“Sources: Choose them Wisely” by Jai Guru Dev – 5.13.22


Entry Submitted by Jai Guru Dev at 8:44 PM ET on May 13, 2022

Redemption Process -Inevitable
Timing – (Gurus) – Tomorrow/Next Week
Timing – (Jai Guru Dev) – Middle June early July

To ALL the sincere Gurus – Respect! Based on your ‘high level contacts,’ you take the time every day/period to post to the best of your ability the timing of the release process for Historical Bonds. This is indeed the paramount thought of all bond holders. You glean from all your sources the best information available to assist your hungry followers. Unfortunately, your ‘high level sources’ may be not so high.

In reality there are only a handful of ‘high level sources’. Literally those in the real know can be counted when you hold both hands out and count your fingers. Understand that this a Global Integrated Military Operation. It is a totally secret operation designed to effect a change of a system that has been in play for millennia. It is a massive undercover operation.

The most publicly known disaster that stopped the initiation of this change was when Kennedy was assassinated. Behind the scenes President Surkano of Indonesia was the entity tasked with being the legal representative of the majority of the Trusts to initiate this change. He and Kennedy were in the process of implementing this change. Before he too was assassinated, he received a message from ‘God’ to hand over the responsibility of initiating this change to a person he had never heard of before.

The President of Indonesia, then travelled to a different continent to find this person and hand over the power. Physically he boarded a plane and travelled into a foreign country and used his resources to find this person. It was done and successfully transferred.

Behind the scenes this person has been working tirelessly to legally initiate the change to the world’s financial systems . From oppression to GESARA principles.

To F… I honour you. Your presence is immense!


To ALL the sincere Gurus – There is so much going on behind the scenes that I postulate that your contacts are not even aware of this person. Yet he holds the key to the global change to the financial system. I say this not to chastise you but to make you aware there is so much unknown to your contacts. I am sure the majority of your contacts are filtering through the information that they are presented with.

To All the Gurus – You have awakened many to the amazing changes that are occurring. I honour you for this tireless time consuming effort. Times and dates of the redemption process including the start times is beyond their knowing. As some have already gleaned, the information about the vast changes is more important than the timing of the changes.

To all the Bond Holders – Relax! The process is at an advanced stage. You will redeem!

In my previous post I postulated a date of June. Let me be more specific Middle to end of June.

I know, I am sounding like a Guru. Let me emphatically say I am not a Guru. I simply have a tremendous respect to those who tirelessly constantly post to endeavour to reveal their truth based on their perception, JB, SP, MZ, CW, MK. H,NV IDC, JOS, to name a few. A special mention to the Super Soldiers who turned the tide, who rebelled against the 5th Reich to stop the atrocities of human traffickingat a galactic level and assisting to take down the dumbs here on GAIA.

Jai Guru Dev can be loosely translated to say ,“ I see the God in You”. ‘We are all a fragment of First Source imbued with its capabilities’ -Quote from Ma Hu Nahi. (one of the 14 Avatars that I am aware of that are incarnate to facilitate this awesome change.)

Behave like the God that is within you. The redemption process is unfolding and your belief in Divine timing will accelerate the process.


Back to the 3D world.  Having been bl(e)issed) with physical interaction with those who I believe to be major players of this magnificent change -middle to end of June is where your mind should be.

Jai Guru Dev


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