“Mike Quinsey Says Carry on” by Logan B – 5.14.22


Entry Submitted by Logan B at 1:47 PM ET on May 14, 2022

Mike Quinsey used to say that the technological advancements to improve our lives was right around the corner. Lately he has been saying these won’t be available for a long time and we should just forget about it and carry on the best we can with the cards the cabal deal us.

Does this mean that despite what we are being told the people that control these secrets and use them for themselves have no intention of ever giving us access to them? We do not seem to be involved in the timeline that Mike Quinsey sees in any way. Humanitarian groups speak of cleaning the waters, atmosphere, improving the existing housing and infrastructure and that’s it. If they use advancements to achieve their goals it is never mentioned they plan to share them with us. It seems that they either want to remain anonymous or they want to be revered as the next technologically advanced Gods and have people worship them at their feet. The former seems unlikely since it is already public knowledge who they are. 

If the cabal, white hats and humanitarian groups have no intention of giving us access to quantum technology any time soon or if they do they will be priced beyond the means of most people to afford then they are useless to us. The white hats have already made it abundantly clear they have no intention of making a bunch of new age currency holding whakos rich. The nazis from Antarctica promised three years ago they were going to release their alien technologies to the world. Who stopped them?

If we are given access to resources and these secrets we could mass produce and make these technologies available to the people for free within a few weeks not the years that Mike Quinsey says. The fact that Mike does not see the Galactics, Angels, Ascended Masters or even God Himself ridding us of the cabal, white hats and humanitarian groups that secretly and not so secretly want to be a continuation of our old 3D puppet masters or become our new ones and bless us with their wealth and technology any time soon worries me. 

Judy’s report just said that the quantum computer that our RV is currently based from belongs to the white hat military from whoever she got this information from. Will they ever release the relatively meager amount of earthly funds they have procured to bond, CMKX, farm claim, church currency, Native American and us currency holders or will they just give it to a select few self proclaimed “humanitarian groups” that say they are more responsible and know what’s best for us more than we do like the white hats have said they are going to do? 

The fact that we have been told for months now that the bond holders are about to be or have already been paid by Bruce but MarkZ who has bond holder contacts all over the world and is a bond, CMKX, currency holder and 4a group member himself has not heard of anyone getting anything yet also worries me. Have the bond holders, some of them waiting for generations of over one hundred years, and now us been continually lied to that we will ever be paid by the OPTW and now the earthly NPTB who continue to be the controllers of our destinies? Will they ever pay up or continue lying for another one hundred years? Will God finally give the go ahead to the real Quantum Abundance System to release His abundance to us? 

Either way something needs to happen soon. Have we not suffered enough already for our transgression against Gaia and God? Let us pray. Dear God. We’re sorry. We’re stupid. Please forgive us. 



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