Dinarland Highlights for May 11, 2022


Dinarland Highlights – 5.11.22

RVAlready (TNT)

…if Sadr cannot get enough independents to elect the president of the republic, he will have parliament dissolved. Either way, there will be a government and an RV by the CBI. This is a win situation for Sadr and a lose situation for Maliki.


MilitiaMan (KTFA)

Barzani intends to launch an initiative to address the political blockage

Looks like there is more support for interesting times over the next couple days…

Member comment:
“It looks of it they have an agreement on the food law too”

Article quote:
“Quote ‘Except by changing the tools to be able to interact with the new stage.”

..Changing the tools.. As in changing the exchange rate to fit with the new stage they are heading into.. Timing is awesome.. imo.


Frank26 (KTFA)

Things are lining up…they are doing everything that we want.  For example the ISO.  You found out, this is extremely important.  Yes, it’s important for them to go international but it also was a IMF requirement that they did.  All banks by the year 2025 will have to be part of the ISO and get rid fo the Swift.  The fact that Iraq is part of it is fantastic.  



[via PDK]

Good article(s) from Iraq today:
“Mishaan Al-Jabouri: the independents will present Al-Kazemi as a candidate for Prime Minister and we believe he will pass”;

“25 Trillion dinars will be at the governments disposal next week to be spent in accordance of the articles set by the Food and Securities Law

…it looks like the 3 parties came together to get the government squared away…I was told they intend to present him tomorrow…and also a consensus on the Food Security act which we were told was crucial for a rate change

We also learned they have indeed printed and scheduled the release of their lower denomination bills… This is 3 enormous things that came out of Iraq…and all at one time. I told you guys that once this thing was ready- it would all come together at one moment. It appears that is what we are watching happen. Really positive news out of Iraq…




I have always hoped that Iraq’s monetary policy would change according to Iraq’s economic development. That they pass the laws necessary to encourage foreign investment, build a thriving private sector, and improve GDP.  We have seen numerous articles over the last several months from the World Bank implying Iraq’s economy could be the fastest growing in the Middle East.The bottom line is it’s up to Iraq to accomplish what is expected of them.



It looks like we might be done with this blockage

“Mishaan Al-Jubouri:  The independents will present Al-Kazemi as a candidate for prime minister, and we believe he will pass

…Good news IMO...we learned Saleh is most likely going to be the presidential candidate and Al-Kazemi will be the prime minister.  The same two people will continue to move forward for a full term – 4 years…

Those two managed to work together to get a lot accomplished…If Iraq can manage to get the President Saleh and the Prime Minister Al-Kazemi back as president and prime minister and they form the new government...if that’s the case I believe it won’t take very long until we see the Iraqi dinar exchange rate change again.  It’s going to go up in increments but it’s going to do it fairly quick IMO… Iraq is in a really great place.  It really is...


Bruce (The Big Call)

[via WiserNow]

I hate to say it but when they get the green light from us – they will bring out their new rate and mention the seating of their government – Prime Minister – Parliament – all of that – having been completed and seated…it’s probably been done for a while but they just haven’t announced it yet …they are operating with a rate in country – they are exchanging with the other countries – in other words they are trading with other countries – and they have a rate – with which they are doing that…we are looking good – Iraq is going to do what they need to do [Wednesday] – and or Thursday – we should get notified…


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