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The US Embassy reviews the doors of disbursing 140 million dollars to the private sector in Iraq

Today, Friday, the United States Embassy in Baghdad announced that its country has allocated nearly $140 million to support trade in the private sector in Iraq.

And the embassy stated in a post on social networking sites, today, that the United States of America has allocated 140 million dollars to support economic growth in Iraq, especially Iraqi businesses and businessmen.   

“We have inspired entrepreneurs, many of whom have overcome obstacles to build new businesses, hire fellow Iraqis, and contribute to Iraq’s prosperous, secure and stable future,” she added. link

Friday at sundown is the start of the holy day…. Nominal weekend in Iraq is Friday-Saturday. Business begins on Sunday….. They also do normal business on Saturday. That is when this vote is being done!

Since everything ,everyday is planned on the idea of tomorrow staying stable, I would agree they need to do it all at the same time, one swath, like falling a Big Tree in Alaska, you fell it all at one moment in time, harvest comes immediately after. Been ready to see the harvest now for a couple decades, Today is a Good day to move forward!

Question? Is the banks being revved up just another occasion that only select invites are exchanged, like has happened so many times before over all these years ???

This is a go Speedy for all. Once the law is officially voted, banks are expected to move for all.

We are waiting for the Central Bank’s “Controlled Debt issuance with Interest” system to implode…then the Gold backed (good guys) system will take over. At that time the Dinar (and others) will sky rocket. This is nothing new to any of us but it’s the reason this has not happened yet. This year imo

How can we get out of the US hegemony because of the central bank reserves in dollars in the US Federal Bank?

This question was asked by one of the brothers who commented on the American NOBEC law, and I answered him: (It is actually NOPEC)

In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, the first currency in the world was the Spanish silver dollar, then the pound sterling began to take the lead during the nineteenth century until the middle of the twentieth century, but after the agreement between King Faisal of Saudi Arabia and Kissinger, the US Secretary of State when they agreed in 1974 to sell oil With the dollar, the star of the US dollar rose and became the first currency in the world.

Any person or country can keep millions or a few billion dollars as cash currency in the country, but it is difficult to keep tens of billions of dollars in cash, as it is difficult for the state and its merchants to buy any goods from the world with these cash dollars. The process of transferring them is a difficult, expensive and time-consuming process, but You can transfer billions of dollars within a few seconds and at a very low cost from the account of this country in the US Federal Bank to the account of the seller or any other party in the world. American;

But now the Chinese yuan has begun to replace the dollar, and I believe that the Chinese yuan will be the first currency in the world within ten to twenty years, and so the countries will be at the mercy of China at that time and not at the mercy of America.

There are some global economists who demand the adoption of a basket of global currencies such as (the US dollar + the Chinese yuan + the euro + the pound sterling + the Japanese yen + the Russian ruble), and therefore no country is at the mercy of another country except to a limited extent. I think that this is the best solution. Several years ago, I advised the Central Bank of Iraq to take the necessary steps for the interest of Iraq regarding the central bank’s dollar reserves with the rise of the Chinese yuan and the possibility of the dollar declining in favor of the Chinese yuan. ,,, link

The price of the dollar exceeds 30 thousand tomans in the Iranian market

In conjunction with the Iranian government’s abolition of pricing the dollar for the purchase of basic commodities, the price of the dollar in the free market exceeded 30 thousand tomans, rising within a week by about 2000 tomans and the gold coin by about 780 thousand tomans.  

The price of each US dollar in the foreign exchange market in Tehran reached more than 30,700 tomans on Thursday, May 12th.  

At the beginning of the week, the price of the dollar was 28 thousand tomans, and it crossed the threshold of 29 thousand tomans, on Wednesday, and rose to 30 thousand tomans, on Thursday.  

The newspaper, “Dunia Eqtisad”, reported on Wednesday that the exchange rate of the dollar in the markets of Herat and Sulaymaniyah also increased significantly.  

On Thursday, Iranian media reported that the price of the gold coin, the new design, rose by 780,000 tomans compared to the previous day, and reached 14,450,000 tomans.   

The price of the gold coin, the old design, reached 13 million and 750 thousand tomans.  

The rise in the price of the dollar and gold coins comes at a time when the government canceled the price of the dollar at the equivalent of 4,200 tomans per dollar, to support basic commodities.  

Negotiations to revive the nuclear deal have also stalled since March 11, and the United States and Iran have been at loggerheads over whether the Revolutionary Guards should remain on the list of terrorist organizations.  

Meanwhile, the coordinator of the Vienna talks, Enrique Mora, traveled to Tehran on Wednesday morning, and the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, arrived in Tehran on Thursday.  

Iran International  link 

Brent crude rises above $109 a barrel

Bloomberg reported, that oil rose to consolidate its gains in the wake of the European Union’s efforts to ban Russian oil, while the spread of the new Corona in China raises fears of the economic consequences of any possible closure, and during that time, the price of East Texas reached 107 dollars a barrel.

Some EU countries have said the bloc may have to consider delaying the embargo on Russian oil if it cannot get Hungary to agree to the embargo.

Beijing authorities have denied rumors that the capital will be closed, as virus restrictions remain in Shanghai.

Oil is up more than 40% this year as economies recover from the pandemic, although the virus outbreak in China and Russia’s war in Ukraine have contributed to trade volatility since late February. The global benchmark Brent crude is still in a bullish regressive structure, which indicates market tightness.

“Risks are rising that Brent crude will once again test the upside of its recent range around $116 per barrel,” said Jeffrey Halley, chief market analyst at Oanda Asia Pacific Pte. “The pressure on diesel and distillate supplies globally is another supporting factor.”   link

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