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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday 5-5-22

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it’s Thursday May 5th and you’re listening to the Big Call – Thank you everybody for tuning in from all over the globe whether live or on the replay

Ok let’s get started with some intel – I’ll tell you what – we did get a little bit tonight that I had not counted on so that’s a good thing – Alright – let’s talk about kinda where we were – where I said we were – and how it might have been misconstrued a little bit –

Let’s start with this –  we look a the possibility of us getting notified – I thought on Tuesday’s call – I believe I said 4th –5th  and 6th  – which would be Wed – Thurs – Friday – but –that’s before I found  out that the information we got directly out of Iraq from people who are connected very highly to …. Let’s say some upper echelon in Kurdistan were radioing back we would get  —- that the Iraqis would seat their government – install their new President –and maybe get their rate put out on the 6th – 7th – or 8th  and we focused on the 7th – we know the 6th is a hold day and would not happen on a holy day – 7th is possible 8th is the first business day in Iraq – so maybe everything gets settled in before their first day of business on Sunday – so you’ve got a rock there 6th 7th and 8th –

Then we hear – wait a minute – there’s still a lot happening as we have replaced the Central Banks – that is no longer a term we are ever going to use now – the Central Banks have been disqualified – eliminated – The banks that are now in force in all 206/209 countries are actually duplicated to other countries – there are certain countries and they may use the same bank – These are called Gold Bullion Banks –  

These Gold Bullion Banks are not affiliated with the Rothschild’s like the other Central Banks were –  so there is no – as least as far as we know at this point – no cabal influence – in theses Bullion Banks – why are they called that? Because they are the banks which would house the gold bullion and other assets that would give each country’s currency their value that it will have

So your gold bullion banks have that – now guess what is tied to those gold bullion banks starting this weekend – we are going to count the weekend as Sat / Sun and going to Monday – these gold bullion banks – these countries that those banks represent are going to put out gold backed bonds – Gold backed bonds –


So this is the first time these countries in many cases – when was the last time the US had a gold backed bond?  Probably in the 1880’s or 1890’s – if then – so this is new – now what is a bond? It is a debt instrument – but the fact is gold backed gives it tremendous value and security – especially as the price of gold goes up –

Ok so these gold backed bonds are going to be issued starting this weekend – to those countries from those countries that are “ready” – doesn’t mean every single country is ready – because first of all – what does a country have to be?  It has to be gold backed – their currency has to be gold backed or at lease asset backed with some portion of that asset in gold to have a gold backed bond – so that is a very good thing that is happening – a very good thing this weekend

Now I don’t know how many countries will start issuing these but I got the impression they would start over this weekend – does not mean everybody – but the ones ready are good to go

Now what else needs to be “ready”?  The Quantum Financial System – the QFS – has to be synchronized with all of these gold backed banks – that process is a process of activation codes – each particular gold backed bank in all of these countries globally has a specific activation code which is provided from the QFS – so the QFS is sending these out – now I don’t believe they started to go out – but these will go out and then this will activate those particular banks to the QFS – now how will the banks respond? They will ping back to the QFS from their banks computer and will be acknowledged – We got it –

Now if there seems to be a hold up or someone is not pinking back I’m sure the proper security authority will be sent out immediately to make sure that bank is activated even if it has to be done manually – so I don’t expect the resistance to this – there could be – some resistance – but not like as if it were with the Rothschild Central Banks

Okay so that is one aspect that I think is very important and I’ll get to when we think we are going but let’s do this first – this is really important – You remember last Thursday a week ago – I brought up the concept of ok if you have a bonafide project in your presentation and  you are going to be doing something with longevity you could take – if you are a zim holder – only for zim holders – you would be able to take 10% of your Quantum account – and remember for our example – only an example – we started with 100T zim – and you had that note  it went into a digital USN inside the QFS computer and we call that our Quantum Account – it is “digital” – and does NOT earn any interest – it is just there –

Now we have heard that – remember I told you that we would get moved 10% if you had projects – well guess what?  That has changed again – changed for the good – because now if you have a bonafide project with longevity that you can present in that 55-8 minutes – guess what? Now you are taking up to 50% of your Quantum account and putting in your “primary” account with – in this case – Wells Fargo – so instead of 10 Trillion which is 10% of our 100T – guess what 50% would be 50 Trillion and guess what? You earn interest on that 50 Trillion that’s in your primary account – so obviously it behooves you to have your project ready to present so they can see you are serious about it –


XXXXXXX skipping – no intel XXXXXXXXX

By the way tier 2 – which are Whales  (tier 1 government) (tier 3 bond holders) (tier 4 is us Internet) – tier 2 got paid and got access to funds already – and they paid off the National Debt – I told you this Tuesday night – Tier 2 only gets access to 15% of their total – that’s all they get – the rest of the 85% is donated and used for paying off the National Debt – not 27 ½  trillion – it’s more like 60 trillion and the rest goes to the Treasury for NESARA – it is designed to go to pay for our NESARA benefits and they get to keep 15 % for themselves – that is the deal they agreed to – what they signed up for – Good for them and Thank You tier 2!! We are minnows compared to those whales –

So that’s a big piece right there – to get access to 50% if you have bonafide projects – you are going to go the distance – you show the longevity aspect of it – all these things we’ve talked about – are going to grant you a better deal – I think that is amazing and I couldn’t believe I didn’t get that intel until after 5-6 pm this evening –

So what else did we get about our timing? This is the deal – the QFS is designed with algorithms – obviously I told you it was going to get out the right time – put out those activation codes to the banks – the gold bullion banks – globally – 206-209 countries – some countries share a gold bullion bank because they are on the same currency – the point is that the Quantum Financial System has got that – it is handling that and taking back the pings –

I’m sure we got people monitoring it watching it – keeping up with it but this is something where once that happens and we get those back and everybody is in – then the Quantum begins to put out the information to take care of 8600 events – could be individual events – arrests – start of our notifications – it could be NESARA getting cranked up – it could be any number of factors that we are looking forward to after they get those pings back from all of these gold bullion banks

The latest thing I got this afternoon on our timing is pointing to – and this is exactly how it was worded –  for those of us in tier 4B to get notified and get started the middle of next week – the middle of next week – so that would be the 10th 11th and or 12th  – Tues – Wed – Thurs – that’s the sweet spot – IF that information holds up and I have to qualify it because you know this moving target has things and I believe we have a better  understanding of what has to occur now BEFORE the middle of next week

Now look if these countries that are going to be putting out and issuing gold backed bonds ok – they are going to start Sat – Sun – and into Monday —- and oh by the way – the bond holders in tier 3 are supposed to be notified Monday with emails – giving them access to funds on Tuesday – it makes Tuesday or Wednesday looking pretty good for us to get started with our notifications – it may not be an exact shotgun start but I believe we are going to be close

I still don’t have any word yet on the intermediary groups like fines & penalties – adjudicated settlements – CMKX – prosperity packages – farm claims etc – those have been sandwiched between tier 3 and tier 4 but I don’t know if they are going to come out over the weekend or whether they will come out when we get notified so that nobody really gets access to their funds until we all essentially are participating in this

So big week ahead – big weekend ahead for the world and then I said on the call Tuesday that we were looking for NESARA to crank up between the 3rd and the 8th in its 3rd phase – now that still may be true but the 8th is Sunday – so what are we going to see from that – what are we going to know? It’s hard to say – I think every time we get down on NESARA they tend to get pushed back –

I don’t have a due date – I don’t have a new date to give you – it could be the 15th for all we know – I don’t know – but I believe it’s going to be really good – I told you the last time on Tuesday that the seniors at least 6 that are not working – would be eligible for Universal Basic Income – UBI – but I don’t know if it’s going to be age 65 or 70 whatever it kicks in but that is who will receive the UBI – nobody else – got to be at that age – so in a real sense it is a  part of NESARA after all –


So what do we have? The Quantum computer in charge running the algorithms – calculating when the very best time is to send out those activation codes to the gold bullion banks – we’ve got those countries that are ready issuing gold backed bonds – starting this weekend – Sat – Sun & Mon – and we have us theoretically in theory by the intel I had today starting middle of next week – however you want to define it – that’s what I’ve got –

I’m excited – thanks everyone for listening – and have a great weekend

Bruce’s Big Call REPLAY LINK Intel Begins: 1:21:35

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