iraqi citizens and countries or they could only exchange currency inside of the country, meaning you…would need to travel to Iraq in order to exchange the currency.  And while you’re there…build up the tourist industry…Once the exchange period is over Iraq could…purely as speculation…float the new currency…we will have to see.

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