“Why Would White Hats Lie?” by Mark W – 5.12.22


Entry Submitted by Mark W at 3:17 PM ET on May 12, 2022

With a rather constant factory of lies spanning more than 20 years, how can we trust that the “truthers” are hearing directly from the Alliance?  Is it possible that many of the “truthers” are really receiving information from a psy-op creating handler?

Here are but a few examples:

1.  We were recently told as a matter of fact that China has already started their CBDC, which is gold backed.  We were also told that China announced this to their country, far and wide.  Further, we were told that China is now the primary reserve currency in the world.  These are official, public events.  They are not some secret, if they occurred.  Well, not a word anywhere.  In fact, regarding the reserve currency status, all the Central Banks need to purchase enough Yuan to make it practical to exchange Yuan when doing international trade AND the world needs to use Yuan for most of their trades.  Right now, the US Dollar is used about 60% and the Yuan is used about 2% of the time, in trades.  

2.  It is written in the Gesara rules that there must be NO wars when Gesara starts.  We have also been told that the Chinese Communist Party must be gone.  And, the Biden administration must be gone, before Gesara and Nesara can be put in place.  So, why are the truthers saying that Gesara and Nesara have started when it is obvious that there are several wars going on the world, the Biden crew is still working with the Cabal to ruin the US and prolong the conflict in the Ukraine and the Chinese Communist Party are still operating in full view of the chinese people?

3.  Why are people listening to truthers who out of one side of their mouth are saying changes for the better are event driven, then proceed to tell us dates when various events are expected to happen…and none of those dates or events occur when or how they tell us.

4.  Why are we told that the White Hats are planning to do this and that yet on the other hand, their plans are secret?  Why would a public list of the main participants be given yet we are also told that the Cabal isn’t prepared for what is coming, doesn’t know who is on the White Hats and the White Hats have been fighting a secret war?  Are we to believe that the Cabal doesn’t read the truthers info yet the truthers are the sole source of information to awaken the public?  We keep being told that the Alliance is waiting on the public to awaken and nothing will be done until more than 80% of the public is awake to the facts of how the Satanists have run the world and made it so very few people can become wealthy without first pledging their fealty to Satan.  If that is the case, why is the major media the last parties the Alliance are going to take down?  The general public watches the major media for their news, they don’t search for “truthers”.  So, we are waiting for the public to awaken but we aren’t giving them the real news and we are not doing anything about that until the very end.  Does that make sense?  

5.  If the people, who read and listen to the truthers, are primarily patriots and lightbearers, the very people who see what is going on, why wouldn’t an Alliance, since this is NOT a secret, want to enlist more parties to help?  Why are we constantly told to file court cases (in British Maritime courts), go to School Board meetings, vote in elections we can’t trust will be honest AND continue to involve ourselves in a system that must pass away, plus share the truthers stories but to do nothing else except for “trust the plan”, which is a plan we know nothing about?  Why would the Alliance not involve militia groups, who in the US, are made up of ex-military, ex-police, etc.?  Is it possible that the people feeding many of the truthers really want to run a psy-op on the very people who would resist the Cabal plans?  Sit down, stay at home, trust the plan…to whom does that benefit?


Lastly, we are told that the White Hats include Ascended Masters, races of lightbearers from other parts of the Galaxy, in general, more advanced beings who serve the Light of God.  Why would these people constantly lie to us?  I don’t think they would.  So, it seems to me that we are left with two main possibilities;  1.  most of the truthers are being lied to by a member of the Cabal or,   2.  human members of the Alliance are using the truthers to disseminate lies to the Cabal (who are reading every word) and the rest of us are caught believing the lies because we want to believe most of the bad guys have been found guilty, that no more wars will occur, that lots of money is coming our way this week and that someone else is creating heaven on earth for us.  Either way, maybe it is time to realize that the truthers are spreading lies every week, for whomever is feeding them…and, that we must create the best life we can right here and right now, without relying on unknown plans, unknown disseminators of information and false public stories.

Mark W


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