“TDA for Foreigners?” by Danlboon – 5.9.22


Entry Submitted by Danlboon at 7:19 AM ET on May 9, 2022

When the notice is made for the release of the Treasury Direct Account some people may try to keep primarily legitimate foreigners from receiving theirs. There will be requirements to get access, which should be publicly known, but surely there should be a website and possibly even flyers at banks/financial institutions listing many of the details.

But a quick comment is that; if after the EBS is made that ALL phone and internet services are to go down then that includes ALL ‘EMERGENCY SERVICES’ go down for We The People to contact them and that would be utter chaos as if in a war. Who knows how far that would go in disruption as the EMTs along with hospitals rely on the internet and phones? The Fire Department will not know there are any fires unless they see them themselves. We don’t want to see how bad it will be with the Police not reacting to any crimes being committed. Will this also be that there will be a ten day delay for anyone to receive their TDA as well as any bank doing any business? Try calling your employer to tell them you will not be coming in due to all this. Will the airlines and other travel services be effected? Will this shut down be a high frequency wave that will destroy all phones and computers, and is this wave to be a certain type to shut off major electrical power lines? This will be like the end hose is connected to the truck for the men using it directly on the fire, but there will be no hose from the hydrant to the truck to get the water thru the truck to the fire.

This is all my assumptions of putting the pieces together as it should be standard that a good old American with a Birth Certificate or Certificate of Live Birth in the city where they were born, a Social Security Number/Card and a Driver’s License or some ID will have the qualifications for verification to get access to their TDA. Having a regular bank account is one step better. I do not know how the White Hats will have their verification process, but I know that here in California that the DMV gets your thumbprint before you can get your Driver’s License or ID, yet some may have slipped thru the cracks to get a phony one.

Since the foreigners did become world wide with NESARA/GESARA I think that everyone that has not committed major crimes will be receiving their TDA, and that is the basic for about $1,000,000 in their TDA and $100,000 monthly payments for 11 years, but for the use of someone’s Birth Certificate or Certificate of Live Birth then that comes with a bonus for the millions added to it over the years. Now those that came here illegally then maybe it is good in one manner that the Social Security payments are cut off for them, or those scammers out there, but for the rest of us we need to know where we will be receiving them.

Now if you really do need to present your Birth Certificate or Certificate of Live Birth then you better start trying to get that now, also just to have it in hand later on for something else. But if you are too far from where you were born or in another state then you will have to make arrangements in getting that, as that should be in that city’s records. Unless the White Hats put together a sophisticated database that accesses all American cities’ records to verify you have one. Try finding the correct one for John Smith.

Now if you are actually from another country I think that your country and the USA will be working together for NESARA/GESARA to have you get access to your TDA. If you have already became a US Citizen with a SSN and lived here for years then you should automatically qualify for having a TDA, so you may not need your Birth Certificate, but at least your previous or present VISA/Passport is proof along with your citizenship papers with you and having paid IRS taxes and had other debts incurred gives you that opportunity for having the TDA. I think that as soon as you did become an official US Citizen then your Birth Certificate or Certificate of Live Birth was thrown into the pot for bankers’ trading. If you haven’t been here long enough to become a US Citizen I think there will be special arrangements made so you do not have to go back to your own country.

If you are an American now living abroad permanently then you will have to make arrangements to open up your TDA, which I think is making a trip back here as the American banks/financial institutions will be easier and safer, yet you still should have access to that country’s banks/financial institutions for daily access, and your Birth Certificate or Certificate of Live Birth was used primarily when you were here, even if you left as a child. But the processing by the bankers was mostly here in the USA over the years. There should also be words coming out that a US Citizen will no longer exist, thus there will have to be another name and not just ‘Sovereign People’ living in a certain state Republic.

For everyone there does not need to be a rush to get access to your TDA, but you may have already stopped receiving your mortgage, loan or any credit card bills as your debts were cleared. But it is only to receive that extra money that is available primarily that $100,000 monthly payments. Past credit card bills may have been cleared as debts, but going out and purchasing something new now and thinking they will be cleared that will not happen.

Also, “M.L. was visited by Federal Law Enforcement agents today..” and he was informed by a banker about the QFS coming into place and he mentions this at the end for which it should be in place in three months, yet this video is from March 11, 2022, so it is coming quick:
An Active Truther in the Q Anon movement was visited by the Federal Government – Listen to this!




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