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Entry Submitted by Danlboon at 7:45 AM ET on May 6, 2022

Now people are saying there will be NO United States Treasury, however we will have the United States Treasury Note to be our currency. Will we still have the name US Mint for our coin and printing currency mints or is that to then be shut down as that is with the US CORP? What about those that are presently receiving their Social Security benefits, will those be cancelled because there is no more US Treasury? And this is the entry presently in my bank account; SSA TREAS…….! Since the IRS, Federal Reserve, Social Security Administration and US Treasury are being obsolete, how are we to receive any funds except thru the TDA? Those older citizens or disabled won’t know what to do if they now find their automatic deposits gone as those went to their TDA which they didn’t know about and end up may not have access to it for over a year. If Trump and the White Hats do not resolve this ASAP so the funds continue then they are just like the street thugs. These people cannot wait years on end as those with the currency exchanges had to. Or are we to have the “NESARA’s Universal Basic Income (UBI) payments were dedicated to Senior Citizens” to be the replacement with an unknown payment date as maybe not starting till July like the reimbursement for interest on loans?

Is there going to be an official website for each country on how to access their TDA funds, if those other countries have them too? I was thinking we go to the US Treasury website to find certain details and who to contact if we have any questions, but we shouldn’t have to go to ‘Truth Social’ or ‘Twitter’ blogs to then scroll down a list of a million comments to see anything where you do not get any answers. There should also NOT be any subscription service to find out details about the TDA or the basic access to it or of any other new government programs. The United States Republic has enough funds that will never be used as possibly 100,000,000 people have died already before they could have received any of their funds, so they should not be charging anyone any fees. What entity will the TDA be working from if there will be no government entity to deal with? Will they mention on how to access your TDA to be broadcast on the EBS when that rolls out?

Someone asked about the TDA and that is the ‘Treasury Direct Account’ which was set up for each of us to receive the large sums of money back from the government with the implementation of NESARA – National Economic Security and Reformation Act signed into law in October 2000. Charlie Ward even used the words in a recent video ‘Stabilization’ and ‘Recovery’ which were both wrong. They also asked about being a foreigner being here legally, and I would assume you had to have a Birth Certificate to get a VISA to get here, so not all foreign born people will be shipped back or not receive any funds, but it is the illegal immigrants that cannot show proof of birth will be sent back.

Now for the large sums that those that were born from 1934-1962 are to receive may seem that only those from the ages of 60 – 88 years are to receive any funds, but no that is the larger amounts that the bankers made worth on your Birth Certificate or Certificate of Live Birth that are to go into your TDA. Even now some are claiming they are worth about $9,000,000 (million). Everyone that is 21 years and above should be receiving the about $1,000,000 in their TDA and $100,000 monthly payments for 11 years. I would assume when you get access to your TDA online that you will have a detailed spreadsheet of all payments you made that were to be returned and when they were and if any present debts due they will be marked as paid and cleared. So get some note paper as you may have 40 years to go back on. I don’t think you will be receiving any more notices from the taxing agencies or any company where you owe a debt as they should be out of business.

I have a suspicion that those that are incarcerated already will receive their funds only on the basis of any defense costs at trial as they may have debts still pending, along with any other costs needed for those that are actually innocent for another trial.

There is now time for you to wonder and plan on moving to a better location as you now have the cash to purchase a home for which they will be at the 1970’s prices, and you won’t need to work unless you want to as even $100,000 a year is plenty to survive on for many. Since those of you that owned property had to pay property taxes it was simple that you did not really own your property as it was the County that did and that is why you had to pay them for the ‘use’ of their property. But purchasing a home you will not pay any sales tax or any property tax.

I keep bringing up the street thugs as those are the ones you will need to keep an eye on as some may not be able to receive their TDA, but even then many are under the age of 21 years and will want what they should get then NOW so they will be coming after you.



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